DIY Gifts for Boyfriend Suitable for All Occasions

Gifts are special items we receive from friends and love ones without asking for it. They just surprise you with one to put a smile on your face. 

For a guy, there’s nothing more exciting and heartwarming than receiving a surprise gift from his girlfriend. It even more fun when the gifts are crafted by the girlfriend herself, it goes to show that she really put in the effort to put a smile on his face. 

Tired of having to buy regular items such as chocolates and flowers for your boyfriend? Then it’s time to try your hands out and make something special with lots of love for him. Here are some terrific DIY gifts for boyfriend that are surely going to surprise and make you Man happy.

10 Easy to Make DIY Gifts for Boyfriend

1. Heart-shaped Tea Bags

If your boyfriend always needs a cup of tea in the morning to start his day, why not make his next cup extra-special. Create your own unique heart-shaped tea bags, and gift them to him. This way his morning tea will have an extra flavor of LOVE, cause that’s what the tea was made of.

To achieve this, you will be needing fillable tea bags, a thread, a pair of scissors and store-bought tea. This gift will not only make him enjoy his favorite tea in the morning but also keep you on his mind all morning. 

2. Simple Nature Gifts

Sometimes you don’t need to spend money in order to get your man a heartfelt gift. Sometimes mother nature just provides all you need to you get the job done. With some finely polished rocks and some little sticks, any lover of the outdoors will certainly be pleased.

See how this author pleases her mountain-man husband by simply writing heartfelt inscriptions on stones and sticks to celebrate valentine’s day. Pick out what your boyfriend loves and make a gift out of it today.

3. Exploding Photo Box

Surprise your boyfriend with an exploding box of photos from special moments. This easy to make boxes are ideal gifts on the occasion of your anniversary, that way you could include photos from your first date and pen down a few notes to go with it. This will be a good reminder of how you both started and how far you have come together.

4. Make Him a Scarf

Save your boyfriend a few bucks by making him a scarf for the winter. Winter comes with cold and everyone seeks warmth during this period. Neck scarfs are usually a fashion trend during this period and would make an ideal gift for your man.

If you are one who is good with needles simply knit your boyfriend a scarf for the winter. This will not only bring warmth to his neck alone but also his heart.

5. Favorite Song Picture Frame

A simple picture frame is sometimes the ideal DIY gift for your boyfriend. If you have run out of ideas on what to get your boyfriend, simply get a picture frame and put in his picture. To make to an extra special, handwrite the lyrics of his favorite song and this will be the background of the picture in the frame.

6. A Tie Blanket

If you wish to make something that is long-lasting for your boyfriend, a tie blanket is an ideal DIY gift. A tie blanket is a cozy, easy to make and meaningful DIY item to gift your boyfriend. If you lack sewing skills you can get a regular blanket, cut and tie the edges and adorn it with his initials or a special date with a hot glue gun.

7. Special Favorite Hobby Pillow

Every guy is into one activity or the other, activities such as football, gaming, etc. Use your boyfriends’ hubby in making a DIY gift for him. Sammi Leanne’s here has a boyfriend who is an avid gamer and she decides to make him a special pillow shaped like an Xbox controller for valentine. And yes, he really loved it.

Guys love it when their girlfriends show interest and support for their hobbies. This is a perfect DIY gift suitable for all occasion you can make for our boyfriend.

8. Candy Bouquet

Making a candy bouquet for your boyfriend is another easy DIY present you can gift your boyfriend. Creating a fun item out of candy can be one surprisingly easy and fun project. You can customize the item in line with your boyfriends’ interest.

You can use this idea to cut out an item on cardboard and decorate it lavishly with colored candy. Take this guitar for example that is made of candy, it is an ideal gift for a music lover boyfriend.

9. Secret Notes Envelope Pillow Cover

Here is another item on the list of DIY gifts for boyfriend. Make this awesome pillow cover for your boyfriend that also doubles as an envelope. Be able to leave secret notes for your boyfriend every day expressing how much you love him. If he’s one who forgets easily this is a perfect gift to leave him daily reminders of important events.

This pillow cover is very easy to make and can be made within 30 minutes. If you feel you don’t need a new pillow cover, you can simply transform an old pillow of his and give it a new look.

10. Customize Beer Labels

This is another DIY item you could gift your boyfriend. Even if he’s not a heavy drinker, every guy opens a bottle every once in a while. On important game night, say the super bowl you can purchase a pack of beer and get creative with the labels.

Kristen here from Make the best of everything decided to make valentines’ day special for her hubby by putting her own DIY labels on his beers. Pick an occasion an do something similar for your boyfriend.

So, let us know in the comment section below, which was your favorite idea from our list of DIY gifts for boyfriend.

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