15 Easy Things To Draw When You Are Bored


So, I guess you are bored and you have no idea how to cut out this time. Trust me I have been in the same situation. I had absolutely no idea why the time had stopped suddenly and doing my daily routine had turned so boring at this moment. 

I needed a break. And that is when I thought why not use this time to find my creative side. This was just my example but there are various situations in life like a never-ending lecture or a very boring day at work or you feel like doing nothing.

As you know boredom can affect us badly and bring in negativity, it is better to do little things that can bring you joy and make you feel happy or keep you busy. Start off with some cute and easy drawing to relax and have fun.

Don’t worry, even if you have never drawn anything before or you feel you are the worst drawer, you can still draw something. 

There are times when great artists too get stuck and cannot decide what to draw, we are not even beginners. Therefore, it’s quite common to have no ideas in our head when we sit down to draw.

So, just relax, here’s a list of easy things to draw when you are bored. Start with anything, I am sure you can do it.

15 Easy Things To Draw When You Are Bored

1. Flowers

Easy Things To Draw When You Are Bored Flowers

Let us start off the list with one of the most beautiful creations – Flowers. Combine many flowers together to make a beautiful flower doodle.

You can draw a variety of flowers like a simple daisy or a rose or a sunflower. If you find it difficult to draw, there are so many tutorials available and you can easily learn to draw flowers.

2. Fruits

Next in the list is fruits. As a kid, we tried drawing so many fruits but never really succeeded, unless you were an artist. 

Start by drawing a simple orange, move on to cherries, grapes, and star fruit, then you can draw some apples, pears, strawberries, and lastly a bunch of bananas. 

Combine everything and make a bowl around it. There you have a fruit bowl.

3. Hearts

Love is in the air… Hearts can even make you feel happy and loved as you draw them. Draw a big heart or a small one or draw a hearts one inside the other.

You can shade it, draw wings to it, or make it look like tattoo design. There is so much you can do with a heart.

4. Trees

Credits: Hello Kids

Two opposite curves, and come curly scribbles on top, voila you have a tree. See, it’s so simple. 

This was just a simple tree, you can draw lines of such trees, or get more creative by drawing fruits on it. Lastly, you can always draw a Christmas tree and decorate it.

5. Umbrella

Drawing umbrella is quite easy and you can make it look cute with some designs and patterns on it. But kid’s umbrellas are the cutest. 

So, you can draw whatever kind of umbrella you like as the shape easy to draw and is same for almost any umbrella.

6. Fish

Easy Things To Draw When You Are Bored Fish

We all got to see so many colorful and different fishes in the ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘Finding Dory’ movies. And drawing them would be so much fun. Take out a picture from the movie and start drawing.

Also, many of us keep fish as our pet in a fish tank or a fishbowl. Keep your fish in mind or just look at it and draw it on the paper.

7. Clouds

Another easy peasy thing you can draw while you are bored is clouds. It’s basically just scribbling in curves and joining the ends.

Draw a few clouds here and there and some V’s around it to makes birds, finally draw a sun hidden behind the clouds, this will complete your sky. 

8. Foods

Are you a foodie? Draw out your favorite foods on paper. Be it a bag of chips, a chocolate bar, or pizza, draw them and shade it to make it look realistic. 

Cakes, ice-creams, and cookies are also super easy to draw and you can always color them after drawing. Draw adorable eyes and mouth on your food to make it look cute and yummy at the same time. 

9. Panda

Well, who doesn’t love a panda? They are just so cute, soft, and adorable. Drawing them is not very easy but it’s not difficult too. 

There are so many tutorials and videos available online that will help you draw a panda in minutes. Also, you can shade it with a pencil to complete your panda.

10. Human Eye

Credits: Art Hearty

To make a perfect human eye is quite difficult but you must not give up. And we have to agree that at some point of life we have all tried drawing a human eye.

So, follow basic steps and begin by drawing a simple eye, later add some details to it like eyelashes, pupil, etc. Lastly, give it a little shading and you have a perfect eye drawing ready.

11. Dog or Cat

Here’s another thing you can draw – your pet. A cat or a dog is also quite simple to draw. 

There is no need to make a perfect drawing, just a little resemblance with some curvy lines is also enough. You can easily find some tutorials if you wish to learn at an intermediate level.

12. Landscapes

Credits: Drawing Book

You might think drawing a landscape is difficult, but it’s not. You just have to bring many small drawings like a house, tree clouds, mountains, etc. together to make a small and easy landscape.

13. Butterfly

It’s so relaxing to watch a butterfly jump from flower to flower. Draw a beautiful wing with creative patterns on it. Draw similar wing i.e. mirror image on the other side of the body as well. 

If you like to keep it simple, draw the basic wings or you get creative and try drawing complex wing designs.

14. Cartoons

Cartoons!! They make us so happy and drawing them will make you happier. So, go ahead to draw your favorite pokemon, barbie doll, mickey mouse, or minions.

15. Doodles

Easy Things To Draw When You Are Bored Doodling

Last on our list of easy things to draw when you are bored is doodling. Draw some random patterns, flowers, and designs. Color some parts with black and leave some parts white and you will get beautiful art ready. 

Doodling is not just restricted to drawing patterns and shapes, random cartoons, figures, and scribbling anything is also doodling.

So, these were a few of the easy things to draw when you are bored. If you have drawn anything from this list do let us know, we’ll be glad to have a look at it. Also, if there is anything on your mind that we can add in the list don’t forget to mention it in the comment section below.

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