Desk Organizer Ideas: 15 Amazing Ways for Maximum Productivity

Your workspace or desk can be one of the messiest places in the house. The clutter just keeps piling up and you don’t know where half of your things are. Your desk should actually make you feel welcomed and not stressed. It should be your happy place. A clean and organized desk reduces your stress and boosts your efficiency. So, you must have guessed till now that what this article is about. Yes, it’s on desk organizer ideas.

Organizing your desk won’t cost you a fortune and though it may take up some of your time for now but it will save hours in the near future. So, it is high time you get all the clutter out and get everything in place with this desk organizer ideas.

15 Desk Organizer Ideas to Boost Efficiency

1. Floating Shelves

When you don’t have much storage space on the desk, go vertical. Install some floating shelves above the desk. Shelving enables you to efficiently keep and store so much of the office supplies. 

Even if you do not need much space, the shelf can be used to keep some artworks. They also keep the clutter off the table and you’ll have a clean and tidy desk.

2. Pegboard

Desk Organizer Ideas pegboard wall

Is your desk attached to a wall? You are so lucky! Use this space wisely. Install a pegboard on the wall and you’ll have everything you need with your hand’s reach. You can choose from a small pegboard (where you can keep small office supplies) to a pegboard wall ( and hang anything and everything you want.)

The pegboard wall also allows you to install as many floating shelves you want. You can keep photo frames, artwork, office supplies, small pots, etc on these shelves.

3. Drawer Organizers

Drawers can be one of the messiest things in the office. You just throw everything in the drawer from small supplies like paper pins, pens, rubberband, to papers and anything you don’t want on the desk. 

But when you need that thing again, you’ll have to go through the entire drawers before finding it in a corner or under something else. And therefore, it is very important to keep your drawer neat and tidy. 

And what else can keep your drawer organized other than drawer dividers or organizers? The small drawer organizers can keep your binder clips, paper clips, pen, pencil, and other small stationery.

If you have a deep drawer, you can make an organizer using cereal boxes, which can be used to store papers, files, documents, and other stationery.

4. Wooden Crates

You don’t need much investment to make some desk organizers. If you have some wooden boxes or crates in your house, arrange them properly and you’ll have some nice extra space to keep your things. Add in a few plants to give a nice rustic and natural look.

You can even use shoeboxes to make an organizer. Pin a few shoeboxes together and cover or decorate them with colorful papers. These boxes can be used to separate your books, magazines, diary, etc. But you’ll have to store some light supplies on the upper layer as shoe boxes are not as strong as wooden boxes.

5. Mason Jars


Everybody loves mason jars. There is so much you can try with mason jars like making cute crafts for you and your kids and also use them as desk organizers. If you have too many pens, pencils, sketch pens, colors, paper clips, glue sticks, then this is the perfect organizer for you.

Glue a few mason jars together using a hot glue gun and keep them on your desk. You can store them horizontally or vertically. This way the pencils, sketch pens, and other things won’t mix and you can easily pick out whatever color you want. A single mason jar can be used to keep the visiting cards or receipts.

6. Side Trolley

If you have some extra space by your table, you must get a side trolley. It is a good investment and will keep most of your stuff off the table. Papers and books if not organized properly can make your desk look untidy.

With side cart, you get a nice place to keep your planners, important files, diary, big folders. And they all will be handy. If you are into DIY, the trolley can also be used to keep your art and crafts supply.

7. Hang Storage

Do you enjoy making DIYs and crafts? Try making hanging storage bins for your desk using old containers. Hang them on the wall near the desk and use it to keep small office supplies. To make it look more pretty use containers of the same type or color them beautifully. And they will surely look amazing.

Also, you can sew pouches that can be used to categorize the mail you receive or you have to send out. The hanging kitchen wire racks can be bought to your office and used to store files and folders.

8. DIY Organizers


The old magazine holders need not be on the desk. Hand them below a floating shelf and use it to store light books and papers. You can also make a magazine holder using a cereal box and cover them using a scrapbook paper. Cut the cereal boxes in decreasing size and glue them together to make another interesting DIY organizer.

9. File Organizers

Another good investment is file organizers. They come in the form of a small cart, mesh stand, or a basic expanding file organizer. It is important to manage and sort everything if you want to keep your desk clean and also don’t want to misplace any important papers. 

It saves your desk space and also you won’t have to go hunting for documents. You’ll exactly know where everything is. File organizers will eliminate all the clutter of papers and files without having to throw them all out.

10. Transparent Storage Boxes

It is important to keep everything sorted and stored in a fixed safe place. Transparent storage boxes not only look good but also saves up your search time. If you don’t like labeling then you must turn to transparent boxes instead of colorful opaque ones.

Accessing boxes from big shelves is much easier than directly storing the materials directly. It also increases storage space. You can categories the boxes according to the family members and important documents. A box dedicated to documents important for your kids, one for husband, one for the insurance, another for bank and other documents, and so on.

11. Follow Color Scheme

Desk Organizer Ideas

Colors play a very important role when it comes to making your space look clean and beautiful. You can use a color scheme that goes with your room. This way your desk will nicely blend with the room and your workspace will look bigger.

Open display looks very beautiful when you follow a color scheme. Also, use the same palette for storage boxes, bins, cabinets to pull everything together. 

12. Hide Wires and Lable Everything


If you must be using a computer on your desk, you’ll know how wires can get jumbled and make your space look dirty. Additionally, there are wires of some other electronic devices. And if you try to pull out a wire there are chances that you may pull some other wire instead of the one you actually had to.

For this, nicely fold up the extra wire and pin it below the desk. Also, stick a label with the name of the device near the plug. You’ll easily know what wire it is. The labeling thing is not only useful for wires but you can do it for other pieces of stuff as well, like boxes, drawers, and jars.

13. Create a Paper Station

As I said before, papers make a real mess. So, if you have a big space you must create a fix paper station. All your papers will go there. You can use a corner of your desk or room to make a paper station. 

Keep your printer at one end and use a tray to keep extra papers, paper clips, stapler, punching machine, etc. Similarly, a tray can be dedicated to storing the mails, letters, and receipts.

14. Trash Bins

Desk Organizer Ideas

When we are really busy into something we don’t wish to get up and put throw the waste papers and other waste in the trash and then it stays forever on the desk. Also, if some documents or paper is not important to you and you have to shred it, there is no point in piling them.

Keep a trash can or bin near your desk so you won’t have to get up again and again and the trash will also stay off the table. You can keep a separate bin for papers you have to shred.

15. Sort Everything

This is the most important thing if you want to organize your desk. First of all, remove all the clutter and sort everything into categories. Let that be stationary, papers, files, mail, books, etc. Once you have everything sorted store them in various bins or boxes. This way you’ll easily find whatever you are looking for.

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