10 Excellent DIY Platform Bed Designs for Your Home

The bedroom is your personal space and should be decorated in a very attractive manner. From your choices of color to the curtains, everything adds to the beauty of the room. Do you know what makes it even better? Your bed platform design. Having a nice bed platform makes it the focal point of the room so you need it to be stylish and up to trend.

Getting a nice bed is usually very pricy as bed platforms are usually one of the most expensive room furniture. However, if you are working on a tight budget while redecorating your room, the best way to get a nice bed is to DIY the platform. 

If you are wondering how you are going to design the frame, we got you covered. Here are some stylish bed platforms you can make for your bed to give your room an awesome look. 

10 DIY Platform Bed Designs

1. Platform Bed with Built-in Storage

If you have a very small home, you are surely going to need every space you can get because it is very limited. You might want to make the most of storage with every little opportunity you get.

Making a platform bed with built-in storage is one way to achieve this. This platform bed has storage options for books, blankets, shoes, and other accessories. Building this bed might be a little complicated for DIY beginners so know that it will take some time before you piece it all together. 

2. Wood Raised Platform Bed

Wood Raised Diy Platform Bed

If you are one who is afraid of sleeping too high above the ground, this simple platform bed is perfect for you. If you are under the impression that you need to sleep low close to the ground, you should make this platform that is standard height.

It has small wooden legs beneath it just not too far from the ground. This platform is simple to make and not expensive also. Kristy from addicted to decorating shows you how she made hers, follow this tutorial and make one like this for yourself.

3. Spread-out Platform Bed

Having a very big room could be very difficult to decorate as you have a large space to fill. If you have very few furniture to work with you might want to opt-in make this spread-out platform bed with a bookshelf.

The platform is wider than the bed itself making it occupy more of the unused room space. Gregory from apartment therapy shares a picture of how David made his. Doesn’t this bed look like you have a stage set-up in your room? It surely will feel like one also.

4. Sturdy Platform Bed with Frame

If you are too scared of taking on making a platform bed all by yourself, you will discover there’s nothing to it. This platform bed with frame is quite easy to make even a beginner would have no trouble making it. Follow this tutorial from shanty 2 chic and make this bed for yourself. Give your room a nice look with this classic DIY simple platform bed frame.

5. Kitchen Cabinet Style Platform Bed

Yes, I know what you are thinking, this design is actually quite technical and maybe not everyone can do it. Only those really determined you have this bed that really looks like a kitchen cabinet that can achieve it.

You can design this from scratch or just get a regular kitchen cabinet and build it into this marvelous platform bed. This platform has lots of storage space and this makes it perfect for small room spaces. If over-the-top designs are your style, this is truly the perfect design for your room.

6. Platform Bed with Floating Nightstand

This floating nightstand platform bed is surely a winner when it comes to looking cool and stylish. If you have limited bedroom space and feel if you put in a bed there wouldn’t be room to accommodate a nightstand, this platform bed solves that problem for you.

Now you have where to place your lamps, alarm clock, and mobile phones. If you this is the platform for you to follow the tutorial from Instructables workshop to build one for yourself. 

7. Platform Beds with Drawers

Platform beds don’t only take room space they create some too. This platform bed doubles as a place to sleep and also store things. Take advantage of the empty space under your platform bed by adding drawers to it. Having no paneled sides and lacking pull hardware makes it have a stylish sleek modern look.

This platform bed with drawer not only give you wardrobe space under your bed, it also helps prevent stuff from stuffing under your bed. You can have as much wardrobe as you want as long as there’s enough space to accommodate them.

8. Simple Low-waste Platform Beds

Now, this is by far the cheapest platform bed on the list. If you think your mattress needs a platform but you can’t afford one, well this is one cheap platform you can make for less than $30. It is super easy to make and you can set it up in less than an hour.

You don’t need to have superb carpentry skills to get this done, as long as you can handle a saw and hammer your platform will be ready in no time.

9. Bunk Bed Platform

Credit: 911stories.net

For parents with twins or two kids who share a room, this is a suitable platform bed for them. You can have them sleep in two queen-sized beds and take space of just one. The bunk bed platform is very easy to make and it looks totally cool. Give your twins more bonding time as they share the same platform bed.

10. Classic Four Poster Bed

Just like good classical music and books, the classic four-poster bed never goes out of style. If you are a lover of things from classical times, this is the platform bed that should be in your room. This bed is very budget-friendly and quite simple to make. Give your bedroom a new look with this vintage yet classic four-poster bed.

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