18 Coffee Table Decor Ideas for Styling Your Coffee Table

Have you ever thought about Coffee tables? Why they are named “Coffee tables” when the coffee and drinks, in general, are the least things we use them for?! 

Coffee tables are an essential part of our household. They carry drinks, magazines, remote controls, laptops, literally anything. Since they are most of the time centered in our living room, leaving them undecorated is kinda dull. 

Well, my friends do not worry anymore. Here we are going to list some of the best Coffee Table Decor ideas you can try to decorate your coffee table to look fabulous.

18 Best Coffee Table Decor Ideas To Try in 2020

1. Put Some Flowers On It

You are a minimalist who does not like any unnecessary materials in your sight. We got you covered my friend. Putting some flowers on your coffee table will brighten up your dull coffee table. While not taking so much space. Remember, to choose flowers suitable for your room’s atmosphere and colors. 

You can view some more floral options here via this link:


2. Group Like Elements Together

Do you have some elements at your household that feels they belong together? 

The best thing you could do is to group these items together on your coffee table. Add to them some scented candles, and there you are you have a beautiful set up at your hand. 

To know more about how to group elements together, check out this link:


3. Stack Some Books On It

Do you have some books that are lying around your room? Go get them and stack them on your coffee table. If they have that vintage look to them that would be perfect.

Especially if your room is vintage. Do not forget to stack them in an elegant manner. You can use book mini stands, or just put them on top of each other, bigger at the bottom.

For more ideas regarding arranges your books on the coffee table, please give this link a visit:


4. Add Earthy tones to White Coffee Tables

Add Earthy tones to White Coffee Tables

White Coffee tables –which are the most common– are elegant on their own. Designers make sure that they fit wherever they are put. However, adding Earthy tone colors to them step up their elegance. 

A greenery cover, some metallic spray and so on will be perfect on it. For more ideas on how to achieve that look visit our friends at:


5. Have Some Girly Colors in the Mix

Credits: vsco.co

Have you tried a mix between pink and gold before? If you hadn’t, this is the perfect opportunity to try. Pink and Gold are some girly colors that when mixed rightly produce an elegant and chic result. 

Try having gold on the metallic structure of your coffee table, while putting a small elegant pink cover. Or even better stack a couple of pink books on it. Complete the set by adding some candles to the mix. 

6. Beach Shell decoration

Coffee Table Decor Ideas
Credits: starfishcottageblog.com

Who said that beach shell is only suitable for the beach?

By adding a monochromatic color tone shell to your coffee table will enrich your setup beyond anything else. What is even better, try to lay some white orchids on the shell itself.

7. Use Your Coffee Table as a Frame

Credits: 12thandwhite.com

Your coffee table can be used as a frame to paint a whole picture. Try to consider it as a canvas and you are the painter. Choose the things that complement the whole room. 

The most important thing here is consistency, so for example, try placing a warm basket with a little greenery on it. That will make your coffee table stand out and complete your room to be perfect.

8. Tulips Decoration

Tulip Coffee Table Decor Ideas
Credits: dearlillieblog.blogspot.com

White Tulips are perfect for complementing the earthy tones of coffee tables. 

Combine that with some greenery items like Moss Topiaries and you have a perfect setup for your coffee table. Try a wooden basket at the bottom shelf of the coffee table and voile, there is your perfect setup.

9. Try a Cozy setup

Cozy Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Fall is here and winter is coming. It is the season of “cozy” everything. Why not make a cozy setup for your coffee table to complement the chilly weather. 

Try some warm candles inside crochet sleeves. Along with some small coffee cups. And you get your winter cozy setup. 

For more ideas like this one, please visit the link:


10. Rose and Candle Display

Candle display coffee table decor idea
Credits: solebich.de

Roses and Candles are a perfect mixture of nature and industrial things. When used together they can turn any dull location into a lively elegant one. 

Try to use scented candles along with a rose on your coffee table. Choose the rose and candle’s color in a way that they complement each other and make the place pop out. 

11. Champagne Pink and White Colors

Champagne Pink and White Colors
Credits: amylipnisstyling.com

Combining these two colors along with some glasses and candles will make wonders to your coffee table. 

Try this out, Have some candles on glass pillars. A clear candy bowl, and some cakes on a crystal cake tray. Champagne pink roses beside them. A Perfect setup is at your service.

12. Try an Asymmetric Approach

Asymmetric Approach coffee table decor ideas
Credits: decouvrirdesign.com

Who said that everything should be symmetric?

Sometimes asymmetry can be exactly what some places need. Try some exotic things to be put on your coffee table. Some wild candles with asymmetrical prints on them. A handmade basket below the coffee table, and tribal print jar on top of the table. 

This wild setup can be what your room needs to stand out, and change your mood for the better. 

13. Functional Coffee Table

Functional Coffee Table
Credits: blesserhouse.com

Have kids and your floor has toys all over it? Need something to rearrange your sitting area? This is what you are looking for.

A functional coffee table with enough drawers to collect all your kids’ small toys. No more LEGOS at the bottom of our feet.

Try to paint your coffee table with natural element colors like the shades of greens. Put a simple woven basket at the top of the table with a small plant on it. 

14. Try Some Off-white Shells with Flower Bouquets

Off-white Shells with Flower Bouquets

This classic setup never gets old. With a clear mirror on top of your coffee table. You can have some books, along with a beautiful white flower bouquet. 

To complete this setup try to add some off-white polished shells in a metallic bowl to the combination. 

For more setups like this one, visit the link below:


15. Lace Topped Table

Credits: romantikev.com

Who does not like fresh flowers on their coffee tables? Right? In this cute setup, you can have a set of fresh pink flowers to complement the floral texture. 

The mirror under the flowers makes it even more elegant and gives the illusion of doubling the number of flowers in the setup. And do not forget to put a candle or two. Using a small cup holder under the candle is a good idea too. 

16. Use Copper Vessels

Use Copper Vessels
Credits: arcstudio.com.au

If you are looking for a vibrant, glossy, bright, and neutral color to use on your coffee table, search no more, your answer is copper. 

This setup of copper vessels on the coffee table is phenomenal. 

You can leave it just as it is, or you can complement it with a book beside them or a tiny plant. 

17. House Plants with Glassy Spheres

House Plants with Glassy Spheres
Credits: stonegableblog.com

This is a setup for people who love the elegant and classy environment. 

With a wooden earthy tone tray, some scented candles on it, and a ceramic vessel to complement the whole setup.

Try some glass spheres –can be clear or otherwise– along with the setup. You can put a woven basket at the bottom shelf of the coffee table too.

18. White Natural Display with Complementary Silver Accent

White Natural Display with Complementary Silver Accent

Again, minimalistic design is always a good choice. When it comes to minimalism, earthy tones and silver are one of the best combinations to be used.

Try to paint your coffee table silver-grey color, place a metal tray on top of it. And fill the corners with the earthy-brown colors to complement the whole setup.

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