10 Amazing Face Paint Ideas for Your Kids

Whether it’s a fundraising activity in school, or a vacation activity, a go-as-you-like event, or for a picture-perfect moment – face paint is extremely favorable to the kids and it makes them even more cute and adorable.

However, gone are those days when you could draw a few strokes on the face. Let’s admit, it’s boring and no more fun. The kids too don’t like to have such face paints. Especially with new and cool Face Paint Ideas evolving every day, parents are trying new staff and making their kids look sweeter. From a cute cat face to a fancy fairy – face paint got it all. 

In this blog, we will discuss 10 cool face paint ideas that you can explore for the next face paint session for your kid.  

10 Best Face Paint Ideas for Kids

1. Face Painting Stencils 


Stencils give the ideal opportunity to the face painting novices to paint on a face. Simply dab the sponge on the paint, place the stencils on the face and keep on dabbing. Mass favorites in face painting stencils include knights, rockets, and racing cars, as well as fairies and other cartoon figures.

Girls also like to paint the face with Disney princess figures, designs of crowns and mermaids, and other fantasy characters. Dragon too is a popular stencil among the designs. This is preferable to the boys and girls alike. 

Tutorial: Instructables

2. Butterfly Face Painting

Butterfly Face Paint Ideas
Credits: paintpal.com

Butterfly face painting is one of the most popular paints. Here you can customize the butterfly with the favorite color of the child. This looks to be a difficult one but with the right technique, nothing’s easier than this one.

Here you need to dab the sponge on the preferred color and make a design. We recommend you to roughly sketch a butterfly design on the face and then fill the inside part with colors. Finally, bold the outline with a black sketch and also sprinkle some water for an added effect.

3. Tiger Face Painting

Tiger Face Paint Ideas
Credits: sparklingfaces.ch

Tiger is another popular face paint idea for the under 8 kids. While some tiger face draws upon a fierce look, some pools out a cute one.

Here you can use only three colors like black, yellow and white to make face paint. The white color enhances the entire effect and highlights the black outline. 

4. Frozen and Snowflakes Face Painting 

Credits: elaborateeyes.com

Under 7 kids love this type of frozen and snowflakes face painting. Colors like blue, sea green and white along with a lot of glitters are enough for this type of face painting. 

Here, you don’t need to cover the entire face. Target a few areas, corner of forehead, chin, jawbones, and make snowflakes design. Don’t use a black sketch pen here. Rather use a white one. White highlighters and glitter play a crucial role to pull out this face paint design. 

5. Soldier Face Painting

Credits: Pinterest

Soldiers are all-time favorites to the kids. Here you will need three types of colors – dark and light greens, brown, and black. Make asymmetrical patterns across the face.

Don’t use a single color all over the face, rather segmented multiple zones all around the face and apply distinct colors in those parts. Also, limit the use of black colors as it can mar the overall effect. 

6. Zombie Face Painting 

Zombie Face Paint Ideas

Halloween is incomplete without a zombie face painting. For a gory and fearful look, you need to try this painting at least once. The colors you will need? Black, brown, white, green, and of course, red! (What’s a zombie without blood spilling off the mouth!)

You can try with multiple colors in this look. Not only Halloween, if you are in the mood of surprising (we mean shocking, really) someone, this look will never fail you. 

Tutorial: Facepaint

7. Pirate Face Painting 

Credits: Pinterest

Johnny Depp has taken a pirate look at a different level with his Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. And it’s the time for your kid to try this idea and surprise your friends and relatives. Only two colors are fine to pull this look. Black and red.

Yes, you can draw an entire face painting using only these two colors. Make black mustache and a few cross scars here and there across the face. For the black patch, you can draw a black patch around an eye and extend the line with black colored string paint.

However, you can also use a clothing black patch. Also, you can tie a scarf on the forehead of your kid. 

8. Cat Face Painting

Cat Face Paint Ideas
Credits: Pinterest

This is one of the favorite face paintings for girl kids. Simply use white and black colors to draw this painting. Also, you can use red lipstick to highlight the lips.

9. Dragon Face Painting

Dragon Face Paint Ideas
Credits: Pinterest

The name itself brings an idea of a complicated face painting with multiple colors, right? No. You need yellow, orange and black colors to pull this look.

All you need is to make sure to select certain parts on the face. Around the lips or eyes can be ideal for this. Paint these parts with fire colors and you are good to go. 

10. Landscape Face Painting

Credits: saatchiart.com

So far we have discussed several characters or animals like spiderman, pirate, cat, dragon, tiger, etc. But does face painting have to be limited in this? No, of course not! The range of face painting has more in its kitty.

You can draw landscape painting over your kid’s face. From sunset to a hilly area – anything and everything can be drawn. And here you can mix and match multiple colors. For instance, you can draw a blue colored sea with white-colored waves, a tall tree in a black sketch, a few black colored birds flying on the sky, a reddish sky with a warm yellow tinge of sunset and voila! Your very own landscape painting is done!

Also, you can draw mountain range with blue colors and white snowy peaks. You can also try other complicated landscape paintings once you get some experience and expertise. 

Bonus Face painting 

Minion Face painting 

Minions Face Paint Ideas
Credits: paintertainment.com

This is one of the simplest yet most favourites to the kids. Simply paint the entire face with yellow colors. Then draw a big eye in the middle of the forehead like a third eye. But make sure to draw the eye in a big fat size and not in the usual size of an eye.

Draw two black lines on both sides of the eye towards the ears to make more details. And that’s all! Your minion face painting is ready!

Though this painting is much simpler to draw, it needs more details. So you better take care of that. 

Face painting is a professional work and anyone and everyone cannot pull this one. However, amateurs may not make a perfect design at first go and you will need enough time to practice it and make it perfect. It will take time, but you won’t regret the results. 

Face painting is made easy with so many templates and designs available over the internet. Simply check a few pictures to get an idea of how to work and bring out the creative artistic spirit from within. 

Another factor that you need to consider while making a face paint is that you should use skin-friendly colors and glitters. Since a kid’s skin is extremely soft and sensitive, the wrong choice of color quality and glitters can damage the skin and can cause allergy, acne, pimple or other severe damages. So you need to be cautious in this regard.

Also, make sure not to apply colors around lips and eyes. If such chemicals get into the eyes or mouth, it may affect their health. Starting from eye infection to stomach upset – several diseases may affect your kid’s health.

Face Painting Should Be Minimalistic in Nature

Cluttering multiple colors and paint it clumsily across the face. It will disrupt the overall appeal of the face painting. You may even want a certain part of the face and not draw on the entire face.

However, if you want to draw on the full face, you need to limit the use of colors. A few strokes can create greater appeal than mixing numerous colors. Also, use complementary colors to pull a better string. The use of green, blue, black, purple are deeper colors and light is not reflected through these.

Red, orange, yellow, white – these are comparatively warmer colors to make a contrast. Whatever color you choose to use, you better incorporate white color to highlights its edges and make the face painting look more appealing. 

Face Paint Is Incomplete Without a Proper Costume

A bright colorful dress with pink and purple colors, won’t suit a tiger face paint. Again, a spiderman look will not be perfect if your kid is wearing a tiger printed dress. And there are numerous types of kids’ costumes available in the market.

Choose from these and brighten up your kid’s face with a sweet smile. Also, make sure to use distinct sponges if you are using multiple colors. Otherwise, a sponge dabbed in a certain color can spoil another color and the face paint will get ruined.

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