Beautiful DIY Roman Shades for Your Apartment

Almost every room in a home has window spaces to allow info of air and sunshine.

Covering over windows adds to the fittings of the room so it’s best to choose them carefully. If you don’t like curtains that drop down to the floor, then Roman Shades are the best window fittings for you. 

Roman shades are lovely and always tailored to fit in the room they are used. They fit in into all types of window spaces. They are the perfect sort of window covering for a narrow window, a window where you want some privacy or a window where you don’t want a drape that hangs to the floor. 

The best part is Roman shades are quite easy to make and below are some easy DIY Roman shades you can make for your home.

1. Relaxed Roman Shade

DIY roman shades
Credits: Stag Design

Every window in all part of the home needs a Roman shade. Jen from Stagg Design absolutely gave this bathroom window the finishing it requires. In her tutorial, she teaches how you can make the relaxed Roman shade style yourself.

Deciding to add a pop of color to the almost all-white master bathroom, she decided to go with a faux shade and it fits in perfectly. Next time you are thinking of having your bathroom window redone, be sure to whip up one of this for your private space. 

2. Plain Roman Shade

DIY roman shades
Credits: TheDiyMommy

Sometimes it’s okay to go plain with designs. Notice how this little window above the kitchen sink looks great with a plain Roman shade above it. You too can make this for your kitchen window with a few items that wouldn’t cost you much.

Notice how in this design the fabric is fixed to the frame, so you’ll have to screw the brackets into the hanger before it’s mounted. Follow this tutorial to learn how to make a Roman shade with built-in strings. 

3. Pleats Style DYI Roman Shades

Pleats Style DYI Roman Shades
Credits: DiyDecorMom

Spice up your Roman Shades with nice pleats. DIY Decor Mom Annie, added several folds at the bottom of her fabric to give it a luxurious look. She guides you every step of the way so you can create this beautiful design for your home.

This design is perfect for windows in places you want to give detail. The best part is, they are super cheap to make, costing less than $50.

4. DIY Roman Shades with Dowels

Credits: All Things Thrifty

Now, don’t you just love the look of that sitting room? Wouldn’t be bad to have something like that, would it? Brook from All Things Thrifty surely outdid herself here you must agree. This three-piece good looking Shade that spells the word LOVELY when drawn is surely a winner.

Follow the easy steps of how this shade was made and get one for yourself. If you think it’s difficult to get nice drapes over large windows, well think again.

5. Brightly Colored DIY Roman Shades

No one said you have to remain mild with colors when choosing fabric for your Shade. You are free to experiment with any color of your choice as long as it goes well with the furniture.

Check out this bright color shade by Brynne from The Gathered Home, lovely isn’t it? Notice how it blends in well with other furniture giving the room a warm look. Follow up on this tutorial and get to know how this look was achieved.

6. Removable DYI Roman Shade

Credits: Ohoh Decor

We just love this Roman shade tutorial from Ohoh Deco, as they give straightforward steps on how to make Roman shades for large windows.

The best part is that they were built to be removable, so you can easily wash it if you feel the fabric needs washing. Follow this tutorial closely and learn how to make these Shades for your home.

7. DIY Roman Blackout Shades

Temperatures are hottest in the month of August and sweat-stains & less clothing become a part of everyday living. Windows covers are usually kept down during this period to keeps the sun out. Well, this is the perfect time to install a blackout shade.

This nice looking sun blackout DIY Roman Shade from we can make anything are in order. Learn how to make this and be sure to keep your home cool in this month of August.

8. Easy Reversible DIY Roman Shade

Credits: Bower Power

Well, I know what you thinking, and the truth is, the shades weren’t changed. This is a double-sided Roman shade that you can change the side to display each day. This is by far one of the easiest Roman Shade you can make for your home.

All you need are two lengths of fabrics and four tension bars. Both fabrics are sewn together at the top hems, looped over a tension bar at the top of the window and you are good to set it however you wish with the others.

9. DIY Roman Shades Using Mini Blinds

Credits: Honestly WTF

When deciding to change your mini blinds to Roman shades, you don’t need to throw out the blinds as they are still very useful. Here’s is an innovative Roman shade from Honestly WTF, that was created from a mini blind.

Erica shows you how you can transform your current mini blinds to Roman shades. The best part is, you don’t need to sew anything. Transform your blind and add a bit of color to your home today.

10. Roman Shades using tension Rods

For someone who enjoys having a little sunlight in the room and doesn’t see the need to cover the entire window, you should opt for this Roman shade. Follow these quick steps from Home Stories A to Z to make this simple Roman Shade that covers half the window space.

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