Handmade Items

Why Handmade Items Are Always Better

Today we live in a world where mass production has filled the entire market. There is nothing wrong with that, because demand gives rise to production in order to satisfy the desires of every consumer. But oddly enough, things are made by hand in small quantities, more valuable and more expensively sold. The reasons why … Read more

advantages of handmade gifts

What Are The Main Advantages Of Handmade Gifts

If earlier gifts were given only for big holidays, such as birthday, New Year, and others, today there is a wonderful tradition to congratulate each other with small souvenirs on a variety of occasions. At the same time, it is quite often to decide which gift will be most appropriate in a given situation. Of … Read more

Birthday Card Ideas

25 Brilliant Birthday Card Ideas for Your Inspiration

Birthday is one of the most special days of the year. What matters the most is not the gifts but the feelings and good wishes from all the loved ones. And what is a better way to express one’s feelings than giving a cute greeting card? Nowadays posting a story for someone’s birthday on social … Read more

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different crochet stitches

Crochet 101: Different Crochet Stitches to Try Today

New hobbies can get expensive. You need the equipment, the lessons and sometimes the membership fees. But if you are looking for a new hobby that isn’t going to break the bank but is going to satisfy your creative mind then crochet is for you! Using only a hook and a ball of yarn, you … Read more

Washi Tape Ideas

Washi Tape Ideas for Stationery Addicts (Yes, You!)

Have you just discovered washi tape and are now desperate to get on with some washi tape ideas and crafts? We hear from you! From the first rip of this fantastic paper tape and you are hooked. You immediately want to washi tape everything in sight (watch out kids) and with the wide variety of … Read more

Save The Date Ideas

5 Unique and Cute Save The Date Ideas

However long you and your partner have been together, getting engaged is super exciting and most couples (usually the bride!) want to get planning straight away. The first thing that needs to be decided is the date of your wedding or civil partnership. Once you and your partner have decided this, you should start thinking … Read more

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Birthday Decoration Ideas At Home

8 Easy Birthday Decoration Ideas At Home

Planning a Birthday Party can be stressful at the best of times, but planning a party at home brings the stress to a whole new level. In this article, I am going to be giving you 8 birthday decoration ideas for home, which will be relevant for those who enjoy getting their craft on those … Read more

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String Art Ideas

Top 8 String Art Ideas To Try Right Now

Ah, I can hear you now, you’ve come across this piece because you’re wondering what the hype is with string art and now you’re addicted to it. Well, my friends, you are not alone… because now I’m addicted to it!  Essentially string art is forming or creating an artistic piece by simply joining string to … Read more

Gender Reveal Cake Ideas

5 Cute and Fun Gender Reveal Cake Ideas

Congratulations! You’ve just found out you’re having a baby and everything is exciting, frightening, crazy, tiring and fantastically breath-taking. Your mind automatically starts planning ahead to all the things you need to do before the baby gets here. You then start thinking about the outfits and realize you don’t know what sex your baby is……Que … Read more

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Colors that go with Yellow

Pairing Colors That Go With Yellow For Your Living Room

Are you looking to revamp your living room or bedroom in the near future and want to add some color to your life? Maybe you already have an amazing yellow sofa that you would like to put into the room scheme, but you just don’t know which color to put with it? Good job we … Read more

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