10 Free Printable Birthday Cards for Kids and Family

Birthday is incomplete without cards. But when it comes to buying birthday cards for kids, they are already clichéd. Also, they are unnecessarily expensive. You will find a simple picture on a card that too made of a low-quality paper and you have to spend bucks for them.

Further, kids love something customized as it makes them feel special (which they really are). The cards brought from the shop are mostly of a similar type and has no uniqueness. You will find one card in multiple numbers. Your kid will find that his or her birthday card is just the same that he or she saw at a friend’s birthday party. 

Most often we tend to overlook this part of the birthday card. Since there are so many clichéd birthday cards available in the market we feel that there’s no point in thinking much about it. While we try to decorate our home on the kid’s birthday in a unique manner, we don’t really spend that amount of time when it comes to buying a card.

That’s because we already know they will be the same. So the sole purpose of a birthday card becomes almost a ritual that you HAVE to buy and after two days you will probably throw it away.

But what if the scenario gets changed? What we mean to say, how about you MAKE a birthday card especially for your kid? It will be extremely special as it will be made solely for him or her.

Also, it can never be the same as other’s birthday cards and this will make the kids cherish the birthday card. Not only will they love the card but possibly preserve them in the longer run. Also, your guests too will be amazed to see such unique birthday cards that are impossible to buy from any shop. 

Further, customized cards give you an opportunity to decorate the entire party with the cards. Suppose your theme of the party is dressing up like zoo animals or animation characters.

Make some cards belonging to the respective categories and decorate the entire place with them. How amazing is that! Also, you may not even find such cool cards in local stores or they will be extremely pricy. 

Remember, customizing the birthday cards will not only make your kids feel special but they will also feel a bent towards creating DIY cards. Thus this can kindle a creative artistic spirit in the kids.

Encourage your kids to help you while making a birthday card. Of course, you should make one in secret so as to give him or her a surprise. But if you are making birthday cards in a bulk, it’s better to involve the kids as well. However, keep close attention to them so that they don’t cut themselves and get injured. 

Now that you have read all the pros of a birthday card, we are here to give not one or two but all ten ideas of free printable birthday cards for kids that you can easily download from the internet.

These are extremely convenient and you can simply download any preferable picture, print it, cut it according to the shape, paste it on a cardboard. And voila! Your all-new birthday card is ready to be delivered. Write some cool best wishes inside the card and surprise your kid. 

10 Free Printable Birthday Cards for Kids

1. Balloons and Cake Birthday Card

Balloons and Cake Birthday Card
Credits: Pinterest

This is the most traditional free printable birthday cards for kids. You may cut distinct balloons and cakes from the printout and paste it on the cardboard, or you can make a cloud shape around the entire figure. Make it colorful with some hand drawings like starts and flowers around the card.

2. Kid’s Face Birthday Card 

Free Printable Birthday Cards for Kids

Print your kid’s picture and cut it in a round shape. Now paste it and draw some gifts, balloons and other icons around the photo.

Credits: GreetingsIsland

3. Big Birthday Cake Card

Big Birthday Cake Card

Here you have to download a picture of a multi-floored birthday cake. Make sure it is attractive. Now sprinkle some glitter around the photo or use washi tape and let it shine. It’s even better if you can order a cake of a similar type. 

Credits: RedTedArt

4. Teddy Bear Birthday card

Teddy Bear Birthday card

Who doesn’t love teddy bears! Now gift a teddy bear card to your kid along with his or her face placed at the center of the card. You may also make some balloons around the card as a filler of the white space. 

Credits: Princesscreations-cynthia

5. Barbie Doll Birthday Card

Free Printable Birthday Cards for Kids

If your kid is a Barbie doll fan, he or she will surely love the card designed with one or more fashionable Barbies. You may select different barbies of different dresses and postures. Some may sing, while others may dance.

Credits: Template 

6. Icecream Birthday card 

Icecream Birthday card

Print an ice cream picture. Make sure it’s icy and colorful one. You will also find animated pictures of ice creams.

Credits: MamaIsDreaming

7. Unicorn Birthday card

Fantasy is a great idea while making a birthday card. Give your unicorn some wings and balloons and let your kid fly to the dream world. Keep it simple and gorgeous. 

8. Cartoon Characters Birthday Card

Cartoon Characters Birthday Card

Print your kid’s favorite cartoon character and let them enjoy a party with a special birthday card. If your birthday theme is wearing cartoon characters’ costumes, this card is more appropriate. 

Credits: kbpapercraft

9. Football Birthday card

You can print a football picture and cut it on the edge to give the entire card a football shape. If your kid is a sports fan, he or she will surely love it. 

10. Dinosaur Birthday card

Jurassic Park will get live with this card. But make sure that it’s not fierce and maybe funny and dancing with some balloons and birthday caps. Your kid is sure to love it. 


Customized birthday cards are also an amazing gift that you may give to your kids’ friends. This will be a unique gesture since everyone will give them the same old toys or books or stationery birthday cards.

But if you include a distinct hand made a birthday card with your gift, the kid, his or her parents, and the guests even will remember it for a long time. And it will also encourage others to design such cards.

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