Pairing Colors That Go With Yellow For Your Living Room

Are you looking to revamp your living room or bedroom in the near future and want to add some color to your life? Maybe you already have an amazing yellow sofa that you would like to put into the room scheme, but you just don’t know which color to put with it?

Good job we are here then! We are going to run through some of the best colors that tie in nicely with yellow and that will give you a stylish room scheme. If you want to know more about which colors go with yellow, then read on now. 

Psychology of Yellow

Every color has certain psychology to it and the effect of surrounding yourself with a particular color can change your mood greatly. This is especially true when it comes to yellow as it is the color of happiness and optimism.

When you paint your walls a color of yellow, you think of sunshine, bright light, and creativity. The color yellow actually stimulates the left side of our brains which is where all the deep thinking and creativity happens. Overall if you want a happy and creative space then yellow is the color to go for. 

Tones of Yellow

But which tone of yellow is a whole other question. There is a huge variety of shades of yellow from creamy butter yellows to bright neon yellows. The shade of yellow that you put into your room will determine which colors will go well with it.

For example, a creamy butter yellow won’t sit well with a deep green whereas a neon yellow (which has a tint of green to it) will. Below we have come up with 5 key colors (or shades) that work well with most yellows. 

Colors That Go with Yellow

1. White

White Colors That Go With Yellow
Credits: decorpad

OK so not technically a color, white is a great shade to match with any color, especially yellow. In this example, we can see that the white has really brightened up the room while the yellow gives it the added benefit of warming the space up and creating some character.

Be mindful that there are certain tones of yellow that will make this room hard and cold rather than warm and bright. Try to stay clear of green yellows and dirty yellows as these can change the perception of the brightness and make the room feel cold and stark. This butter yellow is a really nice addition to the white room. 

2. Grey

Credits: lindabrownell

Yellow and grey are very on-trend at the moment and the beauty is that most shades of grey will match up with most shades of yellow so there isn’t a worry that you will pair up the wrong shades.

You can use either grey or yellow as the base color and accent it with the other to create a really modern look while still keeping the brightness and happiness of the yellow. Mustard yellow works particularly well in this setting and will help to make even the lightest of greys pop.

If you are a bit worried about the darkness of the grey, then add a little white (such as to the ceiling and the woodwork) to help offset the darkness of the grey. 

3. Blue


Another popular pairing that you will see in a lot of the home magazines is yellow and blue. Specifically, navy blue. Navy blue is really popular at the moment with people choosing to paint their entire rooms a dark shade of blue, but if you aren’t feeling brave enough (and let’s face it, a lot of us aren’t) then you could pair it up with a big splash of yellow.

The mustard and creamy yellows work well for this and will help to brighten up the dark base. Again, you can add elements of white into this scheme as well and shake it up by adding yellow and blue patterns (geometric is very on-trend right now) to create a well-constructed room design scheme. 

4. Teal

Teal Colors That Go With Yellow

Similar to the blue but slightly funkier, teal is a great color to pair with yellow. You can use a brighter tone of yellow for this scheme and can pair it with gold accents of color as well.

The teal will draw out the green tones of the yellow so be sure to compare with swatches and paint samples before you decide which yellows to match together. The teal can be as dark or as light as you like and remember that you can add white to some walls to brighten it up and create a lighter design.

If you are really worried about pairing the teal and the yellow together then why not find a pattern with both colors in and use that as the soft furnishings? That way you get both colors in your scheme, but one doesn’t overpower the other. 

5. Black

Colors That Go With Yellow

Now, this really is a brave option and one that you might think I’m mad for suggesting but hear me out! Yellow and black are a funky yet stylish pairing with both colors complementing each other really well.

Giving a cutting edge look, this scheme won’t darken your room as much as you think. The yellow stands out so well that you don’t need to worry about which shade to pair with the black as everyone will work. If you are looking for something bold and innovative then using a black and yellow room design is a good choice for you. 

Final Words

Now that you have some great color pairings to consider, why not head out to the store today and see if you can pick up some paint samples?

Remember that if you aren’t sure about color is too dark or bold, you can either add white elements to the scheme to lighten it up a bit or you can find a pattern that incorporates both colors and add this in as the soft furnishings. Yellow is such a lovely color to have in your home so why not look into having in yours too? 

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