10 Cool Spice Rack Ideas for Your Kitchen

We always wish to have convenient and optimizing the usage of the space which we have in our house. From designing our own home to make sure that all the areas in the house are entirely convenient and durable for all the purposes.

When it comes to deciding what goes well, it is essential to make sure that our house has enough space to make all the furniture fit in the right place.

 Even thinking of putting anything which is of glass made gives us a fear of losing the utensil quickly. A person who prepares food in the kitchen all the time knows that spices create a significant role in the kitchen.

And creating a space for spices is one of the most hectic and vital decisions. Thinking about spice rack ideas is quite innovative and creative. One can quickly get it from the internet or always ask for a suggestion from an interior designer. 

As there are numerous amount of spices and we always think of optimizing it accurately. Spices need the right amount of space in the kitchen, and we all want our kitchen to look less of a spice factory, and more like a proper kitchen. Numerous Spice rack ideas will give you an idea of what kind of design/rack you should create to place your containers for your spices.

Spice Rack Ideas: 10 Creative Ways to Make Most of Your Kitchen Space

1. Usage of Vintage Style Trays

Credits: Bob Vila

As we believe in DIY ideas as they are quite affordable and you can make it with the items you already have at your home, which will not only create an innovative look, but it will also give your kids in a unique touch of your own house.

One of the spice rack ideas contains using your vintage trays. When it comes to having plates, we all know that using them is quite is becoming lesser than before. 

As people are now casually taking the utensils without having any support of the vintage trays, these trays are quite magnificent and have a beautiful design carved on it. One can quickly fix these old trays against the wall and please their spices on it. Create a functional space, and your containers can have great support.

2. An Empty Box

Credits: Bob Vila

We know the importance of an empty box. As we always need spaces for our things so that it can be arranged in a proper table or a rack. And the empty box is one of the most convenient when it comes to spice rack ideas. And empty box can easily be created as a rack in which you can put your spices as a container or a Zip-lock pouch. 

This idea is quite convenient for people who are living in a small space. Especially when there are one or two people in the house, One can easily use an empty box and design or paint it with the name ‘spices’ on it for more fundamental understanding.

3. Spice Rack Drawers

Credits: Bob Vila

As drawers play a beneficial role in keeping spices or any other thing. If there are children in your house, then one should maintain spice rack drawers. It is one of the most convenient spice rack ideas. As your spices won’t create a mess as they are in the drawer away from the toddlers. Even you can use it with convincing.

One can quickly put glass containers of spices in the drawers as there are fewer chances of getting it broken. It is an affordable idea, and one can always place the name of the spices on the top of the Container, which will help an individual to use it easily with any hassle.

4. A Test Tube Rack

A Test tube rack is one of the most convenient and easy ways to keep your spices. It is One of the most efficient and effective spice rack ideas. Test tube rack can easily let you know about the spices, and you don’t have to name them. If you have a small space kitchen, then a test tube rack is the best way to keep your spices.

And if you have a small family of two or four people, then a test tube rack is a must in your kitchen. Your spices and seasonings can be well organized, and they can be easily used while cooking. There will be no such hassle of looking for the right spice. You can easily place them against the wall where you can find it easily.  

5. Spice Rack on or Above the Refrigerator

Credits: Bob Vila

As having a refrigerator completes your kitchen, one can quickly build a spice rack on or about the fridge depending upon your style. One can soon make a frame on the refrigerator and keep the spices on it. It will not only create a convenient way to use your spices, but it will also give the right popping colors in the kitchen.

In case you have a solid color kitchen, having a spice rack with glass containers can easily give an excellent kitchen touch. It will make your dull cooking quite exciting, and it will be an eye-catching corner.

6. A Rack Full of Bottle Compartments

One can quickly build a rack in the kitchen, but when it comes to making it with the creativity, then wooden shelves are quite exciting and unique in the kitchen. As wooden racks can quickly go with all kinds of interior, building a wooden frame for spices can make it very unique. 

When it comes to spice rack ideas, people usually build a wooden rack as one can effortlessly put spices as well as any other utensils in it. If you have many and used bottles, you can easily store spices in them and keep them in your wooden rack.

7. Hanging Spice Racks

Credits: Family Handy Man

Thanking spice racks are one of the most common and oldest forms of spice rack ideas. If you are thinking of going old school and need a minimalist and simple design for your kitchen, then hanging racks are the most convenient and go-to method of putting your spices.

As they are convenient and  The containers will be completely safe. Hanging spice racks are quite standard in most of the kitchens; one can quickly build one effortlessly. If your kitchen needs a touch of minimalist design, then hanging spice racks is one of the most attractive spice racks ideas.

8. Hiding Spices Under the Cabinet

Are you thinking of many spice rack ideas? It will be your favorite. If you are thinking of a different way of keeping your spices, then you must go with this idea. If you have a small space kitchen, you can easily optimize all the spaces efficiently. Hiding spices under the cabinet is one of the most innovative forms of keeping Container safe. 

The top of the Container which will be having a magnet, it will help to keep a grip of the Container with the cabinet. One can easily keep the spices under the cabinet/shelf and make your kitchen look more organized. As the duration of the spices will be increased due to less heat and humidity by storing them in the dry and cool place where there is no sunlight.

9. A Mixed Spice Rack

Credits: Family Handy Man

When it comes to sharing spice rack ideas, a mixed spice rack is for the people who are using fewer spices in their food. A mixed spice rack is one of the most convenient spice rack ideas. As you don’t actually have to build a rack, but you can quickly put your spices in the available, that’s where you are keeping your utensils. 

People, who are not into spices, can have a mixed spice rack where you have to place the spices as per your style. You can put it in any container or place it the way you want.

10. Design Your Open Shelves

Open shelves are the most common spice rack ideas. If you do not want to make your kitchen ‘too much’ or make it a simple yet elegant, then having an open shelf is the most convenient way of putting your spices. You can opt for innovative containers and place them on the open shelves.


Nobody loves a messy house, where the furniture is not fixed at the deserving place. When we think about the living room, then we all know that deciding how comfortable the couch can get is equally essential to make sure that all the corners of the house are cleaned from time to time.

If we Think about the kitchen, we all know that all the utensils have their different properties from glasses to say that makes, from plastics to the most fragile appliances. 

Spice rack ideas that are mentioned above are innovative and unique in their way. It depends on how you have designed your kitchen, and you can easily opt for one of the above ideas. Spice rack ideas will not only enhance your kitchen’s look it will also give a nice touch of spices.

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