10 Cool DIY Built-in Bookshelves Ideas To Try in 2020

Need a place to organize your books? Built-In Bookshelves helps you create your own space. These DIY built-in bookshelves are beyond one’s imagination as they require considerable knowledge in woodworking that consumes a lot of time. But, as you finish the task, you get a homemade library.

However, one can ease the DIY built-in bookshelves design by following a few tips and measurement techniques that help you create your bookshelves. Joining a set of shelves doesn’t offer you many benefits as the built-ins provide to stash your stuff.

It’s up to you how long or short you want to keep them. While offering custom storage and display space, you may raise them high to the ceiling, wrap an existing nook or create an alcove for furniture.

Here’s a collection of few DIY bookshelf/bookcase plans and ideas that look appealing and are easy to build.

10 Best and Creative DIY Built-in Bookshelves Ideas

1. Crates DIY Bookshelf

crates bookshelf

Crates are available in different varieties such as wooden, plastic, steel, aluminum etc. That fits true to your storage needs. Rectangular in shape they are ready to use as vertical wall storage units, which can hold any articles.

Apart from books, you can store your kid’s stuffed toys, ornaments, paints, towels, and many more. Have fun painting them with your favorite color, and rearrange them in your desired design.

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2. Retro TV DIY Bookshelf

DIY Built-in Bookshelves
Credits: diygadgets.blogspot.com

Try to make the best out of waste. Yes, you heard, right! All you need to do is take your old TV dig inside to form retro-vibe and store all your books stuff inside them. Not only TV, but you can also even make your old Fridge and Water coolers to bring change in your lifestyle.

Just hollow them out to give the form of bookshelf that can incorporate your favorite books all safe and handy beside your sitting area or bedroom. Have fun to view your collectibles in this Retro-Vibe DIY Bookshelf that doesn’t require any investment.

3. The Whole Wall DIY Bookshelf

Whole wall DIY built-in bookshelves
Credits: web.archive.org

It is an ideal DIY bookshelf if you own a huge collection of various books that meet all your reading needs stored in one place. When you have an empty wall while leave it, transform it into a whole wall DIY bookshelf to fill it with books that are interesting to you.

Spend some quality time inviting your friends to read those books that you have stored in this whole wall DIY bookshelf. Elegantly designed, it is sure to complement your study room or living space that stores varied books. 

4. Theme DIY Bookshelf

Theme DIY Built-in Bookshelves
Credits: madebykatyblog.blogspot.com

A theme-based DIY bookshelf is sure to add style to your interior design. It is wise to choose a theme when looking for a built-in bookshelf that exactly matches your interior. Once your design is complete, add decorations accordingly.

5. Under the Bench DIY Bookshelf

under the bench bookshelf
Credits: bhg.com

Are you a book worm? Love to read books at snack time or when you are free! Then this under the desk design bookshelf is ideal to meet all your homesteading storage needs. No need to create separate shelves that occupy space in your home.

Instead, use your favorite sitting corner to build bookshelves that are ideal for storing your varied collection, which is a great source of passing the time. Get your bench, this bookshelf is easily accessible without the need to change your place.  

6. Nerd Nook DIY Bookshelf

DIY Built-in Bookshelves
Credits: Instagram – chezmelodie

Create your nerd bookshelf that is ideal for storing all your nerdy possessions! If you are an avid fan of Star Wars, then bring all the characters back to life. Why wait! Collect their figurines of your favorite movie characters to store along with your books.

This shelf is cost-effective and is ideal for storing all your favorite stuff in one place. Get your exciting products to accommodate the space in Nerd Nook DIY Bookshelf that shows off your personality that stands to be unique and meets the needs of your entire home collectibles without messing them at different corners of your house. 

7. Baby Book DIY Bookshelf

Credits: thepicketfenceprojects.blogspot.com

Do you have kids? Are they interested in reading books if not inculcate reading habits inside them to bring change in their life? Get the stuff that is interesting to them and easy to understand. But where should you store them?

Create your Baby Book DIY bookshelf for your darling and help them read at least one page of the book. This DIY project is easy to build and looks great, occupying less space in your home. Have fun creating this bookshelf on your own as it requires less man work and ideal to meet your homesteading needs. 

8. Thin and Green

thin and green
Credits: designsponge.com

Are you nature, lover! Looking to decorate your home with indoor plants that add grace to your total personality. Get ready to build a Thin and Green DIY Bookshelf that serves multiple purposes that beautify your home.

This bookshelf is sure to complement the interior design that is thin and green with potted plants flowing gracefully down the side of your bookshelf and lets you enjoy feel fresh amidst nature. Gain knowledge breathing fresh air inside of your home.

9. Staircase

Credits: Tumblr

It’s high time to jazz up your old model house with beautiful and artistic images that are unique. But have you ever heard about creating a bookshelf by the staircase? If not, then check this unique state of the art of build-in Staircase DIY Bookshelf, which grabs everyone’s attention as they climb the staircase.

It occupies less space and turns your wall bit informative that encourages anyone to read as you display a wide range of book collections on the way up. Bring back the joy of reading with this masterpiece that is cost-effective and easy to maintain.

10. Elm Tree DIY Bookshelf

Elm Tree DIY Built-in Bookshelves
Credits: etsy.com

Have you ever noticed an elm tree that is cute in appearance to function as your homesteading store? Get all your books shelved on its tiny branches that are without leaves but gives you freshness and peace of mind to study your favorite book under its shade.

Check out the beauty of this craftsmanship that changed a tree into a bookshelf, which holds the treasure of knowledge to pass on generations. Unique bookshelf must design to add style to your living room.


All these bookshelves listed above are sure to show off your personality as you store your books or other collectibles on them. Design and build a DIY solid bookshelf that is easy to access and helps you get your book you are looking for from the full range of collections.

Store them according to your taste or in alphabetical order to get identified by visitors easily. After all, they show your individuality and speak a whole lot of what kind of person you are? All the bookshelves listed above are cost-effective and easy to build without much effort.

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