DIY Cat Tree: 13 Creative Ideas for Your Cat

Being a cat owner is not an easy job. There are various things that you need to take care of for the proper upbringing of your pet. Health, food, and growth- all factors have to be checked regularly. Our feline friends are particularly sensitive to their surroundings. Thus, it is essential to make sure that they receive the right home.

Cats are natural tree climbers. They do not forget their love for great spaces, even after they are domesticated. A DIY cat tree makes for a fantastic addition to your house accessories. More importantly, it provides a beautiful space for your cat or cats. 

Given below are some ideas for a cat tree that you can easily create yourself. The plans below include a regular cat tree as well as a cat condo and house. 

13 DIY Cat Tree Ideas for Your House

1. Natural Cat Tree

It is easy to put together a piece of cat furniture. If you have had some experience with building and constructing small wooden items, then this will be very easy for you to create. All you need to do is get some original pieces of wood and redesign them a little. 

The most crucial step in creating this kind of DIY cat tree is designing. Before you start crafting your tree, you need to make sure that you have a sketch or a rough blueprint of the structure. If you do not know how to start, then you can browse on the internet and watch some DIY video tutorials. The above picture shows a straightforward cat tree created with different parts of a tree.

Tutorial: By Brittany Goldwyn 

2. Hammock Cat Tree

This is a slightly more elaborate plan for a cat tree. But if you put in the effort to create this cat tree, it will pay off. Since cats love to climb, an elaborate design will be more suited for them, and they will be more enthusiastic about it. All you need are some wooden boards, plywood, screw, nails, and wood glue.

You can easily create a vacant post for the central hiding hole. Around this,  you need to place three solid wood posts. To add an extra element to your DIY cat tree, you can add a hammock on any level of the cat tree. Make a note of the number of cats the tree has to house and design it accordingly.

3. Cat Tower

The taller the structure is, the more your cat will love it. There are two cabins in this DIY cat tree. The entire structure is made out of wood, and the landing tread has a layered mat. You will want to make this structure at least 6 feet tall. 

This piece of furniture cannot shelter more than two cats at a time. If you want to create more space for your pets, then you will have to design slightly larger platforms. Take into consideration the limits of your space and scout the perfect location for your cat.

4. TV Cat Tree

It is relatively easy to make this cat tree. This house can comfortably accommodate two small cats at one time. If you are the owner of a single pet and do not have a lot of space within your house, then you should opt for this cat tree.

We recommend that you take proper measurements before you work on the construction of this cat house due to the compact design. It needs to be large enough to ensure your cat fits in comfortably.   

Tutorial: Lily Ardor

5. Cat Wall

It is an efficient home to make for your cat, especially if you do not want to use too much wood. You can purchase some wooden boxes or barrels and cut them into shape. All you need to do next is glaze and varnish the wood. Pick a small section of your house’s wall and position the wooden structures there.

It is essential to consider your cat’s habits before you make this cat tree. You should opt for this cat house only if your cat is very active. 

6. Cat Stairs

There is nothing more convenient than this cat house. No matter how many cats you have, there is room for everyone. This staircase, specially built for your cats is the most fun experience they’ll have in the house. 

You do not need a lot of carpentry skills for this adage. All you have to do is add simple blocks to act as platforms to any part of your room. You could use cement, wood, or any other sturdy material to make these platforms. 

7. Cat Basket

Cat Basket is yet another easy method to make a cat tree. You do not need to be a skilled carpenter or craftsman to make this beautiful space for your cats. All you need are a couple of baskets that may be added to your room. If you have limited space, you can purchase smaller baskets, as per your needs.

You can color the basket in any shade to match the decor of your room. The baskets can accommodate a large number of cats. So, you can rest assured even if you are the proud owner of many pets.

8. Cat Chair

A cat chair will need some carpentry skills. It is a simple construction that looks like multiple chairs placed on top of each other. You will need plywood for horizontal platforms, PVC pipes to make vertical supports and plastic to cover the wood, cardboard, and dimensional lumber.

In case you want to make a covered area for your cat to perch on, then you might want to make use of concrete form tubes. These are heavy-duty tubes of cardboard. They make high tunnels and perches for cats.

9. Cat Cradle

Cat cradles are easy to make and highly efficient as a resting place for your cats. It has to be made with proper planning and careful measurements to ensure that there is enough space for your cats.

You have to cut all your lumber and plywood to size. You can make use of a simple hand saw for the same. A hand saw is a perfect tool for cutting dimensional lumber. For cutting sheets of plywood, you can use a handheld circular saw.   

10. Cat Cupboard

It is a wooden structure that will complement the look of your room. Made for two to three cats, this cat tree makes for a beautiful playing space for your pets. The cat tree requires a sturdy base. To make a good base, it is recommended that you use at least two squares of plywood for extra thickness.

11. Cat Tunnel

This cat tree adds a fun element to your home and helps in entertaining your cats. You will need to hollow out stumps of wood to create this space for your feline friends. It is essential to make a strong base for your cat tree as your cats will be frolicking about it often. Before you attach any vertical supports, it is better if you mat the bottom of your carpet.

You have to cut the carpet precisely with proper measurement. It is a good idea to keep it a couple of inches longer than the base to tuck the ends of the carpet under the wood. If done carefully, with proper execution, this cat tree will make your home look beautiful. 

12. Cat House

This is a lovely way to use the vacant space in your house for your pets.  A large number of vertical supports need to be added to this cat tree. For this project, you will need nails, screws, wood glue, and bolts. 

First, you need to make the base of the tree, then mat it over with any material of your choice. It is advisable to choose the equipment correctly to match the pre-existing theme of your room. Next, you need to flip it over and drill holes on the underside. After you have made the vertical supports, you can insert them on the underside. In addition to this, you can add plants and foliage to your cat tree to make it look more appealing.

13. Cat Ladder

This is very innovative, albeit easy to make a cat tree. All you have to do is get yourself a ladder and cover it in any material that you deem fit. In the image above, ropes have been used as a coating material for the ladder.

You can add several things to your ladder to make it more enjoyable for your pets. You may add a hollow stump to make a tunnel for the tree. You may also add a base of plywood to make a resting platform for your cats. Whatever you do, the cat tree is bound to look good. 


Your cats need the best of your love and affection. No matter where they are, they should be able to feel at home.  They must receive the right ambiance for proper growth and development.

Since their primary instinct urges them to climb, the best gift you can give your cat is a cat tree! You can choose from any of the above ideas to make and decorate your cat space. 

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