15 Best DIY Thank You Cards Idea: Get Ahead of The Gifting Game

When something special has happened in your life or something unexpected which made you happy because of a person, you feel thankful to them and you may find ways to express your gratitude rather than just saying a simple thank you.

There comes the idea of presenting a thank you card and that too when it is made through your hands, it shows the real gratitude and feels to the receiver. You can add your thoughtfulness for creating a DIY thankyou card full of charm and gratitude giving it a creative touch.

The DIYs help in giving enough ideas to even the beginners in making the cards and once you are done with it, you may become a pro in making cards of your own on any occasion you want to present them. Impress the special someone with your hand made and homemade DIY thank you cards for showing your appreciation towards them.

15 Easy & Beautiful DIY Thank You Cards

1. The Banner Thank You Card

Banner Thank You Card

Banner cards look festive and just give the look like there is a party in the envelope of the thankyou card. They look simple yet gorgeous in their own way.

With small triangle shaped templates hanging over the envelope, it gives a pleasing look to the receiver of the card. Soft to touch and feel the card, the envelope itself suggests what’s inside the card and it is made with lots of love and gratitude.

With the assortment of the templates hanging on the string from one end of the card to the other end, the message inside gets delivered with the cute thankyou note. 

Tutorial: LittleLoveliesbyAllison

2. Rainbow Themed Gratitude Card

Colorful rainbow-themed background and the calligraphically not of thank you says it all! The card is beautifully crafted with a plain template striking it with rainbow colors for the background using brushstroke stamp, and highlighting the thankfulness note with dark black color, gives the receiver a divine feeling of getting thank you.

Its also bordered with fantastic black lines that are attractive and mind-blowing. The portrait look is best when making a DIY thank you card.

Buy from: PrettyUrParty

3. Thank You Card With Jars

When you wish to thank your professor or teacher or even friends, let them know that your gratitude is full in the jar. This marvelous thank you cards with jars filled with beautiful flowers on the top and a thank you note on the jar adds beauty to the card.

The flowers can be of any color or any shape according to the taste of the recipient, they can be customized. The jar is ready without any water or vase, with thankful flowers giving an adorable look. The pretty look comes with the background base on which the jar template is attached. It can be matched with the envelope thus creating a wonderful thank you card.

Credit: Etsy

4. Sunshine Themed Thank You Card

The special someone needed to be thanked for all that they have done for you and this handmade DIY thank you card with beautiful sunshine is best for gifting. It’s bright with washi tape and colors are glittering giving the shine to the card.

With a few cut-outs of the paper, the design looks awesome idea of presenting thank you in an amazing way. This card will be best for friends.

Credits: Zazzle

5. Popsicle Thank You Card

Popsicle Thank You Card

Who doesn’t love a yummy chilling popsicle? When the sun is bright over and wanted to thank the special someone with a beautiful, DIY thank you card, this popsicle thankyou card will be the best option.

With colorful popsicles bound by washi tape for extra attraction and then letting them on cardstocks gives an adorable look with the three-dimensional effect. The crunchy popsicles are the way to go the recipient for showing the piece of gratitude with these cool and smart cards.

Tutorial: NewYorkCityFamily

6. Doughnut Thank You Card

Doughnut Thank You Card

The person whom you want to show your thankfulness maybe a doughnut lover and you can just do a doughnut thank you card, and they get impressed. The doughnut lover will never forget your thankyou with this trendy craft of the thank you card.

Just plain white cardboard with your own variety of doughnut painting on it is all that required to make this doughnut thank you card. To be more attractive and livelier, the bugle beads on the doughnut do the justice in making it look more yummy, crunchy and delicious. But this is not to eat, it’s the card of thanks!

Credit: Etsy

7. Polka Dots Thank You Card

When you are not a great DIYer, but you want to make sure that your thank you card looks unique, beautiful with the addition of creativeness, then you can go for the polka dot thank you card which is very easy and simple to make. Different patterns with different colors of the polka dots are stuck together with an attached thank you note says it all. 

8. Thumbprint Thank You Card

Thumbprint Thank You Card

When you are a group and wanted to thank your teacher or an instructor or any family member, this thank you card really looks amazing with thumbprints of each and every person who wants to thank all attached to the strings and tied together to get the effect of balloons looks awesome.

Name each fingerprint to know the person who wanted to thank and show his or her gratitude towards the recipient. Making the card is fun and simple at both time and the watercolors used for the fingerprints give a gorgeous look.

Credit: Pinterest

9. Thanks a Bunch Card

Credits: BetsyAndIya

With a cute illustration of grapes bunch with various shades of purple or any fruit including bananas which come in bunch or bundle will be the best pick for this thank you card.

Just the bunch or the bundle goes on the top part of the card and the note of thanks a bunch on the center looks so elegant and lovely. Beautifully wrapped in an envelope with the theme of a bunch of fruits or flowers, this will be the best DIY thank you card.

10. Thank You Flag Card

DIY Thank You Cards

It is very surprising when you find a flag inside an envelope and that too when it says thank you. This small thank you flags are unique in their own style and the cutest way of saying thanks.

The recipient becomes overwhelmed with this DIY thank you flag card. Each flag is attached to the popsicle stick or toothpick and they go into a beautiful envelope. The flags are made with any kind of fabric you choose with thanks note written or painted on it or make each letter with the help of stencils to give it a lively look.

Credits: Etsy

11. Umbrella Thank You Card

DIY Thank You Cards

This beautiful and mind-blowing DIY thank you cards are made step by step with the help of washi tape making strips in horizontal and then stick a small, cute and colorful umbrella unopened on it.

This is the trendy DIY thank you card so far, and the message of gratitude is customized and can be written in between the space of the washi tape. Doing this thank you card is simple and fun too and the best for greeting the recipient a thanks.

Credit: MathildeHeartManech

12. Fill in the Blank Thank You Card

This is the easiest thank you card especially can be designed for kids who want to thank their friend or a teacher or for any occasion like Christmas with the sentences giving spaces to mention the name and the reason to thank the recipient written on it.

The template is filled with the creative drawings on the top and a cute thank you which is colorful and looks blissful. This is the heartfelt way of expressing gratitude ad helps kids fill the blanks. A bright envelope, even more, gives the pretty look to the thank you card.

Credit: FiveMarigolds

13. Origami Thank You Card

Origami DIY Thank You Cards

The special someone needs the appreciation to be expressed in the best way and also the unique way. Origami thank you cards are the best with the easy and simple design and just the paper folding.

Very easy to make or create, this origami thanks you card does the best job in expressing thankfulness to the recipient. It can be decorated according to your or the recipient’s taste and the final project of the card is ready to send. 

Credit: Pinterest

14. Ribbon and Die-cut Thank You Card

Ribbon and Die-cut DIY Thank You Card

Sweet and simple DIY thank you cards can be made with a colorful ribbon and the decorative piece of paper written thank you on it. The message can be either stuck or written by hand. the paper can be cut with the decorative design for an extraordinary look.

The top is stuck with a die-cut which is fancy with a simple but powerful message of appreciation that makes it the best DIY thank you card.

Credit: bfscrafts

15. Pop Up Thank You Card

Pop-Up DIY Thank You Cards

Techies recreate making cards with the effects of 3D artwork when it comes to making a DIY thank you card. This craft looks simply but the card is a real feast to eyes and feels the thank you message of the sender.

Credit:  LookWereLearning

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