32 Simply Genius Graduation Cap Ideas To Try in 2020

To every grad who wants to make their graduation day memorable. Try these amazing graduation cap ideas that are pure genius.

Finally, it is graduation day. All your hard work, sleepless nights, agony, stress, anxiety, all of these things appear to be nothing on graduation day. It is the day you reap what you have sawn throughout your years. A day that you will always remember. A day filled with pride and happiness. 

What is better in this day than to have a memorable design for your graduation cap? Yes, the design of the cap itself is standard and similar. However, what you write on the cap is what counts. Here we are going to give you some ideas for your graduation cap that will make that day even more memorable, not just for you, but for everyone that sees your unique cap.

32 Awesome Graduation Cap Ideas

1. Big Dreams

Big Dreams
Credits: Instagram

This design is perfect to remind yourself and your peers to always seek out your dreams. Never surrender and keep persuading them. To remember to worry less and focus on what is important. 

2. Small Things Can Be Fierce 

small but fierce
Credits: Instagram

A graduate with a petit body? No problem, we got you covered. This design is perfect to reflect your inner flame. To show the world that, yes, you may be petit but your heart is so big. Yes, you are petit but your flame can inspire the whole world.

3. Belle the Bookworm

Belle the Bookworm
Credits: Instagram

Anyone who read or watched the classic tale Beauty and the Beast knows that Belle is indeed a bookworm. 

She is an adventurous beautiful lady that seeks adventure after adventure. Who better to represent you at that day than her?!

4. Gold Font Design

Gold Font Design
Credits: Instagram

When it comes to written quotes, gold is always a good choice. Having an optimistic simple quote on your cap written in gold color, with an elegant font is a wonderful idea.

5. Art Majors designs

arts major
Credits: Instagram

Graduation day is a good opportunity to honor your idol. Whether it is Monet, Pollock or Hokusai. 

Channel their styles and make a design inspired by them on your cap is w great way to honor them

6. Harry Potter Fans

Harry Potter
Credits: Instagram

We all know that you only graduated from this place because the owl has misplaced your Hogwarts’ invitation (wink, wink). 

This design is great for Harry Potter fans and is quite humorous. 

7. A World of Adventures

world of adventures
Credits: Instagram

Highlight your true adventurous self via this design. Life after graduation is a non-stop adventure, so why do not you show it on your cap. 

8. Disney Princess

Disney Princess
Credits: Instagram

How about a little fun wordplay? After all, you are a little Mer-grad (wink, wink). 

The Disney inspired design along with a life quote is exactly what you need in your special graduation day.

9. Your Motivation

Credits: Instagram

Since this a great day to show appreciation, why do not you show appreciation for the ones that motivated you the most?

It could be your parents, friends, teachers, even your pet.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BcVQ47pBKAI/?ref=pcrorganicgglunkwn&prid=pcseogglunkwn

10. Keep it Short

Short quotes
Credits: Instagram

This is a perfect design for those who want to be inspired and inspire others. 

The simple, motivational quote with the elegant font. Along with the flowers on the border of the cap are sometimes all you need to keep going. 

11. Express Your Happiness

Credits: Instagram

It is your graduation day. Of course, you are happy. You are on top of the world.

Why not express that to the entire world. Make a design that tells everyone how happy you are. Because, well, you are true!

12. Mean Girls Meme

Mean girls
Credits: Instagram

Remember that early 2000s movie called Mean girls? Yep, that is the one. 

It is filled with quotes that can be used as graduation quotes. Why not step up it a notch and make a meme on your cap? Well, that is something I definitely going to remember.

13. Mosaic Look

Mosaic look
Credits: Instagram

Admit it, every time you look at a mosaic design you think it is so cool.

Well, it is your time to be cool with a mosaic design. Express yourself with such a design to showcase your creativity and eagerness for what is coming your way after graduation.

14. Never Surrender

Never Surrender
Credits: Instagram

Sunflowers in this design are perfect for graduation day. They represent hope and longevity.

Complement the design with a quote to show how much you withstood, and that you have never surrendered ever. 

15. Hungry for More

Hungry for More
Credits: Instagram

We all know that graduation is just a stepping-stone. You have to remain hungry for more in order to succeed. 

Stay hungry for success, for learning new things, for new challenges.

16. Alexander Hamilton Inspired design

Alexander Hamilton Inspired design
Credits: Instagram

Alexander Hamilton has inspired millions with his music all over the world. 

What is better than to wear one of his quotes on your cab on your graduation day?

17. Hard Work Pays Off

Hard Work Pays Off
Credits: Instagram

A clichĂ© we know, but really, Hard Work pays off. 

It is a great way to show that you have grasped that concept in life, and now that you are graduating, are ready to face the world with that type of mentality. 

18. Best Revenge

Best Revenge
Credits: Instagram

Do you know that BeyoncĂ© reference “Lemonade”?

Well, this design is inspired by it. In addition, who is better to inspire us than the queen herself?

19. Another Disney Reference

Lion King
Credits: Instagram

Can you feel the love tonight?! Because we sure can. It is graduation day baby!

Who better to celebrate your big day, than the king himself? Simba

20. Heritage Inspired Design

Heritage Inspired Design
Credits: Instagram

Have pride in your own heritage. Design a cap in your own language that shows your appreciation to your parents and family. 

Showing your appreciation to your home country and people, not only makes your parents proud but also, makes your entire home town proud of your achievements.

21. Harry Potter Once More

Harry Potter
Credits: Instagram

A die-hard Harry Potter fan? We feel you. Here is another Harry Potter inspired design to satisfy your inner nerd.

Do not forget to translate to muggles if they did not get it (wink wink)

22. Up Movie

Up Movie
Credits: Instagram

Do you love adventures, natures, animals, and everything in between? 

Then this design is the perfect one for you. Inspired by the famous movie UP. This design will give you the motivational push you need to seek your next adventure.

23. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones
Credits: Instagram

Graduation and a Game of Thrones reference? What else can we ask for?

This design will keep the Game of Thrones fans in you satisfied while making others jealous of your design.

24. Empowering Messages

Empowering Messages
Credits: Instagram

A graduation is an empowering event in itself. On this day you take your degree and spread your wings and fly. 

However, it is a good idea to complement the event with a powerful empowering statement on your cap.

25. Wanderlust Enthusiasts

Wanderlust Enthusiasts
Credits: Instagram

Wanderlust enthusiasts, we got you covered too. This design is what you were looking for. 

The combination of beautiful calligraphy with gold colors are the handmade dots makes the cap so elegant and stylish.

26. SpongeBob fans

Sponge bob
Credits: Instagram

As a fan of SpongeBob, admit it you have always wanted to major in Wumbology. (Wink!) 

This design is perfect for all SpongeBob fans out there. The simple handmade design, along with the font choice makes it a perfect cap for your graduation day. 

27. Well-Deserved Thank You Messages

thank you message
Credits: Instagram

Giving thanks to your parents, colleagues, professors and your supporters is something expected. However, do not forget to thank what really made you go through your days. Your Wine. 

This design is funny, yet elegant. The roses, calligraphy, and colors are on point in this one. Moreover, it is guaranteed that you get some laughs out of it. 

28. Grey’s Anatomy Inspired Design

Grey's Anatomy
Credits: Instagram

Are you a Grey’s Anatomy fan? We all are in fact.

Even if your name is not Meredith, you can use the name. This design for nursing school is perfect. Yes, your name might not be Meredith, but you say you would work and establish yourself just as she does on the show.

The simple design, calligraphy, and design are cute and elegant.

29. One Word Design

One Word Design
Credits: Instagram

One word has sometimes the power of a thousand words. The simplicity of expressing yourself with a single word is something phenomenal. 

This one-word design is perfect for that type of personality. That wants to finish their sentences with only one word. Flowers are a nice touch too. 

30. Hamilton Show Quote

Hamilton Show Quote
Credits: Instagram

The Hamilton show is packed with so many quotes that can be used in graduation day. 

The idea is how to place that quote. In this design, the quote is written on the edges with a rocky-like drawing in the middle. The gold color is a nice touch too.

31. Personality Matcher

Personality Matcher
Credits: Instagram

Your graduation cap is one of the things that should match its owner’s personality. 

You are a lighthearted person and funny, try out this pineapple design and quote. It is lighthearted and funny it will match your personality perfectly. 

32. Drama School Design

Drama school
Credits: Instagram

For graduates of drama schools, we got you covered people do not you worry (wink wink!)

This design is perfect for your graduation day. It is true that your act one has finished now, but act two is still beginning and it is way more difficult. 

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