List of 14 Fun Christmas Activities for Kids

Christmas is everyone’s favorite holiday season. It’s all about celebrating the traditions, decorating our homes, a delicious turkey dinner, and baking Christmas cookies of different shapes and sizes. This holiday season is the most exciting time for everybody out there, especially the kids. 

Decorating the Christmas tree with stars, streamers, and lots of candy canes are undoubtedly one of the most favorite Christmas activities for kids. There are tons of Christmas activities for kids that they can enjoy. 

Kids also get very excited when they receive great Christmas presents. These presents are colorfully wrapped and are supposed to very attractive and have a lot of thought attached to them. People also make delicious dinner and decorate their houses with colorful lights and Christmas trees. All these tend to be very exciting for kids.  

Given below are the 14 most adorable Christmas activities for kids that you should check out to make your Christmas a little bit more ‘Christmassy.’

14 Fun Christmas Activities for Kids 

1. Enjoy Picking up Your Christmas Tree

Kids always have fun picking out the best Christmas tree. It is undoubtedly the most fantastic time a kid could ever imagine. You can always go out with your family and select the most beautiful tree for yourself.

There are so many different kinds of beautiful Christmas trees that could fit your home perfectly. Your kid can have a good time looking at all the Christmas trees. It is by far one of the best Christmas activities for kids

2. Decorate Your Christmas Tree 

The holiday season is not fun for kids without Christmas decorations. There is no specific way of decorating your Christmas tree. Kids are incredibly talented and creative in this day and age. Making all sorts of hand-made crafts is double the fun for them.

There are so many DIY ideas for Christmas ornaments that your kids might have fun making. Your kids can put lights, stars, candy canes, streamers, ribbons, and others on the tree. There is no right way to decorate a Christmas tree. So, kids can allow their imagination to run wild and decorate it as they see fit. 

3. Bake fun Christmas Cookies 

Who doesn’t enjoy baking Christmas cookies? Kids, along with their parents, love to make all flavors of delicious Christmas cookies. These cookies can be cooked in different shapes and sizes; just the way kids like it.

Kids love baking sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies, coconut cookies, choco-chip cookies, shortbread cookies, and many others. Also, without Christmas tree-shaped sugar cookies or reindeer shaped cookies, Christmas seems incomplete. It is one of the many exciting Christmas activities for kids.

4. Decorate the house with twinkle lights

Christmas is the time to make your house look pretty and decorative with colorful lights. Kids get very excited when they see flashes of different colors. There are also so many beautiful kinds of twinkle lights that they can enjoy putting up along with their parents.

It is always very exhilarating to decorate the interior as well as the outside of the house for Christmas. You can put up twinkle lights on your Christmas trees, as well.  This is one of the all-time favorite Christmas activities for kids

5. Make Christmas Ornaments

What can be more fun than making your own set of Christmas ornaments? That’s right, nothing. And kids love it. Kids enjoy making hand-made ornaments.

They can make DIY popsicle Santa Claus hats, Christmas trees cut out from cardboard, Pinecone reindeer ornaments, snow-filled globes, glittery pine cones, crystal snowflakes, clay ornaments, and many other ornaments.

It will not only save some money but will also allow kids to have fun while showcasing their creativity. Here’s a link for DIY Christmas ornaments for kids to make. 

6. Play Christmas Games

Kids love to play games, irrespective of the time of the year or the day. Christmas is that holiday season that is very traditional. So, it brings along with it a lot of fun and exciting conventional games meant for kids. Kids of all ages can enjoy playing these games.

You can play these games with your family without having to step out of your house. Kids could play games like Snowman slam, Jingle bell toss, Christmas bingo, and Hit the Grinch. 

7. Watch a Christmas movie

Holiday seasons brings along with it several Christmas movies that kids can enjoy at home with their parents. Watching some excellent Christmas movies is not only the favorite pass time but also one of the most relaxed Christmas activities for kids.

There are so many Christmas movies that they can enjoy watching at home with family. Some of the fun Christmas movies for kids are Home Alone, The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, The Grinch, Arthur Christmas, and of course, Frozen. 

8. Build a Snow Man

Christmas means it’s time to welcome wintertime and enjoy beautiful snowfall. Kids enjoy this time of the year, mainly because of the snowfall. They can have so much fun with all the snow accumulated in the backyard or near their house.

They can not only play with other kids of the neighborhood in this snow but also can make a snowman of any size. Kids are way more talented than they might seem. They can decorate their snowman with twigs, hats, carrots, and a lot more to make it more realistic. 

9. Sing Christmas Carols

Singing can be one of the most enjoyable Christmas activities for Kids. All kids love to roam around the entire neighborhood singing Christmas carols. Adults, too, enjoy their singing and treat them to candy as well. Kids enjoy singing the many different kinds of Christmas carols.

Some of the most beautiful Christmas Carols that kids can sing during this time are Jingle Bells; We wish you a Merry Christmas, Let it Snow, Last Christmas, and Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer. There are tons of beautiful Christmas carols that kids learn to sing from an early age to be sung during their favorite holiday season. 

10. Wrap Christmas Presents

Christmas happens to be that exciting time of the year when everybody exchanges beautiful gifts with each other. These presents are usually sent from elders to the kids. Some presents are also kept near the Christmas tree for decoration purposes.

These presents are wrapped in colorful papers, and kids play a significant role behind that. Colorful wrappers attract kids the most. They enjoy wrapping up presents with beautiful and colorful wrapping papers, stickers, as well as ribbons all over. They even put glitter all over the gift wrappers to make it look a lot more attractive and pretty. 

11. Arrange a fun Christmas Scavenger Hunt

There is an apparent reason why kids are so attracted to Christmas eve. It brings along with it so many possible fun Christmas activities for kids. As a fresh and fun parent, you can always try to make Christmas a little more than just fun and exciting for your kids by making them be a part of a thrilling scavenger hunt.

You can make your kids work hard and follow some fun hints to reach their Christmas presents. Hide these presents in a place where your kids won’t find to be able to them quickly. This could make their Christmas so much more happening than usual.  

12. Make creative Christmas cards

Presents can be creative as well. This way, you would not have to spend an extra penny on buying expensive Christmas cards. Making homemade Christmas cards and writing a personal message on them could prove to be very own gifts that your kids can give to other kids on the auspicious occasion of Christmas eve.

There are so many ideas for making Christmas cards, and they are all effortless. You can easily get a list of DIY Christmas Card Ideas. If your kids love drawing and crafts, they are bound to spend some exciting time making these cards. 

13. Enjoy Ice-Skating or Sledding

Snow can be turned into fun for kids in so many ways. Kids can not only build a snowman out of this snow but can also enjoy ice-skating as well as Sledding. Kids love Ice-Skating. It is always better to go out in the snow and take full advantage of it rather than sitting at home playing video games.

Christmas eve can turn out to be very interesting for kids when they go Sledding. They can fall and get up many times. Parents can rest assured because their kids won’t get hurt falling in the snow. 

14. Take a Small Tour of the Neighborhood

It can be so pleasing to take a tour in your car around the neighborhood with your kids to show them the decorations and lightings. Kids love to see Christmas lights and decorations displayed at others’ homes.

It can take one of the most fun Christmas activities for kids. Wrap your kids up in some warm garments and let them enjoy the beautiful snow and the fantastic decorations. You can even take your kids to the mall to meet Santa Claus. It is guaranteed that they will have the most beautiful time out there. 

Christmas is not far and is almost knocking at your doors. So, without further ado, do not forget to follow all these wonderful ideas for Christmas activities for kids and rekindle the spirit of Christmas in your kids.

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