25 Brilliant Birthday Card Ideas for Your Inspiration

Birthday is one of the most special days of the year. What matters the most is not the gifts but the feelings and good wishes from all the loved ones. And what is a better way to express one’s feelings than giving a cute greeting card?

Nowadays posting a story for someone’s birthday on social media has become a trend. But giving a birthday card is a nice gesture. And it is not necessary to just buy a simple card with a happy birthday and some poems written on it. 

Cards can be thoughtful or funny or something creative and relatable to the birthday boy/girl. If you like making handmade cards, then go for it. It would be more special as it shows your love, care, and how much they mean to you. And you can always gain praises for your creativity. Wink! Wink!

Making cards for birthdays every year can be confusing as you have to come up with innovative ideas every time. But don’t worry we have collected some amazing ideas for you to try this year. You can make these cards in advance so that you always have one handy. 

Go through our collection below.

10 Cute Homemade Birthday Card Ideas for All

1. Washi Tape Card

Washi tape cards
Credits: Janb Cards

Even when you run out of time, there is no need for you to buy a simple birthday card from the store. Washi tape cards are so easy to make and look beautiful as well. It won’t cost you much and you can make it in no time.

A few colorful washi tapes and parchment paper is all you need. You can create beautiful designs and patterns and present them to anyone on their birthday.

2. Birthday Card with Sparkles

Sparkles and glitters make everything so much better. If you or your friend love glittery things, make them a colorful and sparkly greeting card.

The rainbow-colored chunky glitters can be used for the word birthday or making balloons. These cards are more female-oriented, so can give it your female friends or girlfriend, it will brighten up their day.

3. Puppy Birthday Card

Birthday card ideas
Credits: mmmcrafts

Does the birthday girl/boy have a pet dog? Or is he/she a dog lover? They would definitely love this card for their birthday. And even if they are not this cute card will make them happy for sure.

Also, this gives you a little twist from the traditional flip open cards. You have to pull out the tongue and the ears flip up to say hie. Isn’t it perfect?  

4. Woven Birthday card

Woven card
Credits: Snippets

Here is another simple yet cute card design on this list of birthday card ideas. Woven birthday card looks creative and you can style it the way you like. A few paper stripes in different colors have to be woven through the slits of the cardstock.

In this design the weaving pattern is vertical you can do it in a horizontal manner or at the corners. Use some beads, buttons, and other decorative material to make the card more beautiful.

5. Birthday Scrapbook

Birthday card ideas scrapbook
Credits: Jana Eubank

Who doesn’t love a birthday scrapbook? They can instantly bring a smile on anyone’s face. There are a variety of scrapbook ideas available but you can make one depending on the time and materials you have. 

Making a scrapbook is not difficult, collect some beautiful memories, photographs, and messages and use a nice design to decorate the book. Also, the best part about this card is that you can gift it to literally anybody. 

6. Paper doily cupcake card

Have paper doily at home? Make a beautiful cupcake card like this. It is super cute and beautiful. A cupcake is an excellent choice for any occasion.

This design looks so elegant than the normal store greetings. You can even use it to make a bag to hold your gift. With a paper doily, few craft papers, and a little creativity you can easily make many such cards with different designs.

7. Pop-up Card for Cat Lover

Pop-up Cat Birthday card ideas
Credits: Red Ted Art

So, if it’s the birthday of your friend who owns a cat or it’s her cat’s birthday this card is an ideal choice. Also, pop-up cards never go out of trend. So here is a birthday card idea that gives you a combination of cat and pop-up.

You can use the printable or draw a cat and cut it out. Stick it in a manner that as you over the card you find a cute little kitty standing there saying ‘Happy Birthday’. It is so cute that you’ll want to keep it for yourself.

8. Birthday Banner Card

Birthday is incomplete without a ‘Happy Birthday’ banner and lots of balloons. And while we are making a pop-up card let us add this Pop-up Banner card to the list. 

What you’ll need is a few construction papers, strings, glue, and scissors. As you open up this card you will find ‘Happy Birthday’ banner popping out and so many balloons flying up in the card. You can write your wishes on these balloons or stick pictures, the choice is yours.

9. Balloon Card

Balloons card
Credits: Queen and Company

Be it, kids or adults, everyone likes balloons. And so birthday is an ideal time to give a balloon card. In love with pom-poms? You will definitely love this idea.

So, here we are going to use small and soft pom-poms as balloons. Decorate the borders of the card with washi tape and stick pom-poms of different colors. Draw the strings and glue a ribbon to it.

10. Birthday Album

A collection of memories and beautiful moments with friends, families, colleagues is all one needs on a birthday. So, make a mini birthday album for the birthday boy/girl. But instead of putting it in a book, we’ll stick it on to paper stripes.

This paper stripes can be put in a small decorative box and you can design the stripes with photos and messages. A unique birthday album is ready.

5 Easy Birthday Card Ideas for Mother

11. Pop-up Mom card

Birthday card ideas Pop-up Mom
Credits: One Dog Woof

This pop-up card is simple and kids of any age can make this for their mom. You just have to cut out ‘I (heart) U’ or ‘Mom’ on a white construction paper leaving out the edges on both sides and glue it on another colorful paper. 

12. Pop-up Cake card

Birthday card ideas Pop-up Cake
Credits: Red Ted Art

Here’s another one in the list of pop-up cards. The procedure remains the same as the previous idea just cut out layered boxes instead of ‘Mom’ and cover the boxes with washi tape. Make small candles out of paper and stick it behind the boxes.

13. Maa – Maa card

Maa-maa card
Credits: 911stories

The sheep goes ‘Baa’, you go ‘Maa’ this birthday. Give your mother a card with a cute little sheep on it and write ‘Maa!’ below it. Make the sheep with the help of black velvet paper and small white flowers made with paper. 

14. Koala Card

Koala Birthday Card
Credits: Mad in Crafts

A mother’s love is pure, whether it’s human or an animal. So, let us make a greeting card depicting a mother’s love with the help of animals. Make this cute birthday greeting card where a Koala mother is cuddling her baby. It is so adorable.

15. Pom poms

Love pom poms? Make a birthday card with it for your mom. Just like the previous idea, we’ll again be drawing animals. Use a big pom-pom for the body of the mama and small ones for the babies. Use pink pom-poms to make flamingoes, yellow for the chicks and black and white for penguins.  

5 Easy Birthday Card Ideas for Father

16. Neck-tie card

There is no better birthday card for father than a neck-tie card. Fathers are mostly seen in shirts and ties as they dress up for work, so make a personalized card in the shape of a shirt with a tie-on it. Young kids can simply cut out a paper in the shape of tie whereas older ones can make a 3D craft of it.

17. Tool-box card

Credits: Catscrapbooking

Tool-box relates to dads. Whenever anything goes wrong with the appliances or need some big cutting work, it is the dad who comes to our rescue. So make a birthday card in the shape of a toolbox and draw some tools on it. Don’t forget to add the best dad tag to it.

18. Finding Nemo card

nemo card

We all love the movie, Finding Nemo. And of course, who could forget the efforts and hard work put by Marlin to find Nemo, he was the best! 

So, make ‘Finding Nemo’ card with your hand-print in orange color and decorate it to give an underwater background. You can even cut a small handprint and but a Nemo with Marlin.

19. Superhero Shirt

Dad’s are our favorite and real-life superhero who stand by us at all times and protect us from all the danger. So, make a superhero shirt card for him this birthday, it will make him happy. 

Make a card in the shape of a shirt and as he opens up the shirt from the middle a superhero background and image is seen.

20. Mustache Card

Credits: Shari’s Berries

Does your dad have a mustache? If yes then this birthday card ideas is for you. Make this card with a nice tagline like ‘ You’re – fan – stache – tic’ or some funny puns. But don’t worry if your dad does not have a mustache, there are many other creative ideas mentioned here.

5 Easy Birthday Card Ideas for Her/Him

21. Buttons Greeting Card

Ever thought with small buttons you can be so creative? Use two buttons as the faces of a girl or boy, you can keep the buttons of the same size or use a smaller one for the girl’s face. 

Draw some hair around the girl and hearts around the paper. You can position the buttons in a way that they are kissing or simply standing. A simple yet cute card is ready.

22. Love Box

The list of birthday card ideas is incomplete without a Love explosion box. They can be a little difficult task but there are so many tutorials available for different shapes and patterns. Add images, messages, poems, a small gift, coupons, etc to this box.

23. Kissing Lip Pop-up card

A big smoochy kiss is the best way to wish you a girl or man a Happy Birthday. This card is what will make him/her blush. Make an origami kissing lips and glue it inside the card. So, that when the birthday boy/girl opens it up he/she gets a cute little kiss.

24. Hearts flying out

You must be sending dozens of hearts to your lover on WhatsApp but to make his/her birthday special, you can

send an envelope full of hearts. I’m pretty sure that it’ll make them jump of joy and understand how much you “heart” them. You can add a personal touch by writing some cute messages or loving incidents in hearts.

25. Popup I Love You

This card idea will need a little more hard work than any other on the list. But the smile and happiness you will get to see on your partner’s face will definitely be worth it. 

As the card open’s up you will see a pop-up of a cute couple sitting on the stairs and ‘I Love You’ popping out in the background. This beautiful card says it all and there is no other special message needed.

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