12 Fun and Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

Christmas is about to arrive. And when it comes to decorating our home for Christmas, We all know that adults and kids both are equally excited. Christmases the festival which brings everyone in the family together and painting it all together makes the Christmas worth it. From making it all by yourself to telling your kids to make Christmas presents, Christmas decorations.

Every Christmas there is something or the other, which is bringing lots of ideas for decoration. Especially for kids when they are all excited to make Christmas presents all by themselves. Who doesn’t love a house in complete Santa Claus theme and having a huge Christmas tree in the living room can make your Christmas more amazing and beautiful?  

There are several easy Christmas crafts for kids which will give them complete joy and excitement for being extremely happy and decorate their home.

12 Cute and Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

1. Mini Christmas Trees with Cupcakes

Credits: home-dzine.co.za

As kids love making Christmas trees; If you have cupcake liners at your home, then you must tell your kids to decorate Christmas trees. As Christmas is arriving at various shops will be having cupcake liners of Christmas themes.

Or you can easily paint your solid color cupcake liners like Christmas trees and attach it all by folding them a size smaller to make it look like a Christmas tree. It is one of the easy craft ideas for kids. You can easily stick these colored cupcake liners on Christmas cards, or decorate it on the walls.

2. Making Puppets

Kids love watching puppets. And when it comes to making Christmas puppets no one will deny to make them. You can easily make reindeer and Santa puppets.

You need one ice cream stick, colorful papers and let your kids make Santa and reindeer. As it is easy to make and kids will love decorating reindeer and Santa all over the house.

Tutorial: I Heart Crafty Things

3. Hanging owls

Hanging owls are one of the most beautiful things kids can make. And it is one of the easy crafts for kids. Kids can easily make Christmas baubles and owls are the cutest. One can easily cover it with dazzling papers. And they are attaching the black buttons which looks like a typical owl’s eyes and making the house more incredible and sentimental too.

It is one of the best Christmas ornaments which they can hang on the Christmas tree and add lights on it which will look more creative and gorgeous. And who doesn’t love lights and Christmas?

4. Cute Reindeers

Reindeers are the ultimate and favorite Christmas decorations. When it comes to natural Christmas crafts for kids, making reindeer baubles Is one of the best and personalized decoration one can do. Kids can even give their teachers and friends.

They can easily create a reindeer out of the thumbprint and paint it. It will not only look attractive, but it is quite easy and less time-consuming. Christmas decorations are known for what looks best yet close to kids’ hearts. 

Tutorial: Little Bit Funky

5. A Ribbon Christmas Tree 

If your kids are still learning to tie knots then making a rebel Christmas tree is one of the perfect ways to let them learn about tying knots. It not only makes it look classic but it gives perfect Christmas tree which you can put outside your garden on a perfect snowy blanket.

Making Christmas trees on the occasion of Christmas is not only mandatory but making them as much as your kid’s can will not only make your Christmas entirely handmade and personalized but also it will spread more touch of love.

You can let your kids learn to tie ribbons on the branches, and it will give a perfect and personalized Christmas look.

Tutorial: Fireflies and Mudpies

6. No Eating Candy Cane

Kids love eating candy canes when Christmas arrives. All the cute candy canes are covered with Christmas colors and letting them it is one of the best moments for any parent. As we are discussing easy Christmas crafts for kids.

One must prepare these candy canes which will look magnificent on your Christmas tree. Your kid has to do is take a bendable wire, and attach or poor the white and red beads in alternatively way and make it look like a Christmas candy canes.

It is a perfect way of building candy canes, and it is best for your toddler if he/she wants to learn about colors. Make sure that they don’t eat it.

Tutorial: Fountain Avenue Kitchen

7. Making Christmas Trees from Paper Straw

If you have paper straws that are already home and you are thinking to throw them? Then make sure that you give it to your kids and let them make a Christmas tree out of it.

You can even attach it on the Christmas cards or just tired with string and make it look like a Christmas hanging. All your kids have to do is Sticking the store together and make it strong support for making a perfect Christmas tree.

And they can easily cut the straw each size smaller to make it look like a tree. It is ideal for sticking it on the Christmas presents too.

Tutorial: Simple as that Blog

8. A Christmas Pinecone Tree

Christmas pinecone is one of the most beautiful thing and easy to make. Kids can easily make them, and it can be one of your cutest Christmas ornaments. Call your kids to have to do is paint pinecone green.

And adding colorful dots on the Pinecone and make it look like a Christmas tree. By adding a star on the Pinecone, it will give one of the best Christmas looking trees.

Tutorial: Pjs and Paint

9. A Handprint Santa and Reindeer

It is one of the best easy Christmas crafts for kids. As kids love the way, they put their dedication and hard work for making different crafts and personalized paintings. A handprint Santa and reindeer are one of the cutest crafts they can make.

By making Santa’s mustache by Drawing the hand on white paper and cutting it out. Similarly, making reindeers by drawing their hand on brown paper and letting it look like cutest one. Later, you can add a Santa hat and eyes.

Credits: Simple Everyday Mom

10. Slime crafts for Christmas!

Kids love slimes and making it slime crafts is one of the best easy Christmas crafts for kids. All you have to do is bring some slime and give it to your kids. Kids love playing with slime and making it for Christmas is one of the best times they can do.

Kids love playing with slime. By adding green glitter in the slime will give the perfect Christmas effect. Also, add the small red heart on it which will look like a Christmas Slime tree. As this is just for playing purpose, make sure that you let your kids make the best Christmas out of the decorations they make.

Tutorial: I Heart Arts n Crafts

11. Pasta Christmas Trees

Who doesn’t love designing their own Christmas tree? Kids love creating Christmas trees in various forms. They can even make a Christmas tree from the pasta. All they have to do is get some different sizes of pasta and paint them according to the Christmas tree.

And they can easily arrange it on the white paper and stick it the way they like. Christmas tree is very innovative, and it looks different than all the Christmas cards. You can easily attach with the string and make it as a Christmas hanging, or you can take on the walls of the living room.

Tutorial: The Best Ideas for Kids

12. Sparkly Ice

Christmas is all about snow. And making sparkly icicle craft is one of the best things your kids can do. It is not even time-consuming, but it looks gorgeous when the blue glitter sparkles at night.

By adding white lights, it can give you typical snowfields in the living room itself. It is one of the innovative and easy Christmas crafts for kids. All your kids need to do is get an Aluminium foil and make it look like an icicle. By adding glue on the icicle, they can add the blue glitter which will give a typical ice look.

You can hang the icicles on the ceiling or make it as a decoration by attaching it to the lights.

Tutorial: Kids Craft Room


Above mentioned are the best and easy Christmas crafts for kids. Christmas is all about having lots of decoration ideas and to make the best Christmas so far. All the materials are readily available online, and you can buy it from the nearest supermarket of yours.

Kids and adults both love making decorations of Christmas and it is the best time for the family to arrange Christmas presents as well as make the best time of the year. There are various Christmas crafts that are not only easy to make, but they look unique and innovative. The crafts, as mentioned earlier for Christmas, can even be gifted to teachers or family. Kids can also decorate it in their school and make it the best time of the year.

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