8 Easy Birthday Decoration Ideas At Home

Planning a Birthday Party can be stressful at the best of times, but planning a party at home brings the stress to a whole new level. In this article, I am going to be giving you 8 birthday decoration ideas for home, which will be relevant for those who enjoy getting their craft on those who prefer buying birthday decorations.

Not only does making your own decorations give you a beautifully smug feeling of telling people they are homemade decks, but you can also use these for any occasion! So here they are, 8 Birthday Decoration Ideas At Home:

Birthday Decoration Ideas At Home: 8 Pretty DIY Ideas

1. Twisted Wall Streamers

Birthday Decoration Ideas At Home
Credits: learnwithplayathome

Not only do these twisted wall streamers look amazing but they also make any room fit the color scheme or theme of the birthday party. 

To make these wonderful wall decorations all you need is sticky tape (or blue tack) and colored streamers. 

Simply stick/tack one color of the streamers to the top of the wall, twist it until the desired twist is achieved and stick/tack to the bottom of the wall. Easy as that! You can use this decoration idea for any occasion and use as many colors as you like. 

2. Rainbow Water

Rainbow water
Credits: diys

I absolutely love these rainbow water decorations. You could place these anywhere in your home to give a ‘dull spot’ a bit of flare. These are another decoration that could be used for any occasion but especially a summer birthday bash! 

All you need to create this wonderful rainbow decoration is freshly cut flowers, water, and food coloring.

Simply fill glasses or vases halfway add the food coloring to the water, mix and place the flower in the glass. For a summer garden party, why not try adding fairy lights behind the glasses to shine through when it gets dark. 

3. Tassel Garland

Tassel Garland
Credits: inspiredbycharm

These tassel garlands are a little harder to make but they are definitely worth it! They can be used to fill the small spaces which look bare but also to fill the big spaces, such as along the top of the door frames or even along the work surfaces. 

What you need to make these are colored tissue paper, string or ribbon, scissors, and decorative tape. 

Firstly take 1 piece of tissue paper and lay it out flat. One piece of tissue paper will make 4 tassels. Fold it in half lengthways and then fold it in half widthways and fold again width ways. This should leave you with a rectangle shape.

Start to cut your tassels but cutting from the bottom to the top at the unfolded end, making sure to leave 2 inches uncut at the top of the tissue. Unfold once and cut in half from the top of the fold to the end of the fringe.

You will now have 3 pieces, one is bigger than the other 2 so cut this in half and lay them flat next to each other. Roll the uncut center into a sausage shape, being careful not to tangle the threads.

Once the tissue is rolled up, tighten then middle and fold in half. Use the decorative tape to tape together, leaving a ring at the top. Use the string or ribbon to loop the tassels on and hang accordingly. 

4. Lolly Stick Table Runner

Birthday Decoration Ideas At Home
Credits: athomeinlove

This beautiful table runner not only adds a quirky vibe to any part but can be featured on your table all year long! 

To make this amazing piece all you will need is lollypop sticks (These can be purchased from any craft store but, we won’t judge you if you choose to give yourself brain freeze by eating as many lolly sticks as you need!) strong sticky tape and different colored paint. 

Start by lining up the lolly sticks to make the shape of the table runner you would like and tape them together. These do not have to be made even but any shape you desire. Turn them over so the tape in no longer showing.

Splat your different colored paints onto the lollypop sticks, (ensure you have something to cover your table underneath these!) and leave to dry. Then hey presto! You have a beautiful table runner for your table!

5. Balloon Bubble Fountain

Balloon Bubble Fountain
Credits: prettymyparty

This stunning balloon bubble fountain will look amazing at any adult birthday party that you might have. It’s simple to make and looks like you’ve made a lot of effort. 

What you will need for this are a foil bottle balloon, 20-30 latex balloons, and either tacks or pins.

Firstly blow up the latex balloons varying in size from large to smaller balloons to give the bubble effect. Ensure that your foil balloon is filled (most party shops will do this for you). Tack the end of the foil bottle balloon to the ceiling or corner of the room.

Make sure if you are using pins this does not pierce the balloon! Then take your smaller balloons and pin them to the wall from the spout end of the bottle and continue to the floor, ending with the larger ones. You’ll end up with this amazing display which everyone will be jealous of. 

6. Balloon Covered Bottle Centerpieces

Balloon Covered Bottle Centerpieces
Credits: forcreativejuice

Again, this is a simple yet effective way of using up all those balloons that you have left which looks amazing!

For this, you will need all your leftover balloons, some empty glass bottles, and some fancy ribbons. 

Simply stretch the balloon stalk so it is the same size as the uninflated body. You then take the balloon and place the bottom of the bottle in and slowly stretch the balloon over the bottle.

When you have reached the top of the bottle, tuck the stem of the balloon inside to give it a neat finish. Use your ribbon to tie around the neck of the bottle and make a bow to finish your centerpieces.

Top tip, if you have plain balloons with no pattern on them, why not find a doily which you can cut and place around the top and bottom of the bottle to make pattered and textured balloon centerpieces!

7. Paper Flower Decorations

Birthday Decoration Ideas At Home
Credits: hellocreativefamily

These flattering paper flowers will add a touch of nature to any kind of party you have but particularly garden parties. They look beautiful and you can even spray them with your favorite perfume to make them smell beautiful. Your guests will love them and won’t be able to resist asking you how you made them. 

What you will need to make these are string, scissors and different color tissue paper. 

Start by taking 5 pieces of tissue paper and cut them lengthways down the center. This will make 2 paper flowers. Fold your tissue paper as if you were making a paper fan and repeat with the other piece of tissue paper.

Once you have done this, tie the middle of the tissue paper with the string an repeat with the other. Round the ends of the tissue paper off by cutting them (or if you prefer spiky petals then cut the ends into points) and fan apart the layers of tissue paper.

To make this flower look realistic start scrunching the tissue paper together to the middle to make the flower petals and continue to do this with each layer. And there you have it, an amazing tissue paper flower which can be used for all occasions. You can even have these just as long-lasting decorations in your house for visitors. 

8. Homemade Confetti

Birthday Decoration Ideas At Home Confetti
Credits: thinkmakeshareblog

Having homemade confetti to sprinkle on tabletops, especially the food table is a lovely touch to brighten a dull table. Unfortunately, most people think that it is easier to buy confetti as it comes in different shapes, colors, etc. but actually when you make it at home, it can be just as professional. You can even customize it to match the theme of your party!

What you will need to make this is different color tissue paper (or even the tissue paper that is leftover from your last crafty ideas!), scissors or cutting stamps (which can be purchased from your local craft store) and decorative bags (preferably paper bags) to store the confetti in. 

Firstly start off with taking your first sheet of tissue paper and folding it in half. You then start cutting shapes (if you are creative enough or have made a template to guide you around) or if you have purchased the cutting stamps then start to stamp out the confetti shapes.

Continue to do this until you have the desired amount of confetti shapes and a variety of confetti shapes. Mix up the different shapes together and place them inside the paper bags. Simple, easy and beautiful table decorations can even be used as party favors for your guests to take away. 

Final Words

So there we have it. 8 simple birthday decoration ideas at home that not only look great at a party, but ideas you can also be proud of for looking professional.

Your guests will be constantly admiring your hard work which you can (rightly so!) be proud of. These party decorations can make any room complete and take the shortest time to prepare. Happy creating!

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