5 Cute and Fun Gender Reveal Cake Ideas

Congratulations! You’ve just found out you’re having a baby and everything is exciting, frightening, crazy, tiring and fantastically breath-taking. Your mind automatically starts planning ahead to all the things you need to do before the baby gets here. You then start thinking about the outfits and realize you don’t know what sex your baby is……Que gender reveal party!

There is nothing more fabulous than getting all your close family and friends together to celebrate this wonderful miracle you’ve been blessed with. Whether it be a huge celebration or a small get together for your nearest and dearest, there is always time to celebrate.

By having a gender reveal party, it makes it extra special as you will all find out together what you’re having. 

Gender reveal cakes are an easy yet stunning way to find out if you’re having a baby boy or baby girl. Here are some gender reveal cake ideas: 

5 Amazing Gender Reveal Cake Ideas

1. Ombre Layer Cake

Gender Reveal Cake Ideas

I fell in love with this cake as soon as I saw it. It’s so simple on the outside but beautiful on the inside. This Ombre effect layer cake is surprisingly easy to make and is sure to ‘wow’ your guests on the big day. 

To make this cake you will need vanilla sponge batter (no one will know if its shop brought I promise!), pink gel food coloring- I say to use gel because it gives a deeper color unlike normal food coloring, plain vanilla icing (or cream cheese icing) and a piping bag with nozzles if you want to add a fancy design on top. 

Make the vanilla sponge batter and separate evenly into 3 bowls ready to add the colouring to them. Take the first bowl and add 1 small drop of the gel to the batter and mix. This is going to be the pale, top layer.

Do the same with the second and third bowl making them slightly darker than the other. Bake the cake mixes and leave to cool. Once they have cooled you can assemble them, placing the icing in the middle of each layer and around the outside to give it that classically simple finish.  

Top tip: If you wanted to add some flavoring to these layers to make them extra special, try adding strawberries or raspberries to the cake batter to give a natural flavor without using artificial flavorings. 

Recipe By – Prettysimplesweet

2. Surprise Inside Cake

Surprise Gender Reveal Cake Ideas

This is another brilliantly simple looking cake on the outside with a huge surprise in the middle. The middle is filled with sweets of your choice (in this instance blue for a boy) so when you cut this cake, the sweets ooze out revealing the gender of your baby! 

To make this cake you will need vanilla cake batter, vanilla frosting, and colored sweets of your choice to reveal the sex of your baby. 

Start by making the vanilla cake batter and separate evenly into 4 tins (for 4 layers). Bake the cakes and leave to cool. Now it’s time for the tricky part! Assemble the first two cake layers, making sure there is icing in between the two and shaping the middle of the top layer to have the middle removed.

Assemble to 3rd layer on top and shape to remove the middle. This should leave a hole in the center of the cake to fill with the colored sweets. Place the sweets in before assembling the last layer on top and cover the whole cake with icing in any design or plainly if you prefer. Once the cake is cut the sweets will come sprinkling out and your guests will love it!

Recipe By – Bettycrocker

3. Heart-Shaped Inside Cupcakes

Heart-Shaped Inside Cupcakes

If you are having a smaller gathering or you just fancy something different then why not try these quaint little cupcakes. 

To make these cupcakes you will need vanilla cake mix, vanilla icing, blue and pink gel food coloring, and cupcake cases. 

Start by preparing the cake batter and separating 2 thirds of it for the main cupcake mix. Using the remaining 1 third, add the blue gel food coloring to it and place on a greased baking tray so it bakes as a sheet cake rather than a round cake.

Once the cake is cooked, wait for it to cool before cutting out heart shapes with a cookie cutter. Once this has been done, place a spoonful of vanilla cake batter into cupcake cases and place the baked blue hearts in the middle of the raw batter mix in the cupcake cases. You should have half-full cupcake cases with the blue heart in the middle.

Bake these until the vanilla batter is cooked and leave to cool. For the icing, prepare 2 bowls of icing and add a few drops of blue to one and a few drops of pink to the other.

Place them together in a piping bag with a fancy nozzle on it and pipe on the icing to the top of the cupcakes in any pattern you like. And there we have it! Gender reveal cupcakes with a shaped inside. So cute!

Recipe By – Littleemeraldthumb

4. Raspberry or Blueberry Cake pops

Raspberry or Blueberry Cake pops
Credits – Pinterest

Keeping on the theme of smaller cakes, I absolutely LOVE these gender reveal cake pops! They are so adorable and ideal for your guests that are constantly on a diet.

The cake pops are flavored with Raspberries if you’re celebrating having a girl and blueberries if you’re celebrating having a boy. The use of natural flavorings (like fruit) keeps the sugar content low…… apart from the colored chocolate on the outside!

To make these cake pops you will need vanilla cake batter mix, buttercream, raspberries or blueberries, pink, blue and white candy melts, cake pop sticks and sprinkles for the top. 

Prepare and make the cake mix adding the raspberries or blueberries into the mix before baking. Once cooled, add enough buttercream to the cake mix so it has a sticky and binding consistency. Roll them into balls and put on the cake pop sticks.

Leave these in the fridge to harden. While they are in the fridge, melt the blue, pink and white candy melts so they are runny. Simply dip the cake pops in the pink blue and white candy melts and sprinkle on the sprinkles while the chocolate is still wet. Leave them in the fridge to set and you’re complete! 

5. Purple or Green Gender Reveal Cake

Purple or Green Gender Reveal Cake
Credits – Cakecentral

Not all gender reveal cakes need to be pink or blue and this cake is the perfect example of that. I really love this idea of having purple or green. This is another surprise cake so follow the same steps as mentioned earlier for the surprise but use green or purple sweets. The icing on the outside is a little different though so here are the steps to decorate this cake. 

To decorate this cake you will need purple and green gel food coloring as well as vanilla icing and a pallet knife. Note- this is for the icing around the outside only, not the dinosaur figures on the top. 

Mix up a big batch of vanilla icing and separate it into 3 bowls. Keep one bowl as vanilla icing and make one purple and one green with the gel food coloring. Use the white icing to coat the outside of the cake completely.

Then randomly splodge (not the technical term- obviously!) green and purple icing, across the top and sides of the keep. Remember to keep some of the coloured icings for the top and bottom of the cake.

Using the pallet knife, gently smooth the colors together to create this marble effect. Using the remaining purple and green icing, alternate in small blobs around the top and bottom of the cake to give a lovely finish. 

This cake is bound to be the talking point of the party and will be remembered by your guests forever. 

Top tip: Why not try experimenting with different colors like yellow and grey, teal and brown or even go for metallic colors to wow your guest even more!

Final Words

So there we have it! 5 amazing gender reveal cakes that look magical and yet are so unbelievably simple to make! Just remember these cakes are doing more than just being pink or blue, they are telling you and your loved ones what your beautiful bundle of joy is going to be joining your family.

It’s totally ok to take your time choosing the perfect cake because it can mean so much more than just being a cake. You can even use the photo’s from your gender reveal parties, to show your little ones when they are older! Especially for their 21st birthday!

All you need to remember is that this is your time and all that matters is that you and your partner enjoy it! It doesn’t need to be big or fancy… but let’s face it, if you have an excuse to go all out, you might as well! 

Happy baking!

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