Washi Tape Ideas for Stationery Addicts (Yes, You!)

Have you just discovered washi tape and are now desperate to get on with some washi tape ideas and crafts? We hear from you! From the first rip of this fantastic paper tape and you are hooked.

You immediately want to washi tape everything in sight (watch out kids) and with the wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from, you’ll be going crazy just from deciding which tape to use first!

So, before you get ahead of yourself and start redecorating your kitchen cupboards with it (yes, that is a thing), how about we give you 10 washi tape ideas to get started on? 

Where Does Washi Tape Originate From?

Lots of people ask where washi tape actually originated from, but it will be of little surprise to you when I say it first came from the home of all AMAZING stationery, Japan. The term wa is Japanese for Japan and the shi means paper.

This specific style of paper tape can only be made in Japan due to its UNESCO heritage, however, you will find most common paper tapes are referred (although not usually on the packaging) as washi tape. While washi itself is used for all sorts of different Japanese crafts and activities, the tape itself seems to be more popular in western culture. 

Where Can You Buy Washi Tape?

Lucky for us you don’t need to live in Japan to get washi tape (although I would imagine that the selection over there is WAY better). You can pick up washi tape at most craft stores and even some supermarkets now. Just head to the craft section and you will find it with the ribbons or the other adhesive tapes.

If you want a certain color or pattern of washi tape, then you can look online for some more variations and choices. Buying online might be better for your bank balance but be sure to check for the sizes before you buy! 

10 Best Washi Tape Ideas and Crafts

Here are 10 of our favorite washi tape ideas and crafts that we have found online lately. There is bound to be something for everyone on this list!

1. Washi Tape Bookmark

Credits – Pinterest

If you are looking for a simple but cute craft that you can make up quickly (and use some of your washi tape stashes) then the washi tape bookmark is a great craft to get yourself started. All you need is a piece of card and some washi tape, easy right!

You will need to cut the card into two triangle shapes which will fit on the edge of your book pages. Then, using your washi tape, tape the edges together so that they form a pocket for your page.

You can then decorate the front and the back of your card pocket with alternating colors of washi tape. Remember to use coordinating colors or contrasting ones to really make it look good. 

2. Washi Tea Lights

Tea lights
Credits – thebensonstreet

This little craft would make a great cheap centerpiece for your table or dresser and would also make a really cute little gift. You will need some tea lights and some washi tape. For additional flourishes find a decorative plate or mirror to display your washi tape tea lights on.

All you need to do is to carefully add a strip of washi tape around the metal dish of your tea light. Be careful when joining the end of the washi tape around your tea light and where possible, match the patterns up so that you can’t see where the tape begins or ends. 

3. Page Markers

Page markers
Credits – Nikolakosterman

This is one for the journalers out there, washi tape page markers. These little strips of washi tape are a fab way to define your book chapters, your bible sections or your planner sections.

All you need to do is buy LOTS of different colored and patterned washi tape and use a strip of tape for each page edge. You will need to fold it in half over the page and neatly trim the tops and the bottoms. Using different tones to mark different chapters will help you to identify easily which section you need to get to. 

4. Birthday Cards

Birthday Cards

What better way to share the washi love than to create a washi tape birthday card?! There are hundreds of different styles and designs to use and make with your washi tape, but we think this birthday candle design is a great option for a beginner.

All you are going to need is a birthday card (or piece of card), some washi tape and a marker. Start by creating your card base. Then, add strips of washi tape on (try using slightly different sizes) to denote the candles. Finally, add on the finishing touches with the marker such as the flames and the “Happy Birthday”. 

5. Washi Tape Candle Votive

Washi Tape Candle Votive
Credits – ispydiy

These little candle votives are great as a gift or as decoration for your own home. All you need is some simple candle votives (usually found in the dollar store) and some washi tape.

You simply add strips of different colored washi tape to the votives, being careful to work with the curve of the glass. Then, if you want you can add a candle, some pencils or even some jewelry to create little storage containers. 

6. Washi Tape Coasters

Credits – Washitapecrafts

This craft idea needs a bit more than just washi tape. For this, you are going to need some lollipop sticks, a glue gun, and some washi tape. Start by creating your coaster using lollipop sticks and your glue gun.

Use 3 sticks as the base and glue the other sticks over the top (as seen in the pic). Then, on each lollipop stick, add a strip of washi tape. You can alternate the designs or use the same design across all the sticks. The choice and creativity are in your hands! 

7. Washi Tape Bunting

Washi Tape Bunting
Credits – Haleybaby

If you are into your journaling or scrapbooking, then this bunting will be right up your street. All you are going to need is some twine and some washi tape. You cut a length of bunting of our choice, add strips of washi tape (be sure to fold them over the twine and onto each other) and cut them into triangles.

Alternatively, you can cut them into flag shapes by squaring them off at the bottom and cutting a small triangle into the middle. Then you can add your bunting to pictures, your journal or even onto cake decorations for that added flourish. 

8. Washi Tape Book Cover

If you are looking for a gift idea where you can use your washi tape, then this is it! All you need is a blank writing jotter or journaling pad and some washi tape. Use the washi to decorate the front of the pad or book.

You can alternate colors, patterns or leave gaps for the original cover to show through. Be sure to test whether your washi tapes sit nicely together before committing to your book though. 

9. Washi Tape Wall Calendar

Washi Tape Wall Calendar
Credits – Hearthandmade

Want somewhere where you can jot down your daily activities but don’t have a calendar? Don’t panic! Just make one out of washi tape and post-it notes! You can easily move the post-it notes around and add or remove them as you complete your work.

For this, all you need is decent sized wall space, some washi tape, and some post-it notes. Use the washi tape to create a grid that is 5 squares down by 7 squares across (the size of the squares will depend on how much wall space you have).

Then, add your post-it notes where and when you need to. You could even form a step further and create some numbers out washi tape to add on to your calendar. 

10. Washi Tape Wall Art

Washi Tape Wall Art
Credits – diysideas

If you have a blank space on your wall that you want to brighten up, why not use some washi tape to create some artwork? There are lots of examples of this online but the one we have chosen uses a mirror as the focal point with washi tape elements radiating out from behind it.

You can choose to use washi tape colors that accentuate your room scheme and can make a small mirror appear much bigger and become the focal point of the room! Simply choose your washi tape colors, cut them to varying lengths and lay them out in a nice pattern. Then add the mirror on top. It’s that simple.

Final Words

Now that you have some inspiration for your washi tape stash, you should be able to create some amazing different designs and some really unique pieces of art for your home.

Remember that you can also make some of these crafts as gifts which will not only save you money but will also encourage others to love washi tape as much as you do. Give these washi tape ideas a try today and before you know it, you’ll be heading to the store for more washi tape! 

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