10 Cool Toilet Paper Roll Crafts to Make This Year

As a kid, we were all given these cardboard rolls by our parents to play or make something out of it. And we must agree that nearly all of us have tried looking through it, or put our hand in it or color it. Toilet paper roll crafts are so easy and fun to make. 

Missing those golden days? Not to worry, this post will take you back to that amazing time.

Paper rolls are so accessible and versatile. Everyone has it in their home, so making a craft out of it is not going to cost you a penny. You can cut it, make crafts for kids, or make home decor and organizational items, the list is never-ending.

So, next time instead of tossing it in the trash start collecting it, we can make some amazing crafts out of it.

Wondering what to try with these cardboard tubes? Here is a list of toilet paper roll crafts, divided into two sections: Kids and Adults. This way you can teach some crafts to your kids and make something interesting for yourself as well.

10 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts to Make This Year

So, without wasting any more time let’s have a look at the list.

5 Easy Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

We’ll start off the list with some easy and fun crafts for kids. It will keep them busy and your walls clean at the same time. These crafts can also be used as a decoration in your home.

1. Snowman

The toilet paper roll snowman is super cute and so easy to make. You have to just cover the roll with white paper and decorate it with ribbons and pom-poms. 

They are a great craft to make during Christmas, as you can use them to decorate a Christmas tree or hang them in your kid’s room. If you do not wish to hang them make snowmen of different heights by cutting down the roll and place them on the table.

Learn how to make a Snowman from Crafyaholics Anonymous

2. Binoculars

Here’s one of the most common yet fun things to do with the rolls – make binoculars. You need two cardboard tubes of the same size and decorate it using paint, stickers, cut-outs, or colorful papers. 

Stick the two rolls together, if you need more space between the rolls you can add a small paper roll in between the two toilet paper rolls. Lastly, make two small holes on the outside edge of the roll and tie a string to it. Your kids can hang these binoculars around their neck and go hunting.

 Learn how to make Binoculars from Buggy and Buddy

3. Minions

This is my favorite – making a minion out of the toilet paper rolls. I am sure your kids love Minions. So, let’s make one.

You’ll just need black, yellow, white, and blue construction papers, scissors, and a black marker.

Roll the tube with yellow paper and cut out its dress with the blue. Stick it to the roll and add some detials to it. You can cover up the base and use it as a pencil holder.

Learn to make Minions from Crafts by Amanda

4. Fire Dragons

Fire dragons are must on the list of toilet paper roll crafts. Cover the roll in the choice of color paper you want. Use small poms-poms to make googly eyes and draw a mouth. 

Next use some colorful (preferably yellow and orange) crepe paper or tissue paper strips to make the fire. Stick these strips to one end of the roll. So, when you blow from the other end, the stips will fly and you get a fire-blowing dragon ready.

Learn how to make Fire Dragons from One Little Project

5. Bats

Toilet paper roll crafts Bat

Let’s make something Halloweeny with the toilet paper roll. Bats are easy and fun to make and you can always decorate your house with it during Halloween.

Cut out the rolls if you want to make small bats and cover it with black paper. Draw wings on the black paper and cut it out. Paste it on either side and draw eyes and mouth with white paint or use white paper cutouts. If you make big bats, just cover the ends to give out sweets in it.

Learn to make Halloween Bats from Crafting a Green World

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Adults

6. Mobile Stand

Toilet paper roll crafts Mobile Stand

A phone stand is what you need for your home or office desk. It won’t take much time, efforts, or materials. 

Cut out a rectangle in the cardboard roll, big enough to fit your mobile. Cover the roll with decorative papers, stripes, or paint it. Use four push pins on the ends of the tube to make it stand properly. Your mobile stand is ready.

Learn to make Mobile stand from Easy Peasy Creative

7. Wall Art

Wall art

You and your kids can do this over a weekend or during vacations. For this you will have to collect as many toilet paper rolls as possible, the more you have the bigger your wall art.

Flatten the paper roll and cut it into thin round pieces. Join the pieces to make flowers or different patterns. 

Learn to make Wall Art from The How-To Gal

8. Pillow Gift Boxes

pillow boxes

A square box is so old fashioned. Let’s try making small gift boxes using the cardboard roll. Use a tissue paper to roll over the tube for a few times. 

Fold the end of the paper slightly inside towards the center. This will create a rounded fold. Do it on both the ends and use a ribbon to seal it properly.

You can do it directly with the tube as well. Just flatten the tube and push the ends inwards. Decorate the center of the case and use a ribbon or rope to seal the ends after filling it.

Learn to make Pillow Cases from Practically Functional

9. Organizers

Toilet paper roll crafts Organizers

Organizers can make our house neat and tidy and there will be less of the clutter lying around. Toilet paper rolls come quite handy at this situation.

You can make a different type of organizers like office supply organizer, scarves holder, or your socks and innerwear organizers.

Learn to make Office Supply Organizer from Fave Crafts

10. Napkin Rings

Napkin rings

While setting the table during dinners or family get-together, use napkin rings to hold the napkins neatly. You can make recycle your toilet paper roll to make beautiful and creative napkin rings.

Cut small rings from the roll and cover it with constriction paper or ribbons. Use beads, decorative ornaments, and colored ribbons to decorate the ring. 

Learn to make Napkin Rings from I Creative Ideas

Making toilet paper roll crafts will set a nice example for your kids and they will understand the importance of recycling. And if you are not very comfortable using them you can use the normal paper towel rolls.

Also, don’t forget to share your toilet paper roll crafts with us, we’ll love to see them.

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