10 Creative Homemade Gifts For Your Loved Ones

It is not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.

Finding the right gift for your loved ones can be difficult and you may often get confused as what to buy and whatnot. Want a solution to it? Creative Homemade Gifts!

The best gift you can give someone is something you make yourself, as it shows how much time, effort, and love you put into making it. It is not necessary to make something big, even a simple gift carries special meaning. 

Also, you don’t need much of an investment or crafting skills to make beautiful and creative homemade gifts. So, next time instead of buying a gift make one, wrap it in a paper and wait for the birthday girl/boy to open it up. They will definitely love it!

Below is a collection of some creative homemade gifts that are perfect for your loved ones and suitable for any occasion.

1. Coasters

creative homemade gifts coaster

Customized coasters can be a perfect gift for any occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, house warming, etc. And there are so many creative ways with which you can make beautiful coasters.

A set of the stylish coaster is what everyone needs. So, use photographs, popsicle sticks, thin wooden boards, washi tapes, or blocks, to make a set of coasters. Here is an example of a Scrabble coaster for your help.

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2. Bracelets


DIY bracelets are so amazing and easy to make. There is no need to buy bracelets from the store when you can make one for yourself. If you try it once, there is no stopping.

Beading is so much fun and you get creative over time. With few beads left from some previous projects, you can make a beautiful bracelet for the birthday girl. You can even make matching bracelets for you and your best friend. 

You’ll just need a few beads, strings, jump rings, and a lobster clasp to make a wonderful bracelet.

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3. Flower Wall Art

Wall art

Wall decorations are anytime better than just a plain wall. Wall arts can make the room more lively and beautiful. So, next time there is any occasion gift a handmade wall art to that person.

Make a flower wall art with some faux flower bouquet, straws, and a canvas. There is no need to worry whether the art will go with the interiors as this flower decoration will easily blend with any wall in the house and it is so trendy as well.

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4. Homemade candies and cupcakes


Are you a good cook? Show your talent and make some delicious cupcakes and candies, and don’t forget to add some love to it. Who would say NO to such a gift? 

Bake some tasty flavored cupcakes and decorate it with icing and cherries or make chocolates and wrap it in colorful paper. Put them in a cute box (readymade or DIY) and wrap it with a ribbon to give it as a present.

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5. Key Chains

Key chains

A key chain is a perfect gift for friends and family as it can be given on any occasion. They can use is as for their house keys, car keys, or locker keys. DIY keychains are so cute that you will keep them safe and never lose a key again.

Make key chains in the shape of a heart or a customized name or a cute figurine, there are so many ways with which you can create attractive keychains. You can use materials like fabric, beads, cords, clay, pompoms, etc.

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6. Cork Board

creative homemade gifts Corkboard

Every house needs a corkboard, whether you put it in your home office to put on your tasks and schedule or kid’s rooms to stick their exam time-table or in the kitchen to pin recipes and menus.

Making a corkboard is one of the easiest and creative homemade gift ideas. Instead of using a traditional cork board, make one yourself with customized designs and patterns.

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7. Jewelry Dish

jewelry dish

Keeping pieces of jewelry in a safe and proper place is difficult, and losing a pair of earrings can be a disaster for any girl. So, gift your girlfriends a jewelry dish to keep all their rings, necklaces, and earrings safely.

This sculptural hand-shaped jewelry dish is very simple to make and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. It looks so amazing that you would like to make one for yourself as well. This dish can also be used in the living room to keep keys near the door.

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8. Candles


The next on the list of creative homemade gifts are beautiful scented candles. Decorating your home or rooms during occasion with these beautiful candles will instantly spread a nice aroma in the room.

Making candles at home is in fact very easy. You’ll just need a wax, a container or holder for the candle, a wick, fragrance oils, and color of your choice.

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9. Bath bombs

creative homemade gifts bath bombs

A warm bath in the bathtub can be so relaxing. Laying there for some time can remove your stress and dullness. But what is a better way to pamper yourself along with this bath? A Bath bomb!

Going to the spa for a luxurious treatment or buying a bath bomb can be expensive. So, make a bath bomb at home and gift it to your friend. It is not as difficult as it looks, and you can make it with ingredients that are easily available. 

You can add as many soap dyes and fragrance oils as you want or just add one, it’s up to you. But this will definitely be a great gift.

Learn from: Instructables Living

10. Tote Bag

creative homemade gifts tote bag

Tote bags make a wonderful gift and sewing is not difficult and hence they are even suitable for beginners. Create custom tote bags and set a fashion statement. 

As you know the person you are gifting this bag, choose a fabric that matches her style. She can use it to carry magazines, clutch, books, etc.

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