13 Cool and Inspiring Teen Bedroom Ideas To Try in 2020

Decorating a teen bedroom is one of the most difficult tasks for a parent. A teen usually has a mindset between a child and an adult and it is an age where they wish to have some privacy. They often don’t know what to choose and there is so much that they want. 

Bedroom for them is not just a place to sleep, they spend most of their time there studying, reading books, playing games. Even when they have their friends over for group studying or sleepovers they would like to show off their beautiful room. For them, it’s not just a bedroom but their whole apartment.

If you just decide to decorate your kid’s bedroom according to your wish, there are chances that they may not like it. It is better to ask them for some ideas and go through many options before finalizing a design. Their bedroom should reflect their style and personality.

So, to make your task easier, here are a few teen bedroom ideas that you and your kids will love for sure. Go through them and make their bedroom look great.

13 Stylish Teen Bedroom Ideas

1. Hobby Design

Teen bedroom ideas hobby bedroom
Image: Photographee.eu/Shutterstock

Is your child into music? Then this design is perfect for their room. Black and white can make anything look good. You can paint one of the walls black and add some cool designs to it that are related to music like speakers, name of their favorite musician, singer, or some cool lyrics. Black and white sheets and carpet will go well with this room paint. 

But don’t worry even if your child has some different hobbies, that too can be easily added to this bedroom style.

2. Encouraging Quotes

Encouraging quotes

Waking up to some encouraging quotes will boost the confidence in your child. During their teen days, they start exploring their new hobbies, interests, and face new challenges. So, it feels good to start or end the day with some motivational quotes. You can even add some funny posters or quotes to make the room cool and funky.

This design is specially meant for a girl’s room, where the walls can be white and the pattern on it can be in the color of their choice. Add some cool colorful throw pillows and layers sheets to the bed.

3. Open Wardrobe

Open Closet and Big Mirror

An open closet and a big mirror are very much important for a teen girl. Having an open clothing rack is the new trend, it will also help your girl with some extra storage space for her clothes. Also, who doesn’t love getting ready in front of a huge mirror?

She will have the best time getting ready in front of the mirror and the rack will let her keep everyday clothes in the open. As a result, no clothes will be lost in the wardrobe and she can easily choose what to wear without wasting much time. 

Make the room more fun by adding some cool arts, collectibles, and photographs. This room will be a dreamy place your girl. 

4. Small Teen Bedroom Ideas

Small teen bedroom ideas

There is absolutely no need to worry about the size of the room. You can still design the room in a cute way and still fit everything. Instead of using white paint or a single plain color to paint the walls, add some texture by drawing stripes using two different colors. 

Join the study table with the bed, this will save quite a space and your kids will have a place to study and do their homework. Add some cabinets above and around the table of the color that matches your room paint. Also, if you are buying a new bed, get one with some storage space below it. 

5. Study Table

Study table

A bedroom is not just a sleeping area for your teens. They will spend most of the time in their room doing various stuff like studying, doing projects, making some crafts, following their hobbies, etc. 

Hence, a study table is a must where they can sit and study. It also makes the room multifunctional. If you don’t have much space you can use double-duty furniture like a vanity table which can serve you like a dressing table and also a study table.

6. Boys Den

Credits: Freshome.com

It’s not that boys don’t like their room customized. Teen boys to need space where they can sit and relax, have their quality time, a little privacy, enjoy with their friends. Every teen boy needs his own little multifunctional space. 

Though they may not like bright and colorful colors, you still can do wonders with a few dark shades of grey, blue, green, or bright colors like yellow and ocean blue.

If your kid is into baseball, you can use baseball stickers or posters as decor for one of the walls. Match the colors of the furniture and mattress. 

7. Multifunctional Room

Multifunctional room
Credits: Image: Room27/Shutterstock

A bedroom is not just a bed and a wardrobe. As mentioned before, for a teen their bedroom is like a small little apartment where they spend their time comfortably. 

You can make it multifunctional by adding elements like a study table, a couch, some extra sitting space, bookshelf, etc. Divide the room into parts such as a sleeping area, study area, etc 

Instead of painting the room with one color you can use a combination of different colors for each wall. Use vibrant and bold colors that will make the room look bright and give your positive vibes. Later decorate the wall with colorful frames.

So, next time they have their friends over, they will definitely have a great time.

8. Pastel Pink

Pastel Pink
Credits: thespruce.com

You can never go wrong with pastel pink in a girl’s room. It is the perfect shade of pink for a room and you can add a shade of grey to it if you find it too pinky. The pieces of furniture and decors can be of a mixed combination of grey, pink, white. It will give out nice girly and positive feelings.

To add some more decor, hang some string light on the wall and add put on small photographs of friends, family, and also some selfies. The string lights will give a glowy ambiance and you can enjoy the festive feel without any festival. It also adds warmness to the room.

9. Boho Bedroom 

Boho bedroom
Credits: oharainteriors.com

Want to incorporate different colors, textures, and patterns in your room? Boho bedroom style is the right choice. Bohemian bedroom style is one of the most popular bedroom ideas. It will give out your artistic, chic, and electric personality.  The linen is usually layered and rich in colors.

For textiles, add a rug with colorful bright patterns, fringe style mattress, and colorful throw pillows. The pieces of furniture can be rattan chairs, ottoman, wooden tables, and wall arts. Boho bedrooms give out a charming and elegant look.

10. Sharing Bedroom 1

Sharing bedroom
Credits: rackable.co

When your girls share a room, there is a huge probability that they will fight for space. So, it’s better to give them their own space and separate pieces of furniture. Divide the room with a cabinet or shelf to give them their privacy and personal space.

It is better to keep separate beds, tables, study desk, and wardrobe. You can keep the color of the mattress and other furniture the same if they share a favorite color or use different colors according to their choices. 

11. Sharing Bedroom 2

Bunk Beds
Credits: theatrium.com.mt

Sharing a bedroom is common for teens. But if you have a small bedroom, it will be difficult to put two separate beds for each one of them. And teenagers may sometimes not like sharing a common bed. That is when the bunk beds come into action. Instead of putting a queen-sized bed in the room, put a bunk bed. They will get their own space.

If you use a bunk bed then you will save quite a room. Install some cool cabinets, posters and separate study tables for both.

12. Book Lovers

Teen BEdroom Ideas Book lovers

“The odd thing about people who had many books was how they always wanted more.”

Does your kid love to read books? Make a huge bookshelf in their room. Because they will need a large space to keep their collection of books. They will be more interested in a classy bookshelf than a cupboard. If they invite someone over they can easily show off their book collection. 

You can even hang a chair, where they can sit and enjoy reading the books.

13. Minimalist

Minimalist teen bedroom ideas
Credits: digdigs.com

Though this design in the list of teen bedroom ideas is not all colorful and bright, it still gives out an elegant look. Minimalist design does not include too many colors or patterns or extra decors. It uses a neutral palette and very few furniture that usually blends in with the room color.

In this design the room you’ll find everything either in blue-grey or white color. Minimalist designs are usually meant for those teens who like the room simple and ready to move towards adulthood.

So, it is important to keep your child’s personality and choices in mind before designing a bedroom. Make it multifunctional and spacious. Over time she may wish to add some more pieces of furniture or make some changes, a spacious room will give her the freedom to do that.

Hope you loved the teen bedroom ideas shared here. Do let us know what design and idea you liked the most.

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