5 Unique and Cute Save The Date Ideas

However long you and your partner have been together, getting engaged is super exciting and most couples (usually the bride!) want to get planning straight away. The first thing that needs to be decided is the date of your wedding or civil partnership.

Once you and your partner have decided this, you should start thinking about sending you to save the date invitations. A save the date invitation is something that some couples do before the official invitation is posted. It simply does what it says on the tin and allows your guest to save the date well in advance of the big day, so all those nearest and dearest to you can make it on your special day.

There are so many different and unique ideas for saving the dates that it was tricky to pick my favorite. BUT I have put together a list of my favorite save the date ideas for you to look at. Some of them are for those who are creative and some of them are simple save the date ideas.

Take a look below at the ideas which can equally be used for wedding invites as well as save the date ideas. 

5 Brilliant Save The Date Ideas

1. Confetti Invitations

Save The Date Ideas
Credits – Ohhappyday

These Amazing confetti save to date invitations are super cute and so easy to make. They are the perfect way to add a fun spin on your save the date which may hint at the theme for your wedding day. 

To make these you will need party poppers (found in most party stores), confetti (which you can either buy or use handmade!), the invitation- for this invitation it was written on craft paper circles and taped to a string, then folded into the cannon and the label on craft paper. You can create this for any design you like. 

Firstly you’ll need to get rid of the confetti already in the canister and place the invitation inside. To do this, you will need to fire the cannon, empty the contents and then set it back up to shoot again once it has been emptied.

Simply twist the spring back down and replace so it’s ready to shoot. Place the confetti and invitation inside the cannon and place a circle of a card on the top. Then place the label around the canister and fold the edges neatly into the cardboard circle. And just like that, you have fun save the date invitation!

2. Save the Date Balloon

Save The Date Ideas
Credits – Somethingturquoise

These Balloon save the date cards are another favorite of mine as they can be classy and fun at the same time. The balloon can be inflated to show the information and your guests can keep these to remember your special day. 

To make these you will need different color balloons, colored card or thick craft paper, an ink stamp and ink OR a computer with printer, string or ribbon, gold, silver or metallic pens (to write on the balloons).

Firstly you will need to print the cards with the vital information on it (including the date and time, who’s a wedding it is, ‘inflate me’ for the balloon and that the formal invitation will be following) making sure you leave enough space in the middle for the balloon.

Underneath the save the date information, put two holes about an inch wide through the card (this is where the balloon will go) and thread the string or ribbon through. On your balloon, write both you and your partner’s name and the date of your celebrations so when your guests blow this up, it will show on their balloons.

Once the pen has dried, thread the neck of the balloon into the string/ribbon and tie in a bow to finish them. Viola! A beautiful save the date idea which can also be used for baby showers!

3. Save the Date Biscuits

Credits – Notonthehighstreet

For someone who loves food, but especially sweet foods, this is an absolute must for me. An edible save the date idea! A save the date cookie is risky to send via post and may cost a little extra to protect it as well as make it, however, your guests will find this quirky idea so thoughtful and will definitely be a save the date to remember. 

To make these you will need to make as many cookies as you need for your guests (or to save time, you can buy these from your local grocery store), food coloring and royal icing (or readymade colored royal icing for the top of the cookie), storage bags to place your cookies into once completed, either a personalized stamp with the details of your celebration on or an edible writing pen/writing icing if you wanted to get creative. 

Once you have prepared the cookies, leave these to cool and prepare the icing for the top. Once the icing is prepared, cut these out to the same shape as the cookies to give it a neat finish.

Before placing these on top of the cookies, make sure you stamp them or write with the edible pen the details of your celebration and let dry. Once dry place the icing on top of the cookie and seal with a tiny bit of water on the bottom of the icing.

Place your cookies into storage bags and send these to your family and friends. Again another quirky way to get your save the date out which will be a winner for your guests!

4. Mini Canvas Save the Date

Credits – Bklynbride

This adorable mini canvas is something your guest can treasure after your special day as well as the lead up to it. They are easy to make but the mini canvas’ can be brought to save you time and fiddling around with them. I love the quirkiness of these saves the date invitations. 

To make these you will need as many mini canvas’ as you have for the number of guests (or you can make these out of popsicle sticks if you want to make it extra personal!), thick card for the canvas’, a personalized stamp or pen if you wanted to write on the canvas’ yourself. Coloured or patterned card, a small box to place the canvas’ in and post. 

Firstly you’ll need to make the canvas easels. If you have brought these then you do not need to worry about this step. If you haven’t and want to make these yourself then grab some Popsicle sticks and stick 3 together joining at the top but separating at the bottom.

The place one on the top across the width of the three sticks. Secondly making the canvas placed on the easel. To do this you will need your thick card and personalized stamp (or pens if you are writing this on).

Cut the card to the size of the canvas you would like to fit on the easel. Then using colored ink, stamp the information onto the card, or write this on if you are writing this and let this dry. While this is drying, cut some colored or patterned card to fit the bottom of the cardboard box and glue this to the bottom.

Once the easel and canvas have dried, place the canvas onto the easel and place the whole thing into the box. Cover with a lid and write a personal message on the lid and post it to your guests! A brilliant quirky idea which your guest will remember.

5. Unique Save the Date Ideas

Save The Date Ideas
Credits – Postable

So the last save the date ideas are basic yet effective ideas. Make them personal to your guests and to you as a couple! Make them rude or make them simple as you like but many people find the personal touch a lot nicer than standard save the dates.

I know this is definitely one I’d be using as you can tailor these to your guest (so you can take out any swearing for any grandparents you want to send them to!). You can either make these yourself or find a company that can make personalized cards for you.

Final Words

So there we have it, 5 quirkily, simple, amazingly brilliant save the date ideas that are guaranteed to wow your guests before the big day. If there is anything to remember, it’s that you save the dates are not the be-all and end-all of your celebrations.

Whilst your guest might appreciate your lovely gesture as a couple, all that matters on the big day is your and your partner. There is so much planning that goes into weddings and civil partnerships these days that sometimes you can get lost in planning the big day itself.

Even if you attempt some of these save the dates and they go horribly wrong, send them to your guests anyway and it’s a conversation starter on your wedding day. So have a go, enjoy yourself, laugh at yourself and enjoy your special day. I hope it’s everything you dreamed of and more!

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