15 Simple DIY Bird Feeder Ideas for Your Birds

If bird feeding is your passion, then you must have a bird feeder at your place. Let us tell in brief what a bird feeder is. If you love birds, but don’t want them to keep them inside a cage, then we are here to appreciate you. The free birds must fly freely on the open sky and not chirm inside closed confinement.

But does it mean that you cannot entertain birds or keep their company? Not at all! Here’s what a bird feeder plays a significant role. Bird feeder attracts the birds and they will keep your house warm for a long time.

Also, the birds get tired while flying and today’s pollution and concrete buildings haven’t kept many trees left where the birds can find a respite. In a bird feeder, you can keep grains, biscuits, water, and other food items so as to satiate the birds. 

But if you seek to buy a bird feeder from a market place, you will have to spend much unnecessarily for a fancy item. Also, since the bird feeders stay outside under sunlight and rain, they often get dirty and you need to replace them time and again.

Because a dirty bird feeder will not attract the birds but also cause them food poisoning. Don’t take that risk. In the case of a DIY bird feeder, you can change the feeder from time to time without spending much amount on it. 

Also, remember that the bird feeder needs to be eye catchy, with vibrant colors and their items. Because it will attract birds.

So, without further ado, let’s dig deeper into DIY bird feeder ideas.

15 Easy and Cute DIY Bird Feeder Ideas

1. Bird Feeder With an Orange

DIY Bird Feeder Ideas with Orange

This three-item DIY bird feeder idea is attractive as well as inexpensive. All you will need is an orange, macramé, birdseed and an orange. Cut the orange in half and eat the fruits.

Then keep some bird seeds inside the orange slice and hang it on your balcony or rooftop. However, since orange is an organic item, you should change it from time to time.

Credits: Naturalbeachliving

2. Bird Feeder With Ornaments

DIY Bird Feeder Ideas Ornaments

When we say ornaments, we don’t mean the gold of course. You will need inexpensive ornament beads to make this bird feeder. Get colorful beads and tie them with threads. Also, if you have long neckpieces with beads, you may use those as well.

Tie them together to form a bowl where you can place the seeds. If you have children at your house, this can be ideal for them as a summer vacation project. You may use some flour and gelatine to keep the beads together. But remember, birds prick these with their sharp beaks so it can get loose with time. 

Credits: Frogsandsnailsandpuppydogtail

3. Bird Feeder With Empty Wine Bottle 

Have a wine bottle left at home? Reuse it. Simply open its bottom part and keep it upside down. Now fill it with grains and attach it to a thermocol box and use it as a bird feeder. But remember birds cannot reach the narrow neck of the wine bottle. So you have to keep it filled all the time. 

Credits: Bremerswineandliquor

4. Bird Feeder With Clay Bowl

Clay bowls are amazing pots for birds to eat. Since it has a flat face, birds can easily eat the seeds. You can also make it attractive by painting it with green, yellow or blue color. However, remember that clay can be melt at the rainy season. So you better not use it during the shower. 

Credits: Etsy

5. Bird Feeder Tower With Mesh Cloth

Get yourself a cardboard stick and wrap it with a mesh cloth. Now spread some grains on it and it will get stuck at the mesh. Now hang the stick on the balcony. The birds can easily pick grains from them. Also, since it is a long item, it doesn’t take much space.

Credits: Pinterest

6. Bird Feeder With Old China Pieces

DIY Bird Feeder Ideas

Tie a china clay dish or cup at the balcony and place grains on it. However, remember that china clay is extremely fragile and that birds can make it fall and break. 

Credits: Etsy

7. Bird Feeder With Grapevines

DIY Bird Feeder Ideas
Credits: Kiwico

Grapevines are the organic nest to the birds so it is sure to allure them. Get some grapevines and make a round shape with it.

Now place a bowl inside the wreath and hang it like a tire from your balcony. However, such a bird feeder takes more space due to its round shape. So you better use it if your balcony has enough space. 

8. Bird Feeder With Woodwork

Bring out your creativity with a wooden birdhouse. Take your time during the holidays and make a beautiful birdhouse. You can make it as big or small as you want and keep it outside at the roof or balcony. This will run for a longer time and you don’t have to change it every now and then. 

9. Bird Feeder With Mason Jar 

If you have some mason jars at your place, use it as a bird feeder. Hang it at your balcony and store bird seeds inside it. Since a jar is more wide than a wine bottle, the birds will find it easier to eat from a jar.

10. Bird Feeder With Egg Carton

When you have already eaten the eggs, there’s no point in keeping the egg cartons and they finally occupy your dustbin right? Well not necessarily. Recycle the product and use it as a bird feeder. Hang it on the roof or balcony with the help of a rope and spread grains on it. Voila! You are good to go.

11. Colorful Bird Feeder

This is a springy type of bird feeder where you can make three distinct colorful little houses. Make one yellow, another red, another purple. These are vibrant colors and favorable to the birds.

However, you can color them in your favorite colors as well. Now place them on a single tray and hang it on the roof. This also offers adequate space and the birds can easily have their meal. However, make sure that the two sides of the tray have proper height so that the grains do not fall on the roof. 

12. Plastic Bottle Feeder

This is a bit complicated to make but if you have some time and a knack for making craft, it’s not that difficult. Let’s see what you have to do here. Get your hands on a plastic cold drink bottle.

Now cut two holes vertically and glue the cut portion horizontally right in front of the holes. Now fill the bottle with grains and automatically the grains will come out through the hole to the tray like an extended portion.

It’s better if the grains are dry as moist food will not come to the plate so easily. This is the best way to try if you are going away from town for some days and don’t want to keep your birds hungry. 

13. Bring Back Nature

What attracts the birds most than their own nest? No, we don’t ask you to break a bird’s nest but you can replicate a nest-like shape with some strays and dry wood branches. Make a shape of a basket with these and then keep a plastic plate inside.

Now put some grain inside it and hang. The plate will make sure that the grains do not get lost inside the bushes. And it will also help the birds to easily eat their meal from the plate.

14. Pinecone feeder 

This is a unique idea and you must try this if you want to decorate your place in an artistic way. And guess what. This is extremely easy to make. Simply hang a pine cone on your roof or balcony and put some grains in each layer of the cone.

And that’s all! However, you must keep a mat placed beneath the cone as the grains may fall off on the ground. You may also hang a few pine cones instead of only one. Also, if the feeding item is a bit moist, then it works better in such a feeder. 

15. Mason Jar Feeder 

Mason jar is easily available in the market and you may also get it for free if you buy some cold drinks. Store these. Now place some grains inside it and hang it tightly on the balcony.

However, it’s better if the jar is made of fiber instead of glass since glass has a higher potential to fall down and break into pieces due to its heavyweight. Fiberglass, even if falls down, will not break as it’s not fragile. 

The best part about these DIY bird feeder ideas is that you don’t have to spend many bucks after it and not even a lot of effort. You can simply bring out your artistic creative self and design these bird feeders easily at your home.

Also, such DIY bird feeder ideas encourage recycling so you should always consider these other than buying a fancy product. Don’t throw out anything after using it and use it for a different purpose instead.

So, what’s your favorite pick? Comment below and let us know!

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