10 Simple Router Table Plans To Try At Home

In woodworking, a router is a beneficial tool and versatile addition to any workshop. A router is an essential finishing tool. It helps with various functions, such as cutting, molding, cabinetry, and angles, among others.

Many use a router as a simple handheld tool. However, it can also be mounted on a table, called a router table. It makes it safer to use, as well. It also offers an excellent working angle, which cannot be achieved while using it as a handheld device.

Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, a router table can help you with your woodworking operations. Most also have portability, without having to sacrifice on the stability. It makes working much more comfortable.

15 Cool Router Table Plans

Let us look at some easy DIY router table plans for the workshop. With the following 15 router table plans, you can quickly build one on your own.

1. Wall Mounted Router Table

This router table plan offers excellent lumbar support. The user does not need to bend a lot to work on the wood, thus, avoiding backache. They also save a lot of space and look good on the wall. This router table plan is functional and offers great storage space.

You can decide on the number of shelves and their size as well to keep your tools in. A wall-mounted router table can also be closed off or folded down once you are done using it. However, it requires a more experienced carpenter.

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2. Table Saw Router Fence

Another idea is to create a router table using an existing table saw. The table saw can be fixed on the router fence to build a table saw and router fence. It gives the user two functionalities rather than just one. You also have a lot of space to store all your tools. This plan is suitable for both experts as well as beginners as it is easier to build. 

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3. Trash Can Router Table

It is one of the easiest and cheapest DIY ideas. A trash can, other than storing trash, can also be used as a base for the router table. You can do this by simply drilling a hole at the bottom of the can.

A cord can be passed through that hole. You can finally put a sandbag at the bottom of the can for stability as well as for dust collection. To the holders, you can attach the router top.

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4. Bench-Mounted Router Table

A bench-mounted router table plan gives you a lot of space for storage. This router table plan is one of the most versatile plans. It is because of the presence of the workbench.

It eliminates the need for you to set up a separate router table as it lets you install it over a workbench directly. Thus, it reduces both the wastage of time as well as space. It minimizes the need for additional tables, storage compartments, tools, and such.

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5. Rolling Router Table

Wire spools can be used for numerous creative DIY projects without the wires wrapped around them. You can turn a wire spool into a router table as it offers the table enough space as well as sturdiness as a base. 

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6. Stow-And-Go Router Table

This router table plan is lightweight and straightforward. It is a portable DIY idea. Thus, you can move the router table around. Another advantage of opting for this router table plan is that it is quite affordable. This router table can be built in under $100.

More details on http://www.finewoodworking.com/woodworking-plans/video/stow-and-go-router-table.aspx

7. Fold Away Router Table

This router table is essentially a piece of foldable furniture. Once you are done working, you can fold away the router table. This router table plan is also a great way of saving space. 

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8. Router Table Pressure Jig

This router table plan also gives you the option of adjusting the pressure through the use of a pressure jig. It can be used to create stopped cuts. Thus, as the wood is routed at the edge of the table, it becomes easier to make the cuts. It also provides enough space to set up a woodworking rig comfortably.

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9. 3-in-1 Router Table

This router table plan does a lot more than the work of just routing. It combines elaborate woodworking methods and ideas. It comprises a jigsaw and a circular saw along with a router. Owing to its multi-functionality, it is popular among carpenters.

It also has a standard design. It has excellent storage space below despite not having drawers. If you are an experienced carpenter looking for a quality router table, this plan is probably the one for you.

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10. Router Table from A Reclaimed Desk 

People looking to recycle their old study desks or work desks can consider this router table plan. Amateur carpenters can also work on this DIY as it is essentially the task of retrofitting an office into a router table.

This plan helps you save time, money, and wood. This table can also be built at an affordable price. It is also famous owing to its multi-functional nature.

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11. Ultimate Router Table

This router table plan is called the ultimate due to its functionalities. It offers a significant amount of storage space because of its cabinets and drawers. While it takes some time to build this router table, it is worth the time spent on it owing to its usefulness as well as functionality. It can be made at an affordable price. 

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12. Simple Router Table Plans

This is a simple plan. It is just a router attached to the top of a table. It does not comprise any cabinets, drawers, or shelves, i.e., there is no storage area. If you are looking for a simple router table, this is the one for you. It is easy to create, as well.

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13. One Project Closer Router Table

This is a simple router table plan having a square-shaped table with a router attached to the center. It does not need an experienced carpenter to build it. It has a minimalistic design, and thus, does not have storage space for tools or accessories. It can also be made at an affordable price.

More details on https://www.oneprojectcloser.com/how-to-build-a-router-table/

14. Horizontal Router Table for the Slot Mortise

This is a sophisticated yet incredible router table plan. The build of the router table looks quite advanced and has come complex mechanisms. It requires an experienced carpenter to build it. The plan included in the following link is very comprehensive and easy to understand.

More details on WoodGears

15. Creston Wood Router Table Plans

Credits: crestonwood

These router table plans are quite vintage looking. It also has adequate space for the router to be installed. The plan also accommodates eight small drawers or three large drawers. These can be used for storing tools of various sizes and accessories. It also comprises of four wheels that are attached to the table for movement.

Features of a Router Table

  • Flat Top: The surface of the table should be rigid and flat. The precision is essential as minute irregularities can lead to skewed joints, uneven edges, and other such problems in operation.
  • Storage: Most DIY router table plans accommodate enough storage space for your tools and accessories. Some may have drawers or cabinets or open spaces; either way, they offer convenience.
  • Dust Collection: One can even install vacuum ports to suction out the dust from the router table safely. In the case of the trash can router table plan (and a few others), a sandbag can be used to collect the dust efficiently.
  • Portability: Some of the DIY router table plans also offer great portability. It, in turn, helps the user not to be constricted to one place.
  • Materials: One of the most popular materials used for building shop-made, as well as commercial router tables, is MDF. It is reliable and cheap, and it thus a budget-friendly option. It is also long-lasting if a good-quality version is selected.
  • Coating: Melamine is often used owing to its cost-friendly nature. If one is investing more, they can use a high-pressure laminate, which is also more durable. Moreover, it offers a higher impact resistance as well.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous DIY router table plans available. One should select a plan that is more suited for them. They should also consider the level of skill required to build the router table, whether it requires an experienced carpenter or not.

One should also select a plan according to the level of functionality they need. The plans range from simple router tables to extensive 3-in-1 router tables. The amount of space it requires is also another factor to consider along with the storage space it has.

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