11 Easy Crafts to Make and Sell for Profit (2019 Updated)

Constant learning is the process of life, this adage holds true if you pick up new hobbies to do along with your other passions. It feels good to create and bring something to life with your own hands. Its something you could enjoy doing alone or along with others as well. If you love making crafts then you must try crafts to make and sell for profit.

You could team up with your kids and make it a fun and interesting way to keep them occupied and bring their talents out as well. It is amazing to see that you need not be a professional to do some of the things, you can pick these up by watching tutorials and videos online.

You can make them from things lying around at home or ones that are easily available at art and craft stores. These aren’t expensive in the pocket and most of them aren’t time-consuming as well. Here are a few crafts to make and sell for profit ideas.

Crafts to Make and Sell for Profit: 11 Interesting Ideas

The love for creativity stems from enjoying such projects such as

1. Flower crowns

Flower Crown

These are quite trendy, bring out the bohemian look. Nowadays a lot of women and even kids sport them. They mostly have been used in beach parties, weddings, events such as baby showers according to the theme of the party.

You will find a good assortment of flower crowns that can be easily made. You can add beads, ribbons other accessories to give the look you want. They go well with flowy dresses and make good trinkets to set shop in fairs or exhibitions for art and crafts if you want to make that extra buck with your creations.

2. Homemade soaps

Homemade soaps

You could come up with an amazing array of soaps. They could be composed of your favorite flavors of fruits or aromatics such as coffee, herbs or flowery scents. You could incorporate different shapes and sizes too. You could make eco-friendly ones.

The need to purchase the natural oils, glycerine, and other ingredients and make soap you want. After heating and blending all the components and cooling it down you can cut it in either soap bars or put it in molds to get a shape of your choice. Just like dinosaurs or other animals for the kids or in the form of precious rock crystals.

Tutorial: Simplelifemom

3. Ribbon flowers

Ribbon Flowers

You all must have tried out paper flowers, plastic and others but with ribbons, you could make very interesting kinds of flowers depending on the fabric of the ribbons you are using. These are easy to make and don’t take much time.

With scissors and threads and other accessories required to make flowers, you are good to go. You can make them much prettier with buttons in the center when you join all the petals. These can be sewn on to dresses, shoes or stuck to scrapbooks.

This hobby can allow you to bring out your creativity to the fore as you will be able to make so many kinds of flowers.

Tutorial: Ribbonflowers

4. Wipe off Weekly Menu Board

This is something you can gift your self or friends and family. If you are busy mom or dad and you want to get a head start on your week. Having a menu schedule could really help fasten the process to be prepared to make every day a success in the dining table.

Knowing the ingredients in your pantry and fridge will help you plan this out and there won’t be any hassle throughout the week. This could help your buddies as well to come up with ideas way ahead and plan them well in advance.

A glass front with a frame and any patterned design for the back. Write on the front with a marker, erase with a wet cloth and make use of it again and again.

Tutorial: Makeandtakes

5. Making candles

This is one of the hobbies pursued by many people. It has been quite relaxing as people find aromas in the scented candle making the process very soothing for frayed nerves. Nevertheless, you will find this a good pastime.

Making the candles by adding the scented oils and colors you would want to as per your preferences. Using those candles for gifting or even selling them at nick knack shops and make some good money.

Tutorial: Gardentherapy

6. Stuffed toys

Here you could make use of all your old rag pieces for stuffing the toy, it’s a good way to use up waste at the same time make something so adorable.

You can make cardboard templates for the shape of the animal or any other shape and cut the cloth accordingly. Sew them and leave one side open to fill in the rag pieces and when its sufficiently filled you can sew up the remaining part.

From the outside, you can define the eyes with other embellishments such as buttons or beads for the eyes, make mouth and nose as well.

7. Windchimes

Crafts to Make and Sell for Profit

These are so many ways to get your wind chime made and you could just make basic to classic ones with all the embellishments. You could use any material you want from wood, plastic, bamboo, to even metal.

They adorn so many homes and when the wind rustles through the chime, the tinkling sound just makes it an adorable piece to won. They can be amazing gifting items as well.

Windchimes come in various shapes and sizes. With a lot of people making a hobby come income from selling them in stores or online.

Tutorial: OneCrazyMom

8. Teething Necklaces

This is one of the things that you can make for your baby or for your friends’ kids. It’s quite useful. as all babies have teething issues. According to studies biting such non-toxic, not very hard on the gums as well the stinging material has to be strong enough not to break helps babies to a great extent.

It’s easy to make and get it around the baby’s neck. You could pick colorful beads that are of food grade and use of silk cord to weave them together make a wonderful teething necklace for the baby to bit on.

Tutorial: Theinspiredhive

9. Decorating Mugs

Crafts to Make and Sell for Profit

When you customize mugs by decorating them as you want them with the use of paint or glister or any other medium to make it look artistic and different. You end up personalizing the mug which can be used as gifting material to your loved one.

You can put in initials of the person or the name if you like or make a design of something, they may like a plane, rocket or cartoon. You could also put a quote or message for that person or yourself.

Enjoying a steaming mug of coffee with your creativity gives a different level of satisfaction. You have the freedom to play with your creative ideas.

Credits: Onelittleproject

10. Keychains

It is one of the most interesting projects you could take up with endless ideas. You could make them with beads, cloth, any other thing. You have an opportunity to make something very memorable, your favorite cartoon character or doll in miniature version can be made and added to the key chains that are available too. 

Tutorial: Eclecticlamb

11. Baby Blankets

Crafts to Make and Sell for Profit Blanket

The last idea in the list of crafts to make and sell for profit is quilts. These are easy to make and some of them don’t require you to know sewing as well. Having cotton material which is soft helps when you undertake such projects. You could do many interesting patterns or characters on the blanket to make it more interesting.

You can cut out shapes and other designs and place them on the blanket and sew them on. It allows the maker to make as many stitching patterns as possible and make the blanket an awesome gift for baby showers or first milestones etc.

Tutorial: By-pink

Final Words

I hope you found this article on crafts to make and sell for profit helpful. There are so many other things you could pick out such as using old plastic bottles and making hanging plant pots or using marbles to make coasters and many more such fun ideas. This is a fun activity and you can now make it a hobby for young kids or elderly wherein you could utilize this family get-together quality time with each other in the process.

A lot of people make this passion of theirs into a profession and earn handsomely. This could be done easily sitting at home. With online selling and buying, you wouldn’t have to venture out to sell the wares that you have made as a pastime. Cost-effective ideas coupled with the creative bent of mind is what is required to get you going.

A lot of ideas are shared, and you could look them up and give your own twist to them to make them even more interesting.

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