Top 8 String Art Ideas To Try Right Now

Ah, I can hear you now, you’ve come across this piece because you’re wondering what the hype is with string art and now you’re addicted to it. Well, my friends, you are not alone… because now I’m addicted to it! 

Essentially string art is forming or creating an artistic piece by simply joining string to each other and making art. Sometimes this can be as simple as one colored string and heart shape, or sometimes it can be complex with 5 different colors and 12 different shapes. Either way, it’s your art and every piece is unique. 

Below are 8 different string art ideas for you to try at home, at work, at school or just wherever you feel most comfortable doing it. You may even be running a craft class and you want to give this ago. If this is you, I wish you the best of luck and I hope these string art ideas give you some inspiration. 

8 Easy DIY String Art Ideas

1. Burger string Art

String Art Ideas
Credit – Shelterness

I can totally see this string art hanging in a diner somewhere and people coming from far and wide to see it. This is definitely one for our more experienced string artists but anyone can have a go at this one! 

Firstly you will need to decide the design of your burger and then decide what color string you will need. For the one pictured above, you will need 5 colors (beige/light brown, dark brown, yellow, green and red).

Once you have your design, make your nails and hammer along with the design on paper (or if you want to nail freehand then you can do this also). Place the design on the board you are creating your masterpiece on and nail around the edge.

For the nails in the middle, simply roll back the paper once you have marked out where they are going to go and repeat this with every section until the paper is fully removed from the board.

Start from the bottom with the beige/light brown string, tie one end to a pin on the edge (leaving a tail) and cover this section connecting the string from piece to piece until you are happy with it.

To finish this section simple connect the string back to the starting nail and tie together and neaten up.  Continue to do this will all the other sections until you have your complete picture. 

2. Coffee Cup String Art

Coffee Cup String Art
Credit- Shelterness

I absolutely fell in love with this string art design when I saw it. Considering my diet consists of 80% coffee, I immediately wanted to make this myself and hang it in my kitchen. It is simple and yet so beautiful. You could even have a go at making these as a miniature wall hanging pieces and have multiple cups for a café business. 

To make this particular design all you will need is 1 color string, nails, a hammer, and board to fit it on to. 

Take the design onto the board and place the pins around the end of the paper. Once you have made the outline, tie the string to the edge pin leaving a tail and thread in different directions until each section is covered. There are 5 different sections in this design so be sure to disconnect the thread at the right time to show the separations in the sections.  

3. Owl String Art

Owl String art
Credits – Busy

Owls are my absolute favorite things in the world. I have an entire owl shrine at home and I am definitely going to give this a go-to add to my collection. (note- they are owl objects. No owls were harmed in the making of my owl shrine!)

This design is another trickier one for the more experienced string artists among us but its definitely worth ago….. and if I can do you, anyone can! 

I think this would make the perfect gift for friends or family’s birthdays as it’s a homemade gift that clearly has had a lot of time and effort have gone into it. 

4. Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas Tree Ornaments
Credit – Homeisd

Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love all the decorations, all the lights the excitement of seeing Santa (hey, adults can still believe too right!?) but most importantly Christmas for me us about family time and getting to spend this time together with everyone you love. 

I am so excited by this unique Christmas tree ornament because it is so simple and yet would fit into any Christmas theme you may choose. You don’t just have to stick with the one design either.

You could have candy canes, baubles, or even a Christmas pudding. Its also not limited to Christmas time, you could make these simply to hang around the house or in your garden!  

5. Flamingo String Art 

Flamingo String Art
Credit- Homeisd

This is most definitely a masterpiece for all flamingo lovers out there. Using only 3 different colors of string you can make this stunning piece of art. It’s simple enough to use for everyday decoration or can even be downsized to make as a party favor for all those glorious garden parties you’re going to have!

Again, you will have to make sure that the separate sections are tied off so as not to confuse the design. You could even add some additional effects like birds flying in the distance (for example) in the background of this stunning picture.

If you are making them as favors for parties, it may be a little trickier to downscale as the beak area could be quite fiddly. 

6. Halloween String Art

Halloween String Art Ideas
Credit- Sugarbeecrafts 

These 3 individual Halloween plaques would be a great idea for art classes in senior schools. They are complex in the fact there are 3 individual designs that need to be focussed on and yet simple with the designs themselves.

The jack-o’-lanterns can have their facial expressions changed to show a scarier face or kept as a happier face, depending on the audience. These could be used as decorations for Halloween gatherings or if you’re prepared enough, you could give these as your trick or treat options rather than candies. 

7. Relax and Unwind Décor

Relax and Unwind Décor
Credits – Homesthetics

My home is FULL of inspirational quotes on show. I like to be able to have something in every room which gives me a boost if I’m having a rough day. This is why this piece of art really stood out to me.

It looks so complex and could take a lot of time and patience to complete this one, but when you have an outstanding result like this, how could you not want to spend the time doing it. 

For this, you will need to really take your time and concentrate on the design before tackling the string. Recommendations for this wall piece are one ball of string that has a combination of colors. This would be to keep things as simple as possible but if you’re up for a challenge then having multiple different color string is the option for you. 

It’s best to start this piece the same as you have done previously and design what you would like your inspirational quote to be on paper, before placing the pins around the paper and around the edges of the board.

Once you have done this, you can then focus on filling the surrounding area with the string, leaving the actual quote itself blank in the middle. 

8. Multiple Canvas String Art

Multiple Canvas String Art Ideas
Credita – Nine Red 

I came across this piece and admired the talent that someone could have to create something like this. A 9 piece canvas that all match together to make this stunning artwork, and yet only using 2 colors of string and a simple enough design… if it was all on one canvas. 

This canvas is actually using blue string and red string to make the design and is on tea-stained plaques. Each Plaque was designed individually but you can join them together and design them with a paper design before separating again once you have placed all the pins in. Absolutely stunning piece. 

Final Words

As I said, some of the pieces I have listed above are more complicated than others but art is about taking your time and enjoying doing something you want to create. Don’t get worked up if something doesn’t work out the way you planned it, it might even look better the way you did it. 

So there we go! 8 individual, unique, stunning pieces of string art that can be used anywhere either at home, at work or maybe even as gifts. String art can help you express yourself when you’re having a bad day and also gets your creative juices flowing.

It can help to relieve frustration by pinning the nails in (please make sure you don’t injure yourself if you are doing this out of frustration) or can simply help you wind down of an evening. Whatever your reasons for creating string art, I hope you enjoy making some of these!

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