10 DIY Headboard Ideas to Try in 2020

It’s time to lift your bedroom’s aesthetic with some cool DIY headboard ideas!

A bedroom is a go-to place for many of us. There are times when we do not have any plans for the weekend or just wish to spend some quality time alone, and lying around lazily on the bed is one of the best things as it makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Having a nice and cute bedroom not only makes you feel welcomed but also sets a lasting impression on your guests. 

One of the ways to decorate your bedroom and bed is by having a nice headboard. A headboard is something that is attached to the head of the bed, generally a piece of furniture. It keeps the pillows in place, gives you storage space, adds a focal point to your room.

But not all beds have a headboard, buying a bed frame with one is an option, but what if you can make a customized headboard that suits your style? Sticking up the bed to a plain wall is really boring. Spice up the design of your bedroom and turn your simple mattress into a dreamy place with some amazing DIY headboard ideas.

Though making a headboard with storage space can take up time and resources, you can easily create stylish and colorful headboards over a weekend. It is easy and cost-effective.

So, instead of going out to a store and buying a headboard, this weekend try making one yourself. Here’s a list of DIY headboard ideas that you can try.

10 DIY Headboard Ideas in 2019

1. Small Rug Headboard

Rug headboard

Let us start off the list with a colorful, simple, yet elegant headboard design. You’ll need a beautiful rug, rod, nails, and strong ropes. Measure the length of the bed before buying a rug or any piece of cloth. At the desired height (keeping the length of the rug in mind), drill two screws/nails in the wall horizontally. 

Use the rope to wrap it around the rod and hang it on the wall with the help of the screws. Once, you are finished with this, drape your rug on it. There you have a beautiful headboard ready. Add some colorful throw pillows and sheets to your mattress to complete the look.

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2. Upholstered Headboard

Upholstered DIY Headboard ideas

A list of DIY headboard ideas is not complete without an upholstered headboard. They create a bold statement and add a sophisticated look to your bedroom. An upholstered headboard has lots of cushioning and its surface is soft and nice to touch.

Making upholstered headboards is not an easy task but not difficult either. You can surely make it over a weekend. All you will need is a wooden backboard, small square wooden boards for cushions, fabric, staple gun, and fluffy polyester. Measure the size of the bed and height you want for the headboard before creating upholstered boards.

You can use a variety of colors and patterns to make a beautiful headboard.

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3. Tufted Headboard

Tufted headboard

One of the most popular headboard ideas is a tufted headboard. It suits any bedroom style and is loved by all. It’s additional padding and plushy feel makes the headboard comfortable to lean while sitting. 

There are various styles, shapes, and forms of the tufted headboards. Radcliffe, Bonn, Cavendish, Belgrave, and Grosvenor are among the popular shapes. It is easily available at any furniture store but they cost you more than $500. You can easily make one at a home at a very low price.

Some of the supplies that you’ll need to make a tufted bed are plywood, foam, batting, fabric, nailheads, buttons, and staple gun. Cut out the plywood in the shape you want and cover it with a single or double layer of foam or mattress pads. Cover the foam with batting and other fabric to secure the padding. Drill holes for the buttons, and cover it with a final fabric.

The final step is tufting with buttons and adding nailheads along the edges. 

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4. Woven Wood Headboard

Woven wood headboard

Making a woven wooden headboard is super easy and pocket-friendly. It is a unique design and gives a nice funky touch to your headboard. You seed some thin wooden rectangular boards, some glue, and paint.

Cut the wood in a thin rectangular shape and glue it in a weaving pattern. Let it dry and use paint or spray to color the surface of the board. Finally, install the headboard and enjoy the new look of your bedroom.

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5. Washi Tape Headboard

washi tape headboard
Credits: bobvila.com

Don’t actually want to make a headboard but something that looks like one? Use washi tape to design a headboard or any shape on the wall near the head of the bed.

It is easy to design any shape and pattern and also take it down without any problem. You can buy different colors and patterns of washi tape online for less than $5. 

Use a colorful tape to make a design like a bed frame or get creative by making towers and buildings. You can keep changing the designs every month and add a new spark to your room. 

6. Plywood Headboard

Plywood headboard
Credits: Jason Munguia

Have a scrap piece of plywood? Use it for your headboard design. And even if you do not have one buying a piece of it plywood is quite cheap. You can keep the plywood simple and hang it as it is after polishing out the edges. But try making it multifunctional by adding some shelves on this plywood. This can be done by installing small wooden boards horizontally on the piece. 

Once it is done, hang this plywood on the wall at the head of the bead. This space can be used to keep some books, alarm clock, charger, or any other small items. Hang some string lights around it to make it look more festive and beautiful. This way you add a cool look to the bed and also get extra space to keep some of your stuff.

7. Rustic Pallet Headboard

rustic pallet Headboard

So, what’s next in the list of DIY headboard ideas? This headboard is simple and it will definitely suit your budget. As the pallets required for this rustic headboard is easily available for free in the market. These pieces of wood are usually thrown away, as they are not of much help. As a result, you can get it at any lumber yards, wooden store, market, or anywhere around the town. 

You’ll need pallets, 2x4s, hammer, saw, sandpapers, drill, white paint, crowbar, nuts, and bolts. Though this may sound like a difficult task, help from your friend or family member can make it super easy. You can design the headboard to be leveled at all sides or keep it uneven. This pallet headboard will give a perfectly rustic look to your bed.

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8. Woven Headboard

Woven Headboard

This DIY woven headboard will surely grab the attention of your guests. You don’t need much effort to design this headboard and it takes less than 10 minutes to do the complete setup. It adds a nice textural and rustic look to the bedroom.

For this headboard style, you will only 2 jute rugs and 6 placemats, few fish nails, and a hammer. You will get these rugs and placemats for cheap at IKEA or any other home store. For this design, you will have to measure the area of the wall behind the head of the bed and secure the two rugs in the center on top of each other, then the placemats are placed on either side of these rugs. 

Get the Tutorial: Sarah Sherman Samuel

9. Wall Panels Headboard

wall frame headboard

Wall panels are classy and affordable. Using the wall panels you can make an amazing headboard in no time. Measure the width of your bed to see how many of those panels you will need before going out to buy them.

Things that you’ll require to make wall panels headboard are 3 decorative wall panels, screws, drill, painter’s tape.

To make this headboard you first have to find the center of the headboard on the wall near the head of the bed so that you can install one of the decorative wall panels in the center. Install the other two headboards on either side. 

You can keep the design as it is or use a pretty fabric to design the back of the headboard.

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10. Faux Brass Headboard

Faux Brass Headboard

Let us end the list with a shiny faux brass headboard. For this design, you need to make a rectangular headboard out of plywood beforehand. Later you’ll need metallic gold adhesive vinyl, squeegee, scissors to design the plywood.

Get the tutorial: Sugar and Cloth

See, making these amazing headboards was not at all difficult. It gives you something to do over a weekend and also saves so much of your money.

Which out of these DIY headboard ideas are you going to try out? Let us know the results. We’ll love seeing it. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends, families, and neighbors.

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