11 Fun Summer Activities for Kids: Keep Them Busy with Fun!

It is very difficult nowadays to keep kids busy when at home. During summers it’s a very challenging task for any parent. It is not at all easy to have fun activities with little ones; 8 hours a day for any parent or sibling or Baby sitter to look after them. But do not worry! We have many options available to keep your children busy.

Remember taking kids to a movie or a mall, or a swimming pool every day is not an activity. So here we go, we will have some list of summer activities for kids to discuss how we can keep our child engaged.

In our daily life, being a parent, we perceive our kids asking for many things apart from toys, usually, their interest in toys is less. It is because due to lack of physical activities, kids get attracted to gadgets. They prefer to spend time playing with the tablet instead of approaching outdoors to a park.

Most of the time even in the summer vacation we see kids’ utter saying the word as “Mumma bored” or “I am bored”. From next year to avoid hearing the word “I am bored” make it a list of all the fun ideas which you can enjoy together as a family. 

11 Must-Do Summer Activities for Kids

1. Chalk – Dress Up

This activity is really fun to play where you kid will like to play, all you have to do is make your kid lie on sideway and then draw an outline from tip to toe to make a clear picture of a body as it should look like chalk figure of your kid after this give some hair and a face and dress her like a doll using your kids clothing anyone like shorts & tops along with shoes. Isn’t that interesting!

Now what happens ask your kid to dress up the chalk figure, she may now start doing dress up for the figure, how many clothes she wants to change as per her happiness, this can be played by two making as a competition whose chalk figure has dressed up well.

Outcome: Your kid engages in thinking and concentration what matches the best 

2. Sponge Toss Activity

This activity is perfect to play in summer, now all we have to do is fill the bucket with water, place the bucket facing each other to the participant; it is an outdoor activity so it can be played in an open area. Now you have to toss keeping the bucket close enough so that your kids can toss and catch the sponge.

Now whoever won the toss dip the sponge and throw on the opposite side, the same way the other has to dip the sponge in a bucket of water and toss it back, Which it has to be continued playing the sponge without dropping it. This is a great way to cool off in the summer. This could also be fun playing with your family members.

3. Balloon Volley Ball

Credits: travelboulder.com

his activity will be loved by kids as they will learn how to play the balloon with balance and coordination, this will be fun to play even birthday parties too. Now, to play this activity we need string and balloon. To start the activities hang a piece of string across the room within head height approximately.

Make two teams, positioning on either side of the string. One team will hit the balloon and others must return it without falling it on the ground. If the balloon is not returned the other team will score a point

4. Paper Towel Tube Drop

Summer activities for Kids
Credits: BusyToddler

This activity requires a paper towel and toilet paper tubes, one tape, pom poms. Now, place a board and attach a toilet paper tube like a towel with a masking tape standing like a wall now place the plastic containers filled with pom-poms.

Insert the pom poms in those tubes you will see pom poms coming out in those containers, continue like this your kid will feel amazing.

5. Sugar Tray Writing

Sugar Tray Writing

This activity is really fun for kids to play, this is something you have to place tray fill sugar in it, give the alphabetical letters and ask your kid to write /draw the letter in sugar tray which will add fun for her writing a different letters in it, which is something new instead of paper& pencil.

6. Pipe Cleaners and Colander

Pipe Cleaners and Colander
Credits: HelloWonderful

This activity requires a threaded pipe through the colander holes inserting one by one weaving it in and out of holes, remember tape your colander on a table so that your kid does not lose his concentration, now encourage her to pull out those pipes one b, remember tape your colander on a table so that your kid does not lose his concentration, now encourage her to pull out those pipes one by one.

Outcome: your kid will learn how to be patient, how to use hands and fingers so that they can grasp the pipe effectively.

7. Eraser/Pencil/Marble Bowling

MArble Bowling
Credits: frugalfun4boys

This is something interesting activity where it is played as a bowling game using pencil topper erasers as bowling pins, you can also use an eraser and can do the bowling with marble.

Bowl by kneeling and tossing the marble and give it a flick. You can make the bowling lane with a poster board and then play with it on a flatter surface.

8. I’m Done Cup

Credits: buzzfeed

This is one the best activity where kids ask teacher I am done, what do I do now, they want something as fun or interesting. Take some interesting cups, craft sticks write some activities on it for the kids to do once they have completed their work on the stick, it means once the kid is done with their work they know they can go to the “ I am done cup “ and pick any activity to work on.

Outcome: kids become much more independent.

9. Hula Hoop Reading Area

This is a fun activity and is suitable for any season, how cute this idea is, kids, reading corner fort was set up with chairs into the kitchen, long sheet on top, and some pillows and blankets to feel cozy.

As this was as the reading room you can add books. This activity is perfect for an afternoon, where your kids feel like their bedding without feeling bored.

10. Rice Bottles

Summer Activities for Kids
Credits: ehow

The things you need in this activity is white rice, you can also use beans, lentils as per your availability. Fill the white rice in an empty plastic bottle and assort items like erasers, toys, keys, buttons. You will need funnel, glue, smartphone, pen, and paper to write a list of items.

Assort the random stuff like anything which can be easily thrown inside the bottle. If you fill the material of lightweight, it will be hard to find, you can also find it through colors. Before filling the material take a picture of it to remember the things and now ask your id to play the game at their skill levels.

First pour some rice and then items again and then items shake it thoroughly, start playing the game as one has to shake the bottle and find the object on a written list. 

Outcome: This sharpens the brain of a kid, observation skills, and concentration on objects. 

10. Fruit Loop Art

Take the fruit loops into a food processor, don’t worry if you do not have it pour them in the bag and pound it by hands with a kitchen mallet.

After making a fine powder of fruits, all u need to do is glue and sprinkle the colors on doing this a lot like you can apply glitter, sprinkle spots on it and then dump the rest of it in the bowl. Kids will love making this fruit loop.

11. Pretending as Do Not Touch the Lava

In this activity, all you need is placemats /sheet of paper/pillow covers where you can step the stones through the lava, Take some cards/papers of numbers, letters or words written on them whatever skills you want your kid to practice to rescue from it.

How to play the activity is, you can use the floor of any room to play, decide the safe starting point to be home. You can choose the couch, place the learning cards around the floor, pointing towards the opposite side of your lava river to home

Now ask your kid to pretend the floor is lava and they have to rescue the cards from lava one by one.

Then call out a word, letter or number for your kid to rescue. They can step only on stepping stones if they picked the card successfully and returned home without touching the floor, they keep the card and score a point.

If the lava is touched at any time they have to put the card down and return home and try it again. Like this continue call out the cards for your kid to rescue, till all the cards have been recovered.

Outcome: Your kid will develop gross motor skills.


Parents need to take care of their children in terms of their daily physical activity. In today’s gadget dominated world, kids are less fit than their parents. Also, their tolerance level is decreasing day by day.

There are many ways to fight against this slow set of lifestyle for kids who do not enjoy outdoor activities or sports. To bring out the best in little ones, Hoola Hoops activity, exercises and more are one of the many that physical therapists love to use.

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