DIY gifts for boyfriend

DIY Gifts for Boyfriend Suitable for All Occasions

Gifts are special items we receive from friends and love ones without asking for it. They just surprise you with one to put a smile on your face.  For a guy, there’s nothing more exciting and heartwarming than receiving a surprise gift from his girlfriend. It even more fun when the gifts are crafted by … Read more

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DIY Roman Shades

Beautiful DIY Roman Shades for Your Apartment

Almost every room in a home has window spaces to allow info of air and sunshine. Covering over windows adds to the fittings of the room so it’s best to choose them carefully. If you don’t like curtains that drop down to the floor, then Roman Shades are the best window fittings for you.  Roman … Read more

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Easter Crafts for Kids

10 Exciting Easter Crafts for Kids – Lots of Fun

Spring is one of the most refreshing seasons of the year that people eagerly look forward to experiencing each year. It might be because it comes after the cold long season of winter or the refreshing feeling that comes with it. Warm weather, sunlight and a fresh new start. It is during the spring season … Read more

Paper Plate Crafts

10 Amazing Paper Plate Crafts for Kids and Adults

Some weekends can be really boring! You may wish to take a break from the same old routine and your kids get bored of playing with the same toys. So, what’s the solution to it? Crafts! You may think crafting can be expensive and also messy. But that is not the case with the craft … Read more

Popsicle Sticks Crafts for Kids

10 Fun Popsicle Sticks Crafts for Kids to Make

Be it, kids or adults, popsicles are everyone’s favorite. There is no house that doesn’t have a collection of this simple yet versatile wooden sticks. Ranging from simple bookmarks to a dollhouse, there is so much we can do with it. Also, if you are someone who doesn’t like to keep a collection of popsicle … Read more

Easy Things To Draw When You Are Bored

15 Easy Things To Draw When You Are Bored

Hey!  So, I guess you are bored and you have no idea how to cut out this time. Trust me I have been in the same situation. I had absolutely no idea why the time had stopped suddenly and doing my daily routine had turned so boring at this moment.  I needed a break. And … Read more

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