13 Easy and Fun Fall Crafts for Kids to Celebrate The Season

When we have so many unique ideas during Halloween and Christmas, why should the Fall season be left behind!

If you are wondering whether fall has any distinct occasions to celebrate then let us tell you, fall itself is an occasion. The beautiful season with streets covered with yellow leaves and mild breeze, fall is indeed a time to celebrate. 

For the kids, the season carries a different charm with its colorful surroundings. To enhance the appeal of the season we have brought you several fall crafts for kids that they are sure to love experimenting.

Apples, pumpkins, corn, critters, trees, acorns and leaves – everything can be recreated with a plethora of stationery supplies. 

Fall Crafts for Kids: 13 Craft Ideas that Anyone Can Make

1. Colorful owls 

Fall Crafts for Kids

We cannot leave owl when it comes to fall crafts for kids. With some paper plates, buttons and colored chart paper, the kids can easily make this craft. Simply draw the sketch of an owl or, better yet, make a print out of an owl image from the internet and cut the paper plates stressing on the sample image. 

Then color it with your favorite paint. You can draw the nose and eyes with sketch pain or paste chart paper or even attach some buttons to replicate the big round eyes of the owls.

2. Fall Leaves


Who doesn’t love the fascinating color of fall leaves! It’s time to ‘make’ that leaf! You can easily create patterned fall leaves with the help of some shaving cream and paint. Mix colors of different shades with the cream and then paint a cardboard cut into a leaf pattern. 

3. Yarn Wrapped Leaves 

Yarn Wrapping Fall Crafts for Kids

Looking for a craft that can help your kids to learn a new skill? You got it right here. Cut fall-themed shapes of leaves from cardboard and let your kid wrap colored yarn around them. 

4. Paper Pumpkin

Paper Pumpkin

The list of fall crafts for kids is incomplete without paper pumpkins!

This is not as difficult as it looks. Simply fold orange-colored chart paper while making a wholesome round and then attach a string on the top. Make sure to unite some of the papers together to mimic the thickness of the pumpkin. 

5. Paint Your Heart Out


This free-flowing craft allows you to cut any design out of cardboard and then draw any shape on it. You can draw various faces including pumpkin face or angry bird face. Make sure to fill in with colors so as to enliven your painting. 

6.  Corn Wreath

Corn Wreath

Have you ever wondered that bubble wraps are amazing for craft purposes? Yes, you read it right. You can easily recreate the appearance of corn with bubble wrap. You can combine colors and paint as you want on a big sheet of paper.

Once you are done with painting, simply cut the paper in corn shape structures and place them united in order to make a garland or wreath. 

7. Apple Banner

Apple Banner Fall Crafts for Kids

This is when crafts get real. No more do we have to deal with stationery items to recreate the look of real things. Here we will use real things in themselves to create amazing crafts. We are talking about making a craft with the help of an apple.

Cut a real apple into two pieces and then coat one half in red and another in green. You better use oil painting color or fabric color for this purpose. Then stamp fabric or papers in order to make a simple and cute decoration.

You can unite these fabrics or papers in a chain with the help of a string to make a banner and put it above your door to give a personalized look to your sweet home. 

8. Fall Wind Chime

Wind Chime Fall Crafts for Kids

This is perhaps the most interesting and the most colorful one on the list. This craft doesn’t only involve painting or stitching but also requires you to collect several things like rocks, short sticks, beads, dry fruits – anything and everything that catches your eyes and you find suitable to stitch in a wind chime. However, we suggest you not use real fruits or leaves since they will weather and mess up the entire handcrafted item. 

Once you have gathered all the essential items, it’s time to get into action. You can paint the rocks and beads in your favorite color. Make sure to color them in accordance with the color of the fall season so as to correspond with the season’s moods.

For instance, any variation of red, brown and orange will perfectly compliment the surroundings. If your collected items include any dry fruit or if you find the natural color of any bead or rock or stick is fascinating or unique, you don’t have to paint them. Nature has already painted them for you. 

Now comes the final step. Stitch them in multiple chains and ensure to unite the top of each chain together. That’s all. Your customized fall wind chime is ready. 

And yes, you can also add some jingle bells so that it rings every time the wind blows.

9. Button Branch 

Button Branch

Fall and colors are parallel. You can’t think one without another. Here’s another craft idea to compliment the colors of nature around you. All you need is to buy some buttons and chart paper. Fold the chart paper to make the branch of a tree.

Then paste the buttons around the branch in such a way that it produces an appeal of a tree branch. You can also stitch the branch on the cloth if you love stitching. Then you have to stitch the buttons as well. Make sure to buy the red, orange, yellow and green colored buttons so that the craft looks colorful yet not too flashy.

Soothing colors are more preferable to the eyes. The branch should be made of brown colored chart paper or brown colored string (in case you plan to stitch on cloth). Another important thing about this craft is its background.

Make sure to use a dark and contrasting color in the background that does not merge with the colors of any of the buttons or the branch of the tree. For instance, you can use nevi blue background so as to make the entire craft more prominent and appealing to the eyes. 

10. Pumpkin Seed Art

Pumpkin seed art

Colorful pumpkin seeds are ideal for art and craft. You can write anything on a piece of cardboard or even make a shape. Then fill the entire craft with colorful pumpkin seeds. Only make sure that the color compliments each other.

For instance, using the same colored seed for two adjacent letters doesn’t look much appealing. Check these minute details and surprise your parents or loved ones with your creative skill.

11. Glittered Leaves

Glittered Leaves Fall Crafts for Kids

Glitter is such a thing that never fails to attract the kids. And this craft requires glitters! Lots and lots of it! We are sure your kids will definitely love it. Collect some withered leaves and let it dry so as to turn crispy (but not to the extent of breaking).

After the leaves got dried, pour some white acrylic paint or glue into the leaves. Then add various colored glitters onto the leaves. Try golden, orange, brown, and silver-colored glitters.

12. Leaf Puppets

Leaf Puppets

Doesn’t the name evoke laughter? Yes, it’s a funny and interesting craft. Collect some withered leaves or make them by folding chart papers and then attach them on ice cream sticks.

Paint eyes and knows on the leaf so as to make their faces. Try it once. We are sure you will find the end result to be humorous and extremely adorable once you finish the craft.

13. Bead Pumpkins

Bead Pumpkins Fall Crafts for Kids

This is a bit difficult than the earlier ones but we ensure that with a little bit of dedication and concentration, you can accomplish it. Attach the bids through a string and make the shape of a pumpkin and pull the top of all the strings together and place a green cap on it.

Safety Measure

While all of these crafts are quite simple and don’t require, still ensure to keep a close eye on your kids if they are opting for the crafts that require scissors, needles or any sharp instrument. Help them to accomplish these crafts.

Also, don’t allow your kids to use glitter if they are too young or have any allergy. If by chance they consume glitter or glitter gets into the eyes, then it may cause fatal disaster. Be aware of that!


All of these fall crafts for kids are unique yet easy. You can make them at very little cost as well. Don’t invest in expensive items to decorate your house this fall season, rather keep a personal touch with the help of these fascinating fall craft ideas.

These are extremely simple and perfect for the kids to try during their vacation. However, even adults can try these and revive the nostalgia of the past childhood days.

Also, if you have a start-up for crafts, you can implement these simple, sweet and effective ideas to boost your sales during this fall season. Bring out your creative spirit to add a bit more professional look to these amazing handicraft items.

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