10 Easy & Creative Plastic Bottle Crafts You Must Try!

Many countries have now banned the use of plastic. But the plastic bottles are still available and it’s natural that we have a pile of those bottles at our home. These bottles rarely go for recycling, instead, they are put into landfills. You will find articles every other day how they are causing harm to oceans or we can say our planet.

It is high time that we think about where we are going wrong and do our best to save our planet. So, next time instead of throwing out the plastic bottles in the trash, we can bring it to good use. There is so much we can do with plastic bottles and reuse them in so many ways.

Here’s a list of plastic bottle crafts that you can do it over a weekend with your kids. They are fun, easy, and quick. 

10 Easy and Creative Plastic Bottle Crafts to Try

1. Planters


Growing your plants in a pot is common. But this season let us try something new. Instead of buying pots from the store reuse the old plastic bottles that you have at your home. There are various ways in which you can use the bottle to frow your little plants. 

One is cutting the bottle in half to give it the shape of the pot and the other is designing your own vertical garden. To make pots, first of all, you need to cut the neck of the bottle. Be creative and decorate the cutout bottom. Now put in some soil and plant your small flowering plant. Your DIY pot is ready.

If you have many plastic bottles you can start your own vertical garden. Using a cutting pen, cut out a medium-sized rectangular section in the middle of the bottle. Make two holes at the bottom and neck of the bottle. You can pass a strong string through it. Make a chain of such bottles and hang it on a wall. You are now ready to grow plants in them. 

Tutorial: Dip Feed

2. Zipper Case

Zipper case

Carrying around your stationery in paper boxes can be difficult, even keeping them on your desk can look messy. So, this idea in the list of plastic bottle crafts will help you keep your supplies in an organized manner.

This plastic zipper case is super easy to make and only needs a few things like 2 plastic bottles, zipper, scissors, and hot glue. Cut out the bottom of two same-sized plastic bottles, using a hot glue stick one side of the zipper on the inner side of the bottle edge. Later glue the other side on the other bottle edge. Your zipper case is all set to store your supplies.

Tutorial: MakeIt-LoveIt

3. Bottle Bank

Bottle Piggy Bank

Instead of spending money to buy a piggy bank where you can save you money, make use of a bottle to create a bottle bank. This bank can be used by you or your kids to save some money. When it looks cute and you make it yourself, you’ll eventually feel like putting in some changes every day. 

For this, you will need small bottles, colorful papers, googly eyes, 4 beads, pipe cleaner, knife, and glue. Use the glue to wrap colorful craft paper in the middle of the bottle. Stick googly eyes on he neck of the bottle and cut out two ear-shaped pieces of paper to stick it near the body. Draw nostrils on the cap of the bottle.

Later keeping the bottle horizontal stick 4 beads at the bottom to make the legs and make a small cut using a knife on top of the bottle. To give a cute touch, curl a string of pipe cleaner and make a small hole at the base of the bottle to insert this string tail.

Tutorial: Be a Fun Mum

4. Fairy House Night Lights

Fairy House Night Lights

This bottle fairy house is so cute that you will want to make one for your kids and one for yourself. You can literally use this fairy house night lights anywhere in the house. It does not require many supplies and is not time-consuming either. This plastic bottle craft is a great activity to do it over a weekend and spend some fun time with your kids.

You’ll need a used plastic bottle, scissors, paint, silk flowers, glue, and tea lights. Make two parts of the bottle by cutting out the neck and paint both the parts with a color of your choice. Cut a window in the bottom half of the bottle and slits on the top half. Decorate the house using flowers and leaves. Fold the slits of the top half to make a roof and fit it on the house (bottom half).

You can decorate the inside bottom of the house using moss. Lastly, add an LED tea light to complete your cute little fairy house night light.

Tutorial: Crafts by Amanda

5. Bottle Jet Pack

jet packs

Recycle the used plastic bottles to make this cool rocket-fueled jet pack instead of throwing them out in the trash. It is easy and fun to make. They can be used for theme parties or even while playing around in the house. Kids love to run around and making a jet pack for them will give them the feeling that they are flying around in rocket.

For this craft idea, you will need two bottles, sliver spray to color the bottles in silver color, cardboard, ribbons, colorful papers (red, orange, yellow) to make the fire, and glue. Cut the cardboard that fits the size of your kids back and make two small slits at the top and bottom corners. Slide in the ribbon and secure it using glue or staples to make it look like a backpack.

Cut the flames with the colorful paper and fit it in the mouth of the spray-painted bottle. Using hot glue stick the bottles to one side of the cardboard. Your child is now ready to lift-off with this bottle jet pack.

Tutorial: Doodle Craft

6. Plastic Bottle Organizer

There are so many tiny things in our house that can easily be lost. This plastic bottle craft will help you keep them organized and you will no longer have to waste your time hunting around for things. This plastic bottle organizer can be used to keep small home and office supplies or even your jewelry. 

Requirements of this plastic bottle crafts are cardboard, plastic bottles, laces, paints, cardboard roll, hot glue, and decorative items of your choice. Cut small parts of the bottom of the bottle to make it look like small bowls that will be used to store your things. Decorate the cut-out part with laces and colorful papers.

Make a stand with the help of a cardboard roll or tube and stick on a firm cardboard base. Paint the stand and let it dry for a few minutes before sticking the bowls in a swirl shape. Decorate the stand and give some final touches. Your plastic bottle organizer is now ready.

7. Wind Chime

Plastic Bottle Crafts wind chimes

It’s time to make a wind chime by recycling the plastic bottles. Add a pop of color to your window and outdoor space. Not only the bottles but the other requirements of this craft are reusable and easily available at home. 

To make a wind chime you’ll need to collect a plastic bottle, yarn, buttons, straw, paints, and a hole punch. Start by cutting out the neck of the bottle, we will be using the bottom part of the bottle. Punch some holes near the cutout edge and paint it with the color of your choice. Use yarn, buttons, beads, and straws to make the chime. 

Make a hole in the center of the base of the bottle and hang an inner chime. Now, you can hang it at any outdoor space.

Tutorial: Happy Hooligans

8. Grocery Bag Holder

Grocery Bag Holder

Have a huge collection of grocery bags? Want a place to store them neatly? This cute grocery bag holder is the cheapest solution. You just have to cut out the top and bottom part of the bottle. Cover it with some nice paper and punch two holes at the wide part. 

Now use a ribbon to hang it near the kitchen door. Make sure to not cut the neck too big, otherwise the bags may fall off from the bottom.

Tutorial: I Save A to Z

9. Jewelry Stand

Jewelry Stand

Earrings, necklaces, rings, and other tiny accessories can easily be misplaced. With this jewelry stand, you get a dedicated space for your accessories. You’ll need a few bottles, threaded rod, nuts, and washers. 

Cut out the bottom part of the bottle and drill a hole in the center. Smoothen out the edges and with the help of nuts and washer seal the edges on the rod. To make the base of the stand, place an inverted bottom part of the bottle at the end.

Tutorial: EPBOT

10. Bowling Bottles

Plastic Bottle Crafts Bowling bottles
Credits: Diary of Two Crafty Girls

Last idea in the list of plastic bottle crafts – Bowling Bottles. Family game night

s are fun and so is bowling. It’s time to bring bowing into family nights. Make the bottles needed for bowling with the help of a spare and used bottle. Paint them with colors you like and make them look cute. You can prepare a set of such bottle and use it for bowling at home.

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