10 Amazing Paper Plate Crafts for Kids and Adults

Some weekends can be really boring! You may wish to take a break from the same old routine and your kids get bored of playing with the same toys. So, what’s the solution to it? Crafts!

You may think crafting can be expensive and also messy. But that is not the case with the craft ideas mentioned below. We are going to use a very basic supply – Paper Plates.

Nearly everyone has paper plates at their homes. And if not, you can easily get it in a store nearby and that too at a cheap price. Paper plates just like popsicle sticks are so versatile that you can easily make any craft out of it. 

Paper plate crafts are easy and fun to make. Here’s a list of paper plate crafts categorized for adults and kids. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get creative.

5 Paper Plate Craft Ideas for Kids

Listed below are some easy crafts that you can try out with your kids.

1. Paper Plate fish

Let us start off the list with a paper plate fish. It is super easy and your kids will definitely enjoy making it. All you need is a paper plate, a few colorful papers, glue, and a circle paper punch.

Start by painting the paper plate. Cut out a triangle from the plate to make a mouth and use black and white paper to make the fish’s eye or just paint it. Let your kids punch out circles from colorful paper. Fold the circles and stick them on the paper plate. Lastly, glue the cut out triangle as the tail.

Tutorial: Easy Peasy and Fun

2. Paper Plate Hat


You don’t have to buy hats for all occasions, just make one. This way you can customize the designs, patterns, and colors according to your wish.

Start by folding the paper plate in half and draw out the half design you want on your hat. It is better if you go for symmetrical design as it becomes easy to cut. 

Cut out the hole for the hat by leaving a little space where the brim and center of the design meets. Decorate the plate and the design. Your hat is ready!

Tutorial: Alpha Mom

3. Bird Nest

paper plate crafts nest

Here’s another fun craft to try with paper plate – Make a bird nest. It is simple and really cute. 

Take a paper plate and cut it in half. Color it with brown color and cut a C shape out on one half. Now on the back of the C shape stick moss and leave it to dry. 

On the other half glue some papers, feathers, and sticks. Make birds out of the puffball and stick it on the complete half part. Lastly, stick the C part on the other half. There you have a cute little nest ready.

Tutorial: A Little Pinch of Perfect

4. Easter Bunny

paper plate crafts Easter bunny

This paper plate craft is perfect for young kids as it is really simple. You’ll just need some basic supplies like a paper plate to make the face, googly eyes, construction paper for bunny ears, pom-poms for cute nose, pipe cleaners as whiskers, and glue.

Stick googly eyes, pom-pom, and whiskers on the back of the paper plate. Use a white and any other colorful paper to make the ears and stick it on the front part of the brim. A cute little Easter bunny is ready to be hung around in the room.

Tutorial: The Best Ideas for Kids

5. Fish Bowl

goldfish bowl

Love goldfish? Let us make a paper plate goldfish bowl. You’ll need some basic requirements like blue paint, two paper plates, a few construction papers (golden and green), strings, and stapler.

Make a few fish out of golden paper and grass out of green. Paint a paper plate with blue color and stick grass on it at the end. Punch a hole in the fish and use a string to hang it from the top of the blue paper plate. 

Cut the middle section of the other plate and staple its edges on the other plate. Finally, cut out a straight line to make it look like a bowl.

Tutorial: Activity Village

5 Paper Plate Craft Ideas for Adults

Want some creative ideas for yourself? Keep scrolling.

6. Dream Catcher 

A dream catcher is perfect for kids who are troubled with bad dreams or have sleeping problems. It can be a decoration for your room as well. It is quite easy to make a dream catcher and you can modify it creatively.

You’ll just need a few supplies which are easily available in your house or you can get it for cheap in any store.

Tutorial: Red Ted Art

7. Cookie Basket

It’s time to move on from the traditional plates and bowls to decorate your dining table. Piling cookies on the plate or gifting it to someone in a bowl or plate is too old-fashioned now. 

So, make cute little cookie baskets out of the paper plate. And guess what? It won’t cost you a thing. Just a paper plate and ribbons for decoration is needed to make a perfect gifting basket.

Tutorial: One Good Thing by Jillee

8. Paper Plate Organizer

paper plat crafts organizers

Want a neat and tidy desk that looks cute at the same time? Make an organizer for all stationery and other supplies using a paper plate. 

You don’t need more of the desk space for the paper plate organizer. Just hang it on the wall using a woolen string.

Tutorial: Molly Moo Crafts

9. Love Birds

Love birds are so adorable!! And you can make these cute little birds out of paper plates. They can also be a pretty wall decoration for any room in your house.

With basic materials and a little creativity, you can make so many love birds in no time. Ask your kids to join you as making a paper plate lovebird is quite simple.

Tutorial: Arty Crafty Kids

10. Paper plate flowers

paper plate flowers

Let us end this list of paper plate crafts by making gorgeous flowers. They can be used as decorations at parties and functions. 

Making these flowers is not easy but it is definitely worth the effort. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll easily make them in no time.

Tutorial: Muslin and Merlot 

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