Top‌ ‌10‌ ‌Easy‌ ‌to‌ ‌Make‌ ‌DIY‌ ‌Wedding Invitations

Weddings are such special ceremonies where people come to celebrate a very special moment in the life of the couple. Notice I used “life” there, that’s cause when they get married they become one entity. It is a day where guests put on their best clothes to come to watch the couples kiss, drink wine and dance happily.

For the couple that special day has to be perfect, that’s why it takes a lot of preparation and money to get a perfect ceremony. While most couples tend to focus attention more on their dress, venue, and wine, they fail to put attention on their invitations. Invitations are the first piece about your wedding that people get to see, so it’s always best to make it special. There’s no better way to do this than doing-it-yourself “DIY”.

Today we bring you 10 effortless DIY wedding invitations, you can make and send to your guests to show them you care about their presence at your wedding.

1. Simple Laser Cut Design

Laser cuts are a nice way of designing your wedding card. Laser-cut cards are pretty pricey these days but if that’s what you want nothing should stop you. Online tutorials are a good way of learning how to make that beautiful design you want without having to pay for it.

Although it might seem difficult, with the time you’ll get the hang of it. Why not grab a piece of paper and a pair of scissors and start cutting your dream design?

2. Stylish Wax Paper Invite

Stylish Wax Paper Invite
Credit: Once Wed

Wax designs are another easy to make DIY wedding invitations card. Wax designs are a great way of adding a bit of style to your wedding invitation. With a printed design of your choice, a sheet of paper and wax beads or candles you are set to making your wedding invite. Simple thin layers of wax finishing on your card is surely going to give it a whole new look. 

3. Lace Embellished Design

Credit: Bridal Guide

Sometimes your calligraphy might be very good and you manage to pen down a beautiful wedding invitation card. But looking at it a second time you might feel the need to add something extra to it to accentuate your wonderful writing.

Well, why not add a little bit of lace material to it and give it that look you desire. Lace materials are known to give some kind of classical looks to designs. Embellish your wedding invitation with a little bit of lace and give your card a classical touch.

4. Simple Ribbon Design

DIY wedding invitations Simple Ribbon Design
Credit: bhg

If you need a simple good looking wedding card, then ribbons are a way to go. They turn your wedding invitations from simple and boring, too simple and nice.

Ribbons are so easy to work with when you are designing your wedding invitations yourself even if you have no prior experience. You can make do of simply designed ribbons or make plain ones into bows to make your wedding invitation card a lot better looking.

5. Sparkly Crystal Design

DIY wedding invitation
Credit: Imaginediy

Your wedding invitations are the first things people receive before your big day, and you know what they say about first impressions. If you want to have a great first impression on your guests, then crystal embellishments are the perfect way to do so.

If you plan on making your wedding invitations yourself but have a reputation of having great tastes to uphold, this is the design for you. After penning down your write why not adorn the cover of your invite with sparkly crystals, to give your guests a taste of what to expect.

6. Touch of Embroidered Invitation

Touch of Embroidered Invitation
Credit: Diys

Embroidery is a craft that requires a lot of attention and precision. With every detail you put into your card you show your guests how special they are to you and how much their presence at your wedding means to you.

Your embroidered designs could give hints to the theme or color of your wedding. This is one DIY wedding invitations design that is cost-friendly and time-saving.

7. Wedding Location Theme Card

Location is an important factor for weddings. If you feel too excited about your wedding location to shut up about it, why not give your guests a sneak peek at the location. You could go with a laser-cut design that is cut in line with your wedding venue. Keep your guests’ eager to attend your wedding with such wonderful designs.

8. Simple Washi Tape Design

We understand that no everyone wants an over the top classy wedding. Some just want to keep it simple but that’s no excuse for having an unattractive wedding card.

Want to keep it simple but nice? Adding a little bit of nicely designed washi tapes to it will surely do the trick. As you are doing it yourself you have the liberty of choosing designs that are a good representation of your personality. 

9. Stylish Paper Cut Design

Credit: Print Stop

Paper cut designs are not a new trend for they have been around for a long time. What better way to let your guests know your wedding dates than capture their attention with your card design?

A simple paper cut design on your wedding cards will surely keep the date stored to memory. This sort of design is very cost-effective, so if you are working with a tight budget, there’s no need for worries.

10. Romantic Buttons Invitation Card

Credit: Diys

Wedding cards are not supposed to look too plain, except you want your guests to think it’s going to be boring. If you are one for simple designs, you could spice up your wedding invitation cards by adding a touch of a 3D element to it.

Buttons are a great way to achieve this and give your invite an interesting look. You could go with an all heart button design or just a little, whatever works for you best. This is one simple DIY wedding invitations design you should try out if you plan on having a simple wedding.

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