15 Easy and Cute DIY Gifts for Mom

Looking for some DIY gifts for mom?

So what’s the occasion her birthday or Mother’s day or something special? Well, you don’t actually need a special occasion to gift your mom. With everything she does for us, she definitely deserves some amazing gifts. 

But what to buy every year? It’s like the list has ended and we have a hard time buying a gift. So, try something new this year and make a personalized gift for her. There is a common misconception that DIY gifts are cheap, but it’s not true, it is really the thought that counts. DIY gifts are always sweet and meaningful and it makes the other person feel special. They are also fun and easy to make and won’t cost you a fortune.

The gifts that you’ll specially prepare for your mom will surely melt her heart and will definitely tell her how special she is. 

Here are a bunch of DIY gifts for mom that are super easy and meaningful. So, on the next special occasion gift her something handmade.

DIY Gifts for Mom: 15 Amazing Ideas

1. Bath Bombs

DIY Gifts for Mom bath bomb

Who doesn’t love bath bombs? They can be given as a gift to anyone on any occasion. These cute bombs just explode into colorful and beautiful smelling fizz which helps you relax. It’s just like a spa treatment at home. 

But buying a bath bomb from the store can burn a hole in your pocket. Instead, buy ingredients from the store and make customized bath bombs at home. Add different scents and colors to it and mold them into cute different shapes.

Bath bombs will make a wonderful DIY gift for your mom.

2. Tote Bags

Credits: handmadiya.com

Tote bags are good for so many things. And with all the ban on plastic bags, tote bags are coming in trend. Like you can carry it for grocery shopping, to your classes, work, casual outings, or just anywhere. They are super cute and super functional.

Your mom could always use another tote bag. A beautiful and colorful fabric can be turned into a beautiful piece of art. And sewing a tote bag yourself is not a difficult task. So, if you are a beginner, do not worry, you can still make some beautiful tote bags. 

3. Coaster

Many of us have an obsession with coasters. They not only keep the drinks off the table but also look good.

It’s fun to have a different coaster for every occasion. But you know what, you can make some amazing and creative coasters over a weekend. This time gift your mom a set of such DIY coasters.

You can make coasters using scrabble tiles, beads, felt, cork, and in various shapes and patterns. 

4. Spa Treatment

Credits: realsimple.com

Mothers have a very busy schedule and go through so much stress every day. Managing the household chores, looking after you and other family members, work stress if she is working and whatnot. 

So it’s time to give your mom a day off. Even if it’s not possible for her to go to a spa make a spa treatment package for her at home. Include towels, bath bombs, shampoo, body scrub, face mask, manicure kit, scented candles, and body lotion. She can use it and enjoy a relaxing session at home.

5. DIY Earrings

Credits: diyjoy.com

Everyone loves jewelry. And buying a pair from the store or Etsy can be pricey. If wearing jewelry is one of your mom’s fashion favorites then you can make lovely earrings for her. She’ll love it for sure.

And once you learn to make jewelry yourself you can play around with beads and stones to make beautiful earrings. Collect the stones, beads, wire and make colorful and unique earrings for cheap. You can even make matching necklaces, bracelets, etc. to complete a jewelry set.

6. Tea Towels

A kitchen is incomplete without a tea towel. It has so many uses like wiping the crockery, keeping cookies and bread warm, or some vegetables fresh. Normally you get basic printed tea towels in the market.

But can make a personalized one just for your mom. You can imprint some beautiful designs, or stitch something beautiful, or you can weave a nice message on it. 

Nowadays tea towels are not just meant for wiping off the dishes, you can even keep showcase it on the dining table during dinner parties.

7. Body Scrub

DIY Gifts for Mom body scrub
Credits: myrecipes.com

Body scrub hydrates and exfoliates your skin. It gets rid of dry and dull skin and you’ll come out refreshed with soft and smooth skin. Exfoliation boosts the production of collagen which improves your appearance.

Homemade body scrubs are not only easy to make but are also inexpensive. You can easily make some amazing body scrub with basic ingredients present in your pantry. It won’t take much time and you can customize it in your own way.

This pampering Diy gift will surely be loved by your mom.

8. Wall Art

Whether or not your mom loves collecting arts or other creative stuff, she will definitely like something that is made by you. You can give her something that reminds of you every day. And what is better than a wall art that goes up on her bedroom wall or living room.

Create decorative wall art using paper, felt, rug, wooden pieces, etc. Or draw something and write a beautiful message. You can even go for something basic like a photo frame. Photo albums are a beautiful ocean of memories. Take out a few of your favorite ones and make a beautiful frame. 

9. Scented Soaps

Homemade soaps are extremely popular. Making soap at home is not as hard as it sounds. Even though the soaps from stores lather well, you can make some amazing soap bars at home. 

It is fun and you get a chance to personalize your soap the way you want using colorful dyes and essential oils. Also, you can make it in different shapes, colors, and layers. Make a batch of soaps and gift it to your mom, she can keep them in her bedroom, bathroom, kitchen sink, guest room, etc.

It is also a natural alternative to all those chemical based soap. 

10. Candles

DIY Gifts for Mom candle
Credits: creativkits.com

Basic plain white candles are too old fashioned now. And the store charges you so much for scented candles in different shapes or cups. But you can make some beautifully scented candles at home that too without burning a hole in your pocket.

You’ll just need a few supplies like wax, essential or fragrance oils, wick, non-toxic wax crayons. DIY candles make a great gift and you’ll just need a few hours of your lazy weekend to make them. And everybody loves decorating their house with beautifully scented candles.

11. Bake a Cake

When you were a kid, how many times your mom baked a cake for you, whether it was your birthday or you just demanded it. Now it’s your time to do the same.

Surprise your mom by taking a cake that you made yourself. Bake your mom her favorite cake, brownies, or cupcakes. 

No matter if it’s your first time, there are so many tutorials available online and your mom will love it for sure even if something is not to the proportion or how it turns out. But it’s better if you could practice baking a cake for yourself first.

12. Personalized Cutting Board

Moms have such amazing culinary abilities. And nothing could beat the personalized cutting board as a gift for her. They are a perfect gift for her birthday, or Mother’s Day, or any other special occasion.

Inscribe some cool message for your mom on the wooden board. This personalized cutting board will surely be her favorite.

13. Jewelry Organizer

Credits: hgtv.com

When it comes to the ladies, there is absolutely no shortage of jewelry. And still you’ll find them searching for a missing pair every time they want to wear one. So let’s make this task easier for your mom by gifting her a jewelry organizer. 

It is easy to make and you won’t need some expensive or difficult to find supplies. This gift will surely make her happy and she can safely keep ir hang all her jewelry in one place. Paint the jewelry organizer in her favorite color.

14. Keychain

Mom’s have a bunch of keys to handle. Let that be home keys, car keys, keys to some locker or cupboard, and whatnot. But even they won’t remember the last time they changed the key chains.

So make some bright, colorful keychains for your mom. You can use some leather, beads, woolen knitting or any creative way to make a few keychains for each bunch of keys.

15. Apron

DIY Gifts for Mom Apron

Does your mom enjoy spending time in the kitchen, cooking some amazing dishes? Isn’t she the best cook for you? It’s time to make her a cute apron. 

It is easy to stitch, even if you are new to sewing. You can also make matching aprons for you and your mom. Weave here initials or some nice cute message or simple ‘Best Mom’ on her apron. 

She’ll surely enjoy cooking wearing your gifted apron.

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