15 Easy Halloween Crafts for Preschoolers

It’s Halloween month!!!

With Halloween’s date coming closer, I am sure everyone is excited about it. And kids especially just love it as they get a chance to get all dressed up in scary costumes and go around trick-o-treating. 

So, this is the right time to teach some Halloween crafts to your kids. These cute little creations will surely make the little ones happy. And you can use their creations as decorations and get the room ready for Halloween.

Want some interesting and fun ideas to try with your preschoolers? Here’s a list of Halloween crafts for preschoolers. You’ll find everything from pumpkins and ghosts to monsters and witches. Happy crafting!

Halloween Crafts for Preschoolers: 15 Fun Crafts to Try

Let’s get started.

1. Paper Pumpkins

paper pumpkin

Halloween and pumpkins go hand in hand. So, let us start with one of the most important crafts of Halloween – Paper Pumpkins.

Pumpkins can be made in so many ways, but this one is my personal favorite. Kids can easily make these cute little pumpkin balls and hang them to decorate the classroom or house. It only needs a few basic supplies like colorful construction papers, scissors, and glue.

Tutorial: Easy Peasy and Fun

2. Candy Corn

candy corn

Kids love to get dressed up and go around with friends to get candy. Basically, Halloween is incomplete without candies. 

Candy corn, a triangular-shaped and tri-colored candy is one of the oldest and most popular Halloween candies. And so, a candy corn collage is obvious to be on the list.

You’ll have to draw or take a print out of large candy corn on the paper. And supply your kids with orange, yellow and white paper and some glue. Just tear up each little piece of each paper and start sticking.

Tutorial: Thriving Home Blog

3. Monster Cups

Monster cups

Halloween reminds us of all kinds of monsters and so the next idea in the list of Halloween crafts for preschoolers is making monsters. You can try any monster or character you want like a green Frankenstein monster, or a vampire, a ghost, or a Dracula, or simply a spider.

Well, you can even try your own creativity and create a new cute monster. For this, you’ll need plastic/paper cups, paints, construction papers, and some other decorative material.

Tutorial: The simple Parent

4. Paper Tube Black Cat

Halloween Crafts for Preschoolers black cat

Black cats are associated with witches and there are so many superstitions on bad luck as well. Hence, they make a perfect craft for Halloween. But here we’ll make a cute little cat out of a paper tube.

The supplies of making a paper tube black cat are easily available in the house. You’ll require a paper cute, black paint, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, construction papers, and glue.

Tutorial: Where Imagination Grows 

5. Puffy Ghosts

Ghosts are scary! But these cute ones are not.  As a kid, we all loved Casper, the friendly ghost, and we all wanted one in our life. This puffy ghost will remind you of the same.

You’ll have to draw out a ghost on a paper in any shape you want and then cut it before going to the next step. Give your kids a few cotton balls and glue and ask them to stick it. Later you can help them to complete the face and hang it in their room or out near the door.

Tutorial: Thriving Home Blog

6. Jack-O-Lanterns

Halloween Crafts for Preschoolers jack-o-lantern

Jack-o-lantern is basically made from carved pumpkins. But you cannot ask a preschooler to carve a pumpkin. So, here we’ll make Jack-o-Lanterns using construction papers and a simple cutting technique.

Guide your kids in drawing a face and cutting the lines. Once they are done you can hang them around the classroom and make the room ready for Halloween. 

Tutorial: Marin Mommies

7. Spoon Puppets

spoon vampire

When it comes to Halloween, you surely need a vampire. Here we are going to turn a wooden spoon into a cute and scary vampire. You can even use it as a puppet to put on a show for your kids. For this craft, you’ll need a few wooden sticks, red and black fabric, paint, eye stickers, and glue.

This wooden stick vampire puppet can be a little tricky for kids but with your help, they can easily make one. Remember how in Toy Story 4, Bonnie was so happy after making Forky, I am sure the end results of this vampire puppet will make your kids happy as well.

Tutorial: Easy Peasy and Fun

8. Yarn Wrapped Mummies

We are all aware of how scary mummies can be and that is why we cannot miss it for Halloween crafts. Draw a mummy on a cardboard and cut it out. Ask your kids to paint it black and stick googly eyes on it. Once, it’s dry they can use white yarn and wrap it around the mummy.

There are various things you can use to make a mummy, some of them are masking tape, white tissue paper, bandage, ribbon, etc. Also, instead of cutting out a cardboard mummy, you can use paper rolls or mason jars. They look amazing as well.

Tutorial: I Heart Crafty Things

9. Lollipop Ghost

Halloween Crafts for Preschoolers lollipop ghost

We give out plain candies to kids for trick-or-treating, this time try something fun and unique. Instead of handing out simple lollipops, turn them into ghosts. They are super easy and you can make them in no time. It’ll be nice Halloween treats for an entire classroom

Apart from rounded lollipops, you’ll need coffee filters, black marker, rubber band, and ribbon. Cover the lollipop with coffee filters and secure it with a rubber band. Draw the eyes and mouth of the ghost and cover the rubber band with a ribbon. Your ghost pop is ready for the giveaway.

Tutorial: Happiness is Homemade

10. Pom-pom Spider

Spiders are creepy but not when made with pom-poms. Pom-poms crafts are so much fun and cute. Kids will surely enjoy making them and later playing with them. This craft will help develop motor skills in your kids. 

For this craft, you’ll need black pom-poms for the body, black pipe cleaners for legs, googly eyes. Parents or teachers can help with the hot glue to get everything together.

Tutorial: First Palette

11. Toilet Paper Roll Bat

Toilet paper rolls are so versatile and you can make so many creative things out of it. One such Halloween craft is a toilet paper roll bat. Bats have so much association with all the scary stuff and they actually look scary too.

So, let us make a bat out of toilet paper roll. It’s easy fun and looks cute. You can hang them around the room for decoration or kids can even wear it as bands.

Tutorial: Savvy Sassy Moms

12. Paper Plate Witch

Halloween Crafts for Preschoolers paper plate witch

Now that we are on the versatile supplies, how can we miss out on paper plates? And a paper plate witch is a wonderful idea in Halloween crafts for preschoolers. But instead of making a scary witch, let’s make her cute. This may take extra effort but it will definitely be worth it.

Also, kids will have to attach yarns as witch’s hair and then thread beads into her hair, all this will improve their motor skills. The supplies needed for this craft are also easily available at home. 

Tutorial: Non-toy Gifts

13. Witch Hat

You made a witch out of a paper plate, not let’s make a witch hat for your kids. Well, it’s Halloween and they would surely like to get dressed around and play. Making a witch hat is not a difficult task. 

Grab a party hat, a paper plate, black paint, glue, and anything you would like to decorate the hat with. Using the party hat will make this witch hat wearable. And if you like it very much, you can make one for yourself as well, and have fun with kids.

Tutorial: Cutesy Crafts

14. Q-Tip Skeleton

Credits: sheknows.com

Oooh, a skeleton. This skeleton craft is super easy and takes very little time and materials to complete it. Unlike other ideas, this craft has to be made on paper. But you can pin or stick the paper where ever you like.

Help your kids by drawing a few lines for the skeleton. Draw a skeleton face on a white paper and cut it out. Also, provide the kids with a few Q-tips and some cutout Q-tips. They can stick them on the lines to complete the skeleton.

15. Popsicle Stick Frankenstein

Halloween Crafts for Preschoolers Frankenstein

When it’s Halloween you need some scary monsters too. Here’s the last idea in the list of Halloween crafts for preschoolers – Popsicle stick Frankenstein. Kids must have seen many occurrences of Frankenstein in cartoons, comics, and movies. So, let’s make a green monster this Halloween.

Popsicle sticks are easily available for cheap at any store. You can make the Frankenstein monster magnets or just hang them during Halloween. This is a pretty simple craft for kids and you’ll only need a piece of cardboard, popsicle sticks, black and green paint, black marker, and glue.

Tutorial: Crafty Morning

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