11 Woodworking Project for Kids to Try This Holiday

Every parent wants their kids to develop a well all-round personality. To achieve this, it is important to involve them in good activities that help in shaping their character. 

Here we can remind ourselves of a quote by Confucius i.e. ‘’I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.’’

DIY projects are a good way to engage them in self-learning. Working on projects gives them a good experience, problem-solving skills and enhance their creative capabilities.

One such interesting project is woodworking projects. Here kids use their hands to make fascinating articles with wood that surely build self-confidence in them and encourage them to come up with innovative ideas.

Also, these projects help them in understanding the importance of natural resources and how we can convert them into useful objects for our daily living. Let us look at some amazing woodworking project ideas for kids.

11 Simple and Easy Woodworking Project for Kids

1. Wood Photo Frames

Wood Photo Frames

Who does not like to capture beautiful moments in their lives? No one obviously! Seizing a moment and framing it up makes your memory a lasting one.

It is simple and easy to make a photograph holder with tree cut. Your kid will surely enjoy making it with his/her own tiny hands. Once it is made, they can use different colors to paint it to make it look awesome. 

You can help your kid to put a photo into the wood frame which was taken when you went on holiday last year or at a circus that you visited etc. Every time they look at that photo frame, they must feel proud and super happy.

Tutorial: CraftsByAmanda

2. Wooden Boxes

Woodworking Project for Kids

Another simple idea is to make wooden boxes and is for kids simply beginning. This woodworking project gives your kid a good start and makes them curious about making different articles with wood.

Provide them with raw material and tell them that they are going to make wood boxes in which they can keep their Pokémon stickers, headpins, etc, that’s it. They will do it with full enthusiasm and must show to their grandparents and friends when they visit your home. It is an enjoyable pastime for kids.

Starting with easy things make kids feel confident and help them to do little complicated objects with ease later. 

Tutorial: WoodWorkFun

3. Wooden Bird House

Wooden Bird House

This is another interesting woodworking project for your kids to spend their spare time on Sunday. Kids will be super excited to make one for their loving pets. Making it helps them to understand that requirements of birds like leaving a hole in the wood which allows airflow, what measurements to use etc.

This exercise makes them sensitive about pets too. Hang in your backyard and let your kids have a great time with their loving pet. This durable and nontoxic wooden birdhouse will surely inspire others to make one for their courtyard too. This birdhouse can then be made as an Angry Bird House. This would be your kids’ favorite woodworking project.

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4. Wooden Hanging Planter

Wooden Hanging Planter

How nice it is to fill your home with green plants! Making Hanging planters with wood is another fascinating activity for Kids. After making it, ask your kid to color it of their choice. They make a decision and pick a color of their choice and happily make it look stunning.

Your kids will feel wonderful to fill hanging planters made by them with beautiful plants with flowers. This woodworking project can save a lot of your bucks and adds color to your house.

Let your child make one and plant a tree and you give them the responsibility to take care of that plant. It really sensitizes them about nature around us. Let your kids fill your garden with interesting wooden hanging planters.

Tutorial: Homedit

5. Wooden Ice Cream Sticks

Woodworking Project for Kids

It is quite common in preschools to ask your kid to make different objects with ice cream sticks. When your kids were told to make different items with ice-cream sticks in their school, you don’t need to buy them online or offline.

Ask your kids to make wood ice-cream sticks on their own. Then they can use them to build different interesting items. This activity helps them to create something from scratch. They will surely appreciate how the raw material gets converted into different forms and then finally into our desired product.

This woodworking project helps them to observe things around us and what different raw material went into making items around them.

Tutorial: Popsicle Sticks Crafts

6. Wooden Robot

Woodworking Project for Kids Robot

This is one more favorite woodworking project for kids. Robot is always interesting stuff for children. Making a robot of their choice out of wood engage them for hours for sure.

They must try hard to make it look like their favorite Robot. Making head, body, hands and legs and then assembling it into one to look like a Robot and then making it even more interesting by using their creativity, builds patience and inculcates systematic approach in them. 

This project helps them to observe things closely. Once they made their favorite robot, they can use it as a play toy for many years until growing up. Even after they become big, whenever they look at it they must recollect their loving memories with it. 

Credits: Instructables

7. Wooden Crayon Holder

Wooden Crayon Holder

Crayons are one of the most picked items by any kid in a day. It must be crayons lying around your living room. Let your kid made a crayon holder out of wood. You can even ask them to write their names on it or encourage them to come up with ideas to make it even more interesting. 

You can ask them to keep their crayons in crayon holder made by on their own. This way your house can look tidy and as well as, your kid can pick crayons from one place whenever they want. This woodworking project is simple and help your child to be more organized when handling their own things. 

Credit: Ana-white

8. Wooden Camping Tent

Wooden Camping Tent

Camping is kids favorite game. When their cousins visit home during holidays or just want to play with their siblings, the game of a tent is their first choice often. How wonderful kids feel to play their favourite game with a wooden camping tent made by themselves!

Engage your kid in this woodworking project and they will surely feel excited to make a tent to play their favourite game. It is a super fun project to make out of wood for any kid for sure. This project makes your kid to learn to make their playing stuff on their own.

As they build the item with their effort, they learn to appreciate the hard work and handle things carefully as construction is not easy. 

Credits: ArtsyCraftsyMom

9. Wood Flag 

Wood Flag

This is another simple woodworking project for your kid. Making wood flag helps to build their creative and mental abilities. They can easily learn about different countries flags and learn to observe the differences.

They appreciate the country’s national flags and love to make one. Provide them the necessary colors and let them paint beautifully. You can then place it in your living room and your friends and relatives will surely not take their eyes off from it and really can’t stop appreciating your child’s work. 

Credits: Oxfordschool

10. Wooden Chopping Board

Wooden Chopping Board

This is another interesting and simple woodworking project for your kid. Let your child make one wooden cutting board for your kitchen.

It makes them involve in kitchen activities too. How nice it is to cut vegetables on it which is made by your loved one. It surely adds value to your kitchen. Each time, you want to make a salad for your kids, your kids will proudly say that it is made by them and eat more interestingly too. You can explain to them how important it is to use a wood cutting board in place of a plastic one for good health. 

Credits: ToSimplyInspire

11. Wooden Money Box

Woodworking Project for Kids

Your kid will happily work to make one money box for them out of wood. Involve your kid in making one wooden money box for them. The things learned at an early age will create a lasting impact on their minds.

Ask them to make it as beautiful as they can. Once it is done, learn them to put pocket money you gave them or the money prize that they received for the extraordinary performance at school, etc into them.

You can make them learn how little by little, things can become big. They feel good to see the number growing. This can help them when they grow up to save money and maintain good financial discipline. 


The above are the few simple yet interesting woodworking projects for your kids. Let your child’s imagination go wild and let them come up with more ideas. You can just facilitate to bring out their true potential.

Each of the above activity involves not just physical work but involves a lot of mental activity. Kids will be equipped with different skills with these projects. It is joyful and learning at the same time. There is no doubt that woodworking projects help kids in building an overall personality.

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