10 Exciting Easter Crafts for Kids – Lots of Fun

Spring is one of the most refreshing seasons of the year that people eagerly look forward to experiencing each year. It might be because it comes after the cold long season of winter or the refreshing feeling that comes with it. Warm weather, sunlight and a fresh new start.

It is during the spring season in the month of April that Easter is celebrated. This is a very fun period especially for kids as they look forward to stories of the Easter Bunny and go out for egg hunts. Craft making is another fun activity that kids do enjoy during Easter.

In this post, we bring you some of the best Easter Crafts for Kids that will keep them excited all through the Easter celebrations.

10 Simple Easter Crafts for Kids

1. Paper Easter Bunny

Paper Easter Bunny

The Easter bunny is a very significant figure for this celebration. Although Easter is said to be a Christian celebration for kids the Bunny is a very important figure. They look forward to hunting for eggs hidden by the bunny in nearby bushes.

The Easter Bunny can be considered the Santa of Easter. Getting kids to handcraft a paper version of this figure is one activity that’s surely going to complete their celebration. Folded and brightly colored Bunnies are a great decor addition.

2. Easter Bunny Figurine

Easter craft for kids Easter bunny figurine

A bunny figurine is a great way to keep the kids engaged during Easter. With a little clay or porcelain, you are all set. Making a bunny statuette is an awesome craft the kids are sure to enjoy as it involves playing with dirt.

One great thing about figurines is that they could be kept as part of the home décor all year round as they are very durable. The kids are sure to get all messy making a figurine but its Easter and a little dirt wouldn’t hurt.

3. Egg painting

Credits: bhg.com

They say never play with your food, well I guess we can bend this rule a little. As tasty as eating eggs could be these eggs are not for eating. Egg painting is an exciting way of making your Easter more fun.

This is one of the oldest Easter practice for kids that it has become almost customary. Egg painting gives kids the opportunity of tapping into their inner creativity by expressing it freely in their colorful painting of eggs into different patterns.

4. Paper Basket

paper basket
Credits: easypeasyandfun.com

In a season when we hunt for eggs, we are not going to carry them around in our pockets are we? Well, then why not make baskets to put our eggs. Kids are allowed to be creative and imaginative by making paper baskets in any size and pattern they wish.

Well ideally we can’t actually use them in hunting for real eggs, but they are great for putting in our painted eggs and paper eggs. Paper baskets are really fun to make with your kids as you get ready for Easter.

5. Paper Easter Eggs

Easter paper crafts paper easter egg
Credits: easypeasyandfun

If you feel painting edible eggs are a total waste of supplies this easter crafts for kids is a good substitute. Well, make your own eggs to paint using paper as no one has to be gets left out in the egg painting activity.

Engaging your kids in carving out and painting paper eggs for Easter. This can be really fun as you get to determine how big your eggs should be. These paper eggs can be used as stickers for decorative purposes around the house.

6. Egg Lantern

Credits: Instructables.com

Think your old conventional lantern wouldn’t fit in with your Easter decorations? Well, why not replace them with something that would be more fitting for the Easter fittings.

You can use paper and a few sticks to make egg-shaped lanterns that would be the perfect fit for Easter. The entire family can spend an entire afternoon making lanterns for the home. It is sure to be a fun way to spice up a boring spring afternoon. 

7. Easter Egg Hunt Card

Credits: Instructables.com

Not being part of a fun activity can make kids feel really sad and left out. Especially one that involves adventures and treasure hunt like the Easter egg hunt. It gets worse when their friends get to talk about in school and they feel lost in the whole conversation.

Well, give them Easter egg hunt tales to talk about by making an egg hunt card. This way they get to position their eggs in any position they wish to in their own little paper thicket. 

8. Hatching Chick Craft

Credits: iheartcraftythings.com

Ever heard of the saying, “If you have eggs, chicks are not far off”? Well, I just made that up, however, bring your paper Easter eggs to life by making them hatch. Crafting your paper eggs in the shape of chicks hatching is a fun way to go.

Kids are certainly not going to be able to contain their excitement as they give life to their Easter eggs. Cutting and painting their hatching chick is one Easter craft they will not forget in a hurry.

9. Easter Bunny Card

Credits: easypeasyandfun.com

Now think about it, what’s a celebration without a card? Christmas got cards, new year got cards, even mother’s day got cards, so why should Easter be left out. Get your family together to design amazing Easter bunny cards.

An Easter themed card is surely a great addition to your Easter décor collections. You could include a family photo and send it out as gift cards to friends and close relatives.

10. Radiating Easter Eggs

Credits: crazylittleprojects.com

Easter signifies new beginnings and what better way to express it than bright colors. Yellow, orange, and pink are examples of bright colors that radiate in the sun. Paint your Easter eggs with bright colors and watch them sparkle.

These eggs can be hung outside not only for their beauty to dazzle but also for them to add color to your front porch. So the next time you are designing paper Easter eggs with your kids, be sure to flatter it with bright colors.

Well, now you got Easter crafts for kids fun ideas to engage your kids with next Easter.

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